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Chapter Four. The Journey Begins

Cecil awakes to find himself stretched out on an alter of the villages run down temple. Agros stands next to him looking down at him with minor concern but more confusion.

Agros,”Welcome back, what a spectacle you put on sir.”

Cecil,”owe my head hurts how long have I been out?”

Agros,”3 days…or so no one was sure you would wake up or not. No one has ever seen that kind of magic, I mean the old tales of the necromancer and of the creator come close but truly what kind of mage are you.”

Cecil slowly sitting up with a slight tired hiss to his voice responds in kind,”First that wasn’t magic….it was skill I guess you would call it.” He takes a moment to rub his eyes,” it doesn’t matter now wont be able to do something like that again for a long, long time. I practice healing mostly. Few things I have come across that I can not cure.”

Agros,” Skill? That wasn’t skill you turned them all to dust, no one has that as a skill. But a healer you say? That is practically a lost art now a days, in fact your the first i have ever met, you sure your not a holy mage of some sort?

Cecil’s eyebrows narrow slightly,” yes I am sure I am not Holy or a Cleric of worship.”

Snowy and Ash come running in Ash leads the charge skidding to a stop just before Cecil looking up at him curiously and giving a nod as Snowy blirts out, ” OH YOU’RE ALIVE thank the gods, Now teach me your secrets oh master.”

Ash looks over at her sister and bonks her on the head with her left hand causing snowys eyes to tear up for a second before snowy turns and jerks down on Ashes hair then takes off running. Ash right on her heels.

Just as Ash catches snowys hood and jerks back taking snowy off her feet causing her to fall on her butt hard; Agros shouts, ” NOW KNOCK IT OFF YOU TWO or I will put you both in the corner in front of our new friend here.” In response Ash lets go of Snowy and slowly walks back over to Agros and Cecil; as snowy slowly gets to her feet rubbing her butt and sniffling her tears away.

Ash, “Agros I think you owe him an apology he was quite capable of fighting with ease.”

Agros,” Shhh…I was getting to that, Sorry Cecil it was close minded of me to think cause you were blind that you would not be able to help.

Snowy walks up with the remains of a tear still wet on her left cheek. She looks up at Cecil and Cecil’s head turns to her. She notices this but says nothing before turning to Ash and punching her arm. Ash just ignores her sisters attempts at rising a reaction out of her.

Cecil, “it’s alright I appreciate your concern…*Cecil hops down off of the table feeling around for his cane which ash grabs and hands him. Patting himself he searches for his cloak, Agros picks up the cloak off a small hook hanging from a torn up rafter.

Agros, ” you sure your ready to be moving around? ”

Cecil,” Oh yes, time waits for no one…” Cecil stretches and his joints pop sending small echos throughout the empty temple. “Just a little hungry is all going to head back to town and find some grub, if you would be as so kind to join me I would be more than happy to purchase you all something as well.”

Snowy,” YAY food….” she yells as her stomach growls in anticipation.”

Agros,”well ah Cecil, you don’t have to do that you have done enough already and I fear we must be heading out, Got to track down the one who keeps making these hoards and stop them.”

Ash,” but but but….”

Agros,” Shhh….”

Cecil,” you three have looked after me for the last few days let me say thank you, and besides its bad to start a long journey on no rations.”

Snowy and ash turn to Agros whom’s stomach also begins to growl, he sighs and the girls smile brightly and begin to lead Cecil to the local tavern as snowy hums a short happy tune on repeat, ash holds Cecils hand and guides him. Cecil holds his cane to his side with his other hand as Agros follows up behind. The town villagers they pass by thank them for saving them but are slightly scared of Cecil. They enter the tavern. Ash leads Cecil to a chair and table, as snowy begins to push chairs over for them all to sit at it. It isn’t long after till another man walks in through the main door of the tavern. He wears a dark grey cloak covering what seems to be a jagged sword, that chimes against his belt as he makes his way to the bar top. The stranger lowers his hood to reveal a handsome man in his twenties who orders a cup of black coffee, placing some bronze coins on the counter, the coins have bits of blood on them. Once the bar tender returns, with his drink. the man speaks.

