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Chapter Four: Planning

The Gods recover in silence
Their faces show their lack of suspense
Zeus dethroned and the Gods without a home
All that is left of a shattered alliance
Created by the immortals of defiance
They hide and realized they were all alone

Never have they known a mortals need
Though now they begin to understand mortals creed
Artemis, ” What what is our next step?
Ares, “That is easy we make them cede.
When they do we will watch them plead”
The messenger arrives with the hep.

Messenger,” The immortals have not moved,
Seems Demons and orcs in the north have been removed.”
Zeus, “the mortals could hold back those odds?
Hera, “husband mortals are of no concern
We must focus, we must remain stern
Was this truly all up to the Gods.

Zeus, “quite, we are facing a new foe,
Managed to defeat each of us with a single blow
We need to gather all the information we can
Both on our enemy and what should we expect
Leave no valley unchecked
We need all we can obtain to form a successful plan

Zeus, “Everyone take on mortal form
Venture out into the swarm.
Return here in three days;
with all the info you find
Hopefully we will get out of this bind.”
Each then transform and departed in differ ways

Artemis takes the form of a sparrow
As Ares took the form of a pharaoh
Zeus took the form of a common man
Hera formed into a young pretty lady
Poseidon tales the form of a dwarf miner
As Athena thinks of something a bit refiner
Taking the form of a eleven woman

Artemis heads to the forest of ages
As the rest take paths to mortal stages
Zeus knows he must find an answer
Its only a matter of time before
The Immortals come to finish the score
And their tyranny spreads like cancer.

Gilgamesh,” That was a little too easy
Almost makes me feel queasy.
He has fully recovered from Zues attack
Diane, ” Shall we hunt them?”
Gilgamesh,” not yet lets see where their actions stem
Sooner or later they will try to come back.”

Ellen, “Waiting is boring
what is to keep us from snoring?”
Hellen’ ” Now Sister no need to be crude
I am sure we will get our chance
To do many things of substance.”
Ellen sighs and begins to brood.

Medea, “I think Cecil should be our next target.”
Gilgamesh, “Lets not do something we would regret,
Since he is not on either side lets not make the choice for him poor
Though he is the weakest of us all
He could give our plans a good stall.”
Medea, “He is stronger than you give him credit for!”

The immortals all laugh at Medea
She is now embarrassed by her idea.
Lucifer, ” might I suggest we take part in the war?
It would be at least mildly entertaining
How each of us take on each side pertaining.”

Alexander, “Fight each other again?
I accept that challenge my friend.”
Lucifer, “much more than that
Change the tides of the war till all the mortals are dead
Both sides lie on battlefields missing all of their heads.”

Diane, “It sounds like some careless fun
Though, will it hinder what must be done?”
Gilgamesh, ” Silence, Playing with lives on a grand scale
Though this could be fun it will expose us too soon.”
364,” why does it matter to death we are immune.
This being so, there is no reason we could fail.”

Gilgamesh,” FINE, go out and play
Do not let anyone get in your way
Should you run into Any of the Gods
Feel free to kill them at your leisure
Go out and and cease for sure
No need to hide behind this facade.”

With that the immortals headed out
To change the out come and throw things about
The Gods went in search of information
And The mortals found a powerful ally
The mortals now trek through a valley
As Cecil follows them to their destination