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The Boy No One Knew

The Boy No One Knew  

His name escapes me
Though his death made me see
So much that I can not remember
All I know is he died in November  
Taking his own life
For he lived in only strife
When breathing became to painful
He found a way out, though most see it as sinful  
I do not share this view
For everything is too askew
You did not see what he saw
Living a life lacking just law  
When all life is constant agony
Death can be the greatest victory
When you have not smiled for years
When everyday brings you to tears  
When damage done can not be repaired
How can someone be expected to be spared
Not to say when things get hard give in
But when you have be subjected to years of sin
From which you never had a choice
And no one would stop to hear your voice
When the world turned its back on you
Then your death is to me forever true
A statement to what man kind tries to hide
Actions like his show where truth does reside


Pleasant Dreams

Pleasant Dreams

Shhh… close your eyes,

I shall read your beddy byes,

Dream of a sweeter place

Somewhere far from this space

Far from the darkness of father’s hate

Where mom’s cries can’t resonate

Where only smiles can be found

Where only joy is around

Shhh… Close your eyes

I shall read your beddy byes,

Dream of somewhere far away

Somewhere we both can stay

I shall protect your dreams little sister

Never let these frights fester

So never you mind what you hear

And keep your memories clear

Stay pure from these evils you must see

I shall remember so you can be free

Sweet dreams little sister sleep well

You shall remain whole, as I become a shell

Shhh….close your eyes,

I shall read your beddy byes,

Dream of everything you desire

Somehow I’ll give you all you require

Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles

I sit here a humble pin cushion
With a high defense and toleration
My friends are pins and needles
From which I keep them found
To me they are bound

Till one day they wonder off
Some to stay forever aloft
My friends are pins and needles
When they wonder some come back
To return to there former sack

Others are lost for years
Before coming back with tears
My friends are pins and needles
Though some never return again
And cease being my humble friend.

When they leave I am left empty.
Though letting them go with curtsy.
My friends are pins and needles.
When they return they cause some pain
Embedding deep into me with forcing strain

Yet once they fit back in all is fine
Till they once again cross that line
My friends are pins and needles.
Wondering off to the word divine
As I remain forever supine.



We all need a place to go
A place where we can find peace
Somwhere that we feel safe
Where the pains of life can cease

It could be in our lover’s embrace
A childhood home where you’re always welcome
A dear friend’s loving voice
Or else we become undone

Sanctuary can be hard to find
When we feel Isolated from everyone
Our minds can become a dangerous space
That we can’t ever outrun

But once we find it
We can lick out wounds
Getting the healing words we need
So we can face our darkest moons

Once we do recover
We learn we can move on
That rain clouds will fade
And that you are truly strong

Dear Parents

Dear Parents

In the past,
Your ideals stole
My feelings so vast
Under your pressuring control

As if my thoughts
Were the worst ever
My life is full of do nots
A life of perfect never

Never allowed to try new things
Never allowed to find my means
Never allowed to spread my wings
Never allowed to discover my dreams

Only allowed to meet your expectations
Only allowed to see your view
Not allowed to create exceptions
Not allowed to disobey you

I know its scary
I am an adult now
An my opinion may vary
As I learn how

How to stand up
How to walk my own path
How to grow up
How to move past your wrath

It’s not that I don’t love you
I do, its just time for me
To learn what I need do
For you to support me

Instead of holding me back
Instead of making my choices
Instead of focusing on what I lack
Instead of raising your voices

Take a minute and stand aside
Let me experience on my own
Without resentment inside
Making me feel alone

Thank you for the protection
Over these many years
Just don’t turn to rejection
If I confirm your fears

If I deviate from your needs
Rekindle my desire in dreams
You don’t have to follow where my road leads
Just don’t drown me in life’s shallow streams

Smile and wish me luck
Letting me go and roam
And if all goes to fuck
Please welcome me home.

Written for the children turning to adults who is parents have trouble accepting them how they are. We all do things our parents may disagree with as I am sure they did for theirs, but family ties should run stronger than ideals, and we should accept each-other for who we are, and become.



Can one speak truth of feelings unfelt
Of pain in a painless life
Like the anger coming from father’s belt
Or the bitterness of a love scorn wife

Can a man ever understand
How the nature of women works
Can a women ever comprehend
How men turn from knights to jerks

Some would say its impossible to know
How another’s attitude is so crude
For their past can never show
How they were once very screwed

How some feelings are stronger than others
Like a rape victim loves their unwanted gift
As children without loving fathers
Turn and must go adrift

How a lie can be better than truth
And truth can be worse than a lie
So do not envy any slooth
For on the inside they die

Grasping to understand in the mist
Of cloudy choices with no right or wrong
As if chained and bound at the wrist
The shackles will only bend to the strong

Is it possible to reflect another’s emotions
Without ever hearing their tail
Its like reversing air erosions
That made stone seem so frail

Well I say it is a possible feat
Though to do so could be a lie
For some may see a deciet
As others will respect those who try

No I can never feel the same as you
Though I can understand and respect
The world you live in and its value
So always be open to a new aspect

Music V.S. Lyrics


I have never realized the power
Over the the most elegant voice
How instruments truly tower
Over my previous now faltered choice

Lyrics explain what music knows
Laying down pavement on a path
To the deaf lyrics unjustly show
The elegance of musicians craft

Only truly gifted singers can compete
Against a decent instrumentalist
From which words still don’t form the beat
Good music can put the stress at rest


Lyrics, words with elegance
Create delicate understanding
Explain, or put into a trance
Great lyrics are outstanding

Create their own sound
Inspire self worth
With skill, all astounds
Forever causing mirth

Words though magnificent
Must be heard to have meaning
Otherwise they are just insignificant
Just some scribbles in need of cleaning

Music + Lyrics

Together, can not be haltered
If combined correctly create perfection
Unable to be justifiably altered
Because of their flawless connection

One must respect both abilities
Otherwise be misguided
Trapped in opinion’s hostilities,
Forever undecided

So if you stand on one side
Please take the time to learn
How the opposed does reside
And maybe in time you too well yearn