“Bar tender, I heard a great wizard had performed a miracle out here defeating a large hoard single handedly.”

Bar tender,” yes it was truly something, turned the enemy to dust he did, then almost died himself from exhaustion. Never seen you in these parts you got a name wanderer.”

Stranger, ” Names Darth, could you tell me a bit more about him?”

Bar tender,” Not much to tell really, simple blind man been traveling around these parts since I was little. Helpful chap, he is he is, even helped me turn this tavern around once my parents past. He would come and hang for a few months healing folks then he would leave for a few months and return with small gifts for people around here. Never imagined he was capable of such destructive magic. Strange thing is, I have grown older, and he remains the same, benefits of healing magic I suppose.”

Agros over hears the bartender speaking about Cecil to this Darth fellow. As the bar wench comes over to take their Order. Cecil only orders some fresh fruit and a small piece of roasted pork, as the snowy orders only carrots, and various greens. Agros orders a pint of ale and some ribs. The wench returns to the bar handing the order to the bar keep who turns over to the pig roasting over the fire pit. Darth turns his attention to the wench thanking the bartender for his story on the man in question.

Darth, ” Now what do we have here,” Darths eyes trail the wench’s body from head to toe. the wench is in her late teens with bright red hair and ruby lips, speaking softly into her ear she gives a giggle then points over to the table where Agros, Cecil and the girls sit. He places a gold coin into her cleavage and kisses her cheek before standing. He grabs his coffee and approaches the table.

Darth approaches and the girls bicker about how hungry they are, Argos sizes up this darth fellow who approaches their table just pulling up a chair he plops down next to them. Darth seems to be in is late twenties a tone yet single body holds a short sword some swift leather armor and a par of daggers, being easy on the eyes, the girls turn to him with slight awe blushing as he introduces himself.

Darth,” Greetings friends, I hear you have a quite the story to tell, as a traveling writer I’d love to hear it….By the way My name is Darth Gilder, may I perhaps inquire your names? It is only customary when meeting folks to introduce yourself.”

Before snowy and ash even have a chance to respond to the mans question ARgos chimes in,” Well I am Argos, these youngins here are Snowy, and Ash. This fine gentlemen here goes by cecil and which tale do you speak of?” Argos waits for a response as the two sisters grumble at each other a brief moment noticing one another is blushing and giggle at the other.

Cecil,” seems we are all here…..”

Snowy,” Huh?,no we arn’t has anyone seen grindle or chuck?”

Ash,” you know they are just sleeping off last nights stupor….idiots…”

DArth<” you know the tale of a mage who can turn armies to dust, great tale if you ask me worthy of being captured by writing you know. The bartender said this fellow here, Cecil was the one who did it? I would just love to know more.” Darth wonders if an item was used or some sort of spell book that might fetch a good sum to the right buyer. Or if the story was even true and not local rumors.

Cecil,” don’t really know how I do such things, just kind of developed along with me as I wondered the realm.”

Darth,” Interesting can you show me a demonstration?”

Argos,” the man is exhausted leave him be, its his first meal in days….”

Ash,”yeah besides he said he wouldn’t be able to do that again for quite some time…”

Snowy,”I’m bored, and hungry where is our food….”

Cecil,”Perhaps you would care to join us for dinner Darth, not sure what kind of stories do you like? I know several other good ones I assure you, Such as the living dungeon a bottomless prison.” Cecil attempts to change subjects off of himself as the time is not right to tell the others the truth.

Darth,” Those do seem like grand tales, but Seeing something first hand always makes for better writing.”

Argos,” I got a tale for ya an army that always returns slightly stronger than before, killing off the innocent and those few who stand and fight. The story of the fallen heros who die to protect others.”

Darth,” always a good tale, but over written, I am looking for more than that; a story that is one of a kind.”

