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Holding On

Holding On

You are free to fly
As I still wait to die
Still I can not feel woe
As my boat continues to row

My smile remains
Cause my love is near
Freed of her living chains
She can truly touch my heart
Cleansing away all of my pains

I feel her in the air I inhale
Waiting for my final exhale
It is not my time just yet
So she will follow my every step

She keeps me fully restored
For I know she waits for me
She sees what all I have explored
And all I will one day see
For our souls are our reward

My love stayed behind
Now we are combined
As she stays in my heart
Keeping it from falling apart

I can not miss what never leaves
My love and I will never part
She would never let me grieve
There will never going to be an end for us
For our love was not make believe

Heart of Thorns

Heart of Thorns

Everything that grows
Learns to protect itself
Eventually it shows
No hiding on the shelf

I am no different
The damages of my past
Make it hard for me to vent
And made my defenses vast

Reaching for my heart
Is like grabbing a blade
One slip you’ll be cut
And from you I shall fade

My heart is covered in thorns
Only a gentle steady hand
Has a chance to avoid the toxin
And the only way you’ll understand

So if you want me be prepared
For I am not easy to hold
I’ll hurt you before you have a chance
So don’t be easy to fold

My heart contains treasures
You’ll never be lonely again
Once my heart is yours
I’ll be there till the end.