Cecil,” well these fine folks are going to go out into the world to save it…no greater story than that. perhaps you should tag along with them you might find some useful material to write about, and you would experience it full tilt. ”

Snowy,” yay food” *snowy interrupts and the wench returns with the food orders and refills their cups. Winking at darth who returns his her wink with one of his own

Chapter Four: Planning

The Gods recover in silence
Their faces show their lack of suspense
Zeus dethroned and the Gods without a home
All that is left of a shattered alliance
Created by the immortals of defiance
They hide and realized they were all alone

Never have they known a mortals need
Though now they begin to understand mortals creed
Artemis, ” What what is our next step?
Ares, “That is easy we make them cede.
When they do we will watch them plead”
The messenger arrives with the hep.

Messenger,” The immortals have not moved,
Seems Demons and orcs in the north have been removed.”
Zeus, “the mortals could hold back those odds?
Hera, “husband mortals are of no concern
We must focus, we must remain stern
Was this truly all up to the Gods.

Zeus, “quite, we are facing a new foe,
Managed to defeat each of us with a single blow
We need to gather all the information we can
Both on our enemy and what should we expect
Leave no valley unchecked
We need all we can obtain to form a successful plan

Zeus, “Everyone take on mortal form
Venture out into the swarm.
Return here in three days;
with all the info you find
Hopefully we will get out of this bind.”
Each then transform and departed in differ ways

Artemis takes the form of a sparrow
As Ares took the form of a pharaoh
Zeus took the form of a common man
Hera formed into a young pretty lady
Poseidon tales the form of a dwarf miner
As Athena thinks of something a bit refiner
Taking the form of a eleven woman

Artemis heads to the forest of ages
As the rest take paths to mortal stages
Zeus knows he must find an answer
Its only a matter of time before
The Immortals come to finish the score
And their tyranny spreads like cancer.

Gilgamesh,” That was a little too easy
Almost makes me feel queasy.
He has fully recovered from Zues attack
Diane, ” Shall we hunt them?”
Gilgamesh,” not yet lets see where their actions stem
Sooner or later they will try to come back.”

Ellen, “Waiting is boring
what is to keep us from snoring?”
Hellen’ ” Now Sister no need to be crude
I am sure we will get our chance
To do many things of substance.”
Ellen sighs and begins to brood.

Medea, “I think Cecil should be our next target.”
Gilgamesh, “Lets not do something we would regret,
Since he is not on either side lets not make the choice for him poor
Though he is the weakest of us all
He could give our plans a good stall.”
Medea, “He is stronger than you give him credit for!”

The immortals all laugh at Medea
She is now embarrassed by her idea.
Lucifer, ” might I suggest we take part in the war?
It would be at least mildly entertaining
How each of us take on each side pertaining.”

Alexander, “Fight each other again?
I accept that challenge my friend.”
Lucifer, “much more than that
Change the tides of the war till all the mortals are dead
Both sides lie on battlefields missing all of their heads.”

Diane, “It sounds like some careless fun
Though, will it hinder what must be done?”
Gilgamesh, ” Silence, Playing with lives on a grand scale
Though this could be fun it will expose us too soon.”
364,” why does it matter to death we are immune.
This being so, there is no reason we could fail.”

Gilgamesh,” FINE, go out and play
Do not let anyone get in your way
Should you run into Any of the Gods
Feel free to kill them at your leisure
Go out and and cease for sure
No need to hide behind this facade.”

With that the immortals headed out
To change the out come and throw things about
The Gods went in search of information
And The mortals found a powerful ally
The mortals now trek through a valley
As Cecil follows them to their destination

Chapter 2 : The Other Players

Chapter 2 : The Other Players

Argos son of Ares, stands ready
The battle covered in blood
As he swings his sword
Breaking through skulls without a thud

He is a demigod built for battle
Fighting for what he feels is noble
Not realizing fate will summon him
And that his power is no greater than a tumble

Smashing through the front lines of the orcs
His hands hold his two handed blade
Spinning he cuts enemies clean in half
His aim never strayed

Enemies laid in halves over the battlefield
As their allies now step back
He grins as they slide away
Trying to avoid his next attack

He arrived not to win the war
But to challenge himself for honor
His memories fractured by events of the past
He sees himself only as a goner.

Wondering who his father was
If his father would be proud
Though he only had a few friends
That would follow him through any crowd

Grindle a dwarf though short in stature
Would wield two shields covered in spikes
He would pull them close around himself
Blocking any enemy strikes

Push then spin like a top
Grinding away all in this path
Though he did suffer from an illness
Booze would bring out his wrath

Two elf sisters Snowy and Ash
Snowy was a young master of fire
As Ash would do a deadly fan dance
Young they were and full of desire

A deadly ranger named Chuck
Whose arrow could hit a fly
From up to 100 feet
His target would always die

Against the odds they stand together
Their bonds had grown over several years
They healed each others wounds
Cleared each others blood and tears

They held their line throughout the night
Causing the orcs and trolls to retreat
Though they knew the enemy would return
And they would never give in to defeat

The group of four head back to an inn
Drained and tired from the fight before
They looked at how few had returned with them
Knowing there was far more in store

Agros keep his friends moral up
Though whispers of fear were always in the air
He feared that some unholy force
Gave the enemy strength and care.

The gods have not answered his prayers
Nor the prayers of dwarf, elf or man
The skies had turned red, and the clouds grey
He knew that soon he would need a plan

Grindle found himself and ale
Agros gave a deep sigh
Before long Grindle was drunk
Standing as Grindle asked Agros to give it a try

Cruel Agros found Grindle’s obsession
Denying Grindle’s slurred proffer
Chuck took up the proposal
As Ash and Snowy ignored the offer

Agros’ mind was full of thought
Pondering what it is he needed to do
Standing outside he looked to the sky
He begged the gods for some kind of clue


Zeus sits on his throne in the clouds
Troubled times had divide his house
Faith in the gods had faded
As he often cheated on his spouse

Before the war broke out
The mortals below wanted to be free
And now they beg for aid
Though sick of paying the God’s Fee

He ponders what to do next
As he hears news never before told.
Hades had been slain, by an unknown force
Zeus’s throne room suddenly becomes cold.

Zeus, “what could have slayed a god?
What could dare defy us to this measure?”
Disturbing he found this all to be
This meant the end of his leisure

Soon Zeus received more ill news
As even more gods had been discovered slain
He stands now full of concern.
He sends out word for all to come to his reign

Soon Ares, Artemis arrive
Not long after Poseidon, Athena, and Hera join
Zues looks worried as no more answer his beckoning
Hera walks in behind Zues and speaks in Koine

The native tongue of the gods
It had been so long sense they all had met
Now troubled times bring them together
Shocked as they listened to Zeus fret.

Zues sends word for the aid of Angels
Judgmental beasts who only act when they must
Zues and them had several issues in former days
This causes strain on a long fractured means to trust

Gabriel leader of the angels responds to the summoning,
They discuss the ill events, but Gabriel refuses to assist
Stating that the issues of Gods do not concern him
Zues grits his teeth and clinches his fist

Gabriel departs and the gods begin to discuss
Where is safe, and if anyone has faced this new foe
The clang of armor is heard as Gilgamesh enters through the clouds
Zeus glares as the immortal sits and makes Zeus wine flow

Gilgamesh sips the flavor with the joy of a child
As Zeus demands for the name of the man before him
Gilgamesh,” I hear the gods have fallen on troubled times
I may know the cause” he says with a pause which intrigues them

Zues,”Tell me, who walks into the house of the gods
With information but does not tell me his name?”
Gilgamesh,” Oh but my name is of no matter…
I have just decided to change the rules of your game!”

Gilgamesh,” I will give you this once chance
To bow before your new King
Or I shall be forced to destroy you
For death is the only gift I bring

Zues,”It was you?”
He stands and summons a lighting bolt
He fires it at Gilgamesh who takes the hit
Gilgamesh lies on the ground like an ill colt

His body fried as Zues throws a few more striking him true
Gilgamesh starts to laugh and Zeus does pause
Gilgamesh black and burnt stands and the gods eyes widen
Gilgamesh,” My turn” He drew his sword and told them who he was

Gilgamesh,” I am Gilgamesh, Leader of the Immortals, Future King of all”
The other immortals minus Cecil walk in behind him and are revealed
Gilgamesh’s sword was covered in white gold, and he gave it a swing
Sending four waves of green rings towards each god and their blood was spilled

Broken and defeated the gods fall from the sky
Landing on the world of mortals…the sky begins to bleed
And blood rains down from the Heavens
Agros looks up and shakes his head at this new heed

A new pit formed in his heart
A feeling of deep despair
He felt the Gods were of no help
And that there was no need for prayer

Chapter One: The Beginning

Chapter One: The Beginning

A man stands before a piece of glass
On the other side stands a lass
Her skin had changed to the color of grass

He grins at her body his eyes do peer
As she does her best not to sneer
They look at one another so clear

“Welcome to the world 364,”
He said with no life to his core
His voice made her sore

On the glass she placed her hand
He smiled viewing her brand
Though it faded as the glass turned to sand

His eyes filled with terror
When her finger turned into a parer
It was now he realized his error.

With a swift motion his blood did splatter
She began to consume his matter
When down the hall came rising chatter

She stood as blood ran down her chin
As her body she gave a spin
Turning she gave a grin…

As large man walked through the door
He saw the other on the floor
Little did he know this was the start of the war

With a swift move she removed his head
Exiting out to the hall where she left many dead
Wasn’t too long till the rest fled.

Making it to several other cells
She opened other monsters shells
As warnings rang indicated by bells

10 in all tore the building apart
This was only the start
As the future was theirs to chart.

We travel now a few years ahead
A man in a tavern covers his head
Under a white cloak he hides his dread

Chatter about the war is heard
Some saying it was all absurd
In speech very slurred

Demons, orcs, and trolls made their way
Across the mainland with a leader non could slay
They spoke of whether they should leave or stay

The man in white
Stands and speaks of whats right
That they should band together in the night

This causes uneasy waves throughout the setting
Keeping gambling men from betting
As the concept makes some pants ready for wetting

The man calms the storm of fear
With statements so sincere
But his view was clear

If no one stands to fight they already lost
And will be forced to pay the greatest cost
That will be worse than any early frost.

As the mood of the tavern changes
The men cheer in different ranges
As gold continues different exchanges

The man in white sits back down
Knowing in weeks he will be the only around
The rest here will scatter on the ground….

Hours pass and stars begin to fade.
The man stands in candles’ shade
Departing he feels a blade.

“Gilgamesh, what are you planning?”
Questions a voice so enchanting,
While his memories he is scanning.

“Medea,” Gilgamesh gives a smirk.
“Glad I could trouble you from your work
In the shadows we shall no longer lurk.

“Come with me, and we shall change it all
We were made for a purpose and its time to answer the call
Gather the others its time we halt our continued stall.”

Medea Grins, ” certainly, seems we well finally have some fun.”
The women turns her silver hair in a common bun.
Off to bid her masters wishes she did run.

She begins her quest by talking to Alexander
Who could be a fearsome commander
Though he lacked the candor.

Bored with winning every contest of strength
He easy to convince without much length
Though on her list he was the tenth

Next she came across Lucifer,
He was also easy from which to coffer
Always up to make someone suffer.

Wasn’t long after till she found Ellen
Who was with her lovely sister Helen
Whom was anything but a felon

Helen was created with the power to allure
Though Ellen was about to command power impure
Causing great pain she did endure

Unexpectedly she ran into Lancer
The others referred to him as cancer,
Though he gave her the right answer…

With some trouble she found Diane
Her head resting on her pet lion
Who went without Meade tryin’

Three six four was next on the list
Though Medea suffered a broken wrist
364 could only smile, as Medea did insist

The last took the longest to find
Causing Madea to almost lose her mind
Though her quest would be over when he signed

Cecil, “Gathered the others already have you?”
Then what is it that you want me to do?
Ah yes, don’t speak, I do not need your clue”

Medea stands in front of a man in a sandy cloak
With anger on her face as her voice gives a choke
“If you wont come willingly then I will force you,” she does provoke

Cecil, “Threatening a fellow immortal?”
He asks following it with a small chortle.
” Last chance,” She says opening a portal.

Cecil, “Medea, you have never seen my power,
Do not assume I have a will that would cower,
For to do that would insure that it will easily tower”

Medea sneers, “You were always a coward
Soon your free will well be devoured
And you will see that I am empowered…”

Medea raises her arm to reveal a wand
She points it at him to make him her pawn
He vanishes before her spell can bond

He reappears inches from her face,
Causing her back away to regain pace,
As she looks around and several now fill the space

Her eyes open wide as now 100 stand
Armored with war hammer in hand
Shaking her head trying to understand

Cecils, “Please continue we dare.”
Cecil from before holds her stare
As her wand is now in his hand, and hers is bare.

In the portal he tosses her toy,
Cecil, “Tell Gilgamesh I will not take part in his ploy”
Run along now before I decide to destroy.”

Cecil brings his hammer into her chest
Easily flatten her so called breasts
Forcing her into the portal, and it ingests.





First day of his senior year

Brought only homework to fear

And a new female student from parts unknown

Wont belong before all is shown

He sits and listens to the lesson

As she stares at her new obsession

The class bell rings and he goes to depart

As she hands him a note with a sticker of a heart

He takes it a bit confused

But never gave a sign he refused

Wasn’t till he got home that he the letter was opened

And he read the words so perfectly penned

To bad he thought

Having already had girl he sought

A boy friend for a year already

So he wasn’t interested in going steady

The new girl’s letter fell into the trash

Suddenly he heard a crash

Peering out his window he couldn’t see

With a shrug he turns on the t.v.

Wasn’t long before he the news broke in

Talking about the crash on “Treespin”

How a young girl was killed

The girls name made him suddenly chilled

Apparently the car’s tire blew out

It lost control and their wasn’t time to shout

His girlfriend had been slain

Was now nothing more than a stain

He ran out of the house and down to the corner

Trying to see what had happened and stop the coroner

The cops kept him back, as his tears began to flow

Suddenly two arms wrapped around him he didn’t know

Turning so quickly he looked down and saw

The new girl with a small smile and look of awe

He could only cry as she looked at him with caring eyes

She spoke, “Don’t worry no one will keep us apart,” stopping his cries

Slowly he tried to back away as her grip became tighter

“I will never let you go,” she said as he began to fight her

Finally with his strength he broke free

And quickly began to flee

She chased after him as he ran up his stairs

Opening then closing the door stumbling over chairs

Then he heard the turn of the door nob

Darting back he locked it fast with a sob

Then he heard his parents voices come from the other side

He began to look out the window though still trying to hide

He heard the jingle of their keys hit the ground

He heard the keys fall then two quick thudding sounds

Blood began to run in under the front door as he let out a scream

And the mail slot door opens and her eye could be seen

Falling to the floor the stared as he heard her pick up the keys

Her eyes fixed on him as he slowly crawled backward pleading please



The children laughs have faded
I have become even more jaded
Alone and bitter I walk through my day
My once happy home taken away

The pitter patter of little feet
Were taken by my lover’s deceit
The lies, my trust, was my undoing
Now there is no point in renewing

I will never be who I was once before
My smile well forever be tattered and tore
Memories haunt me, teasing with false sound
I am self destructing, and failure bound

No relief in sight, No way to fight
I have forgotten what it is to be right
Broken bottles, broken picture frames
No more friendly family board games

In the end someone always will lose
In the end someone will have to choose
In the end someone is full of regret
In the end someone will never forget

Too Early Too Die

Too Early Too Die ~ first lyrical Attempt

Too late too cry, too early too die
My world is a clever made lie
That I tell myself to survive
So tomorrow I’ll be alive

I am the ghost in my own life
A shadowy figure in constant strife
As I watch things turn
And lessons I can’t learn
Continue with every day
Though I have no say
A self created slave
Who wont misbehave
Never taking for my needs
Helping others and their leads

Too late too cry, too early too die
My world is a clever made lie
That I tell myself to survive
So tomorrow I’ll be alive

Though this life which is kind
And I are not of the same mind
As I always plot out my next move
My life disrupts this thought out groove
Giving up everything from which I care
To over come an others disrepair
So I have nothing left to give
Though tomorrow I’ll still live
Hoping tomorrow they will acknowledge
Help me back from my selfless edge

Too late too cry, too early too die
My world is a clever made lie
That I tell myself to survive
So tomorrow I’ll be alive

Why can’t I say no,
Why must I remain Low
Is there a reason for my actions
Dividing my soul into factions
There is no overwhelming glory
No happy ending to my story
Just a life with only regret
Over the people I have met
My selfless soul is covered in rust
From favors broken and parted trust
My smile remains to hide my shame
For always lose at this selfish game.

To early to cry, to late to die
My world is a clever made lie
That I tell myself to survive
So tomorrow I’ll be alive



She is twenty five
Knowing life you wont survive
It will tare you apart
Remove you from your heart

No love will ever last
Feels good to start
Then fades to the past
As happiness does depart

Heart broken she grasp the pole
In her eyes you see no soul
Grinding up and down
Her smile masks a frown

Disrobing as men hoot and holler
Removing her thin bra to spur a commotion
Slowly crawls around to collect the next dollar
One man stills her flowing motion

His eyes had a similar glint
Nodding his head he gave her a hint
He stood and walk to a private room
Song done she collects her costume

Redressing wonders over to him
She slides up against the man
He takes his seat his face grim
Up her body his empty eyes scan

Removing her tight laced bra once again
She turns and asks” what will it be my friend?”
Grabbing her bra before it can drop
He polity asks her to “kindly stop”

Puzzled she states ” then what do you want?”
Responding ” I want you to finally have a chance,
A chance to be something more to be blunt”
She stands taking a more defensive stance

“Come home with me and leave this life style
And your life will quickly become worth while”
His gaze never left her eyes
As she judge these possible lies

With a disbelieving nod she held out her hand
He gives relieving sigh and begins to stand
Hand in hand they begin to head outside
He gently shows her to his expensive ride

A thought passes through her head
Love never does pay the bills
Only lying in a strangers bed
Or high paid school learned skills

Climbing into the car she gives out a sigh
As she never had anyone to ever tell goodbye
The man climbs into the drivers seat
Starting the car the music does beat

Driving off into the night
They head off to make a new life
They are now to far from sight
To live a life without strife.



A down and out smelly bum sits in a door frame
As people walk by him saying he is the one to blame
For the horrid stench filling the air
No one giving him attention or care

A young man named Keith wonders by
Deciding to give the subway a try
The bum stumbles in the same direction
Onto the platform they are under detection

The other soon to be passengers watch the bum
All thinking different ways of calling him scum
No one says a word as they all stare
All but Kieth who pays the mans fare

The bum do to his over intoxication
Fell onto the tracks knocked out by inebriation
These future passengers just take out phones
Making videos and taking pictures to send to homes

Kieth hesitates a moment before jumping down
Now hearing the trains metallic sound
Trying to lift the bum up and out
Asking for anyone to help with a shout

All the others thoughts begin to roll
“why Is he helping that homeless troll
He could be killed Why is he risking it all”
All staring no one answers his call

The bum snores as the trains lights can be seen
Lifting up the bum he places him out of danger’s scene
Though Kieth begins to turn and try to run
Since the train slows to stop at platform one

The train closes in and his heart races
As he has no more higher paces
A few screams from out of the crowd
As the train whistle rings out loud

Kieth’s head lands on the platform
Is body forever in pieces and torn
Doing the right thing has its price
Living in a world where no one is nice

Cleansing Rain

Cleansing Rain

The rain is coming down
Bringing life to the ground
Tomorrow something new will grow
As the water ceases its tender flow

Maybe my heart will grow too
Since the tears are gone for you
The roots of my soul are revitalized
As my passion is now re-moralized

It has been some time
Since I heard loves chime
I almost lost it in the rain
Washing away all my former pain

Now the storm is passing
My mind has stopped harassing
Waiting for the sun to shine
When I realize everything is fine

Waiting on the next day of my life
Free of all my rage from my former strife
Wont be long now I hope
Before I am able to cope

Smile again, with a new friend
When my happiness isn’t pretend
It is just bound happen after this cloud
When I am finally free of my sorrow’s shroud.