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Broken Wings

Broken Wings

I am nothing but a bird
with broken wings
No greater than a word
No weaker then kings

I sit here wishing to soar
Yet each flap causes pain
Looking up at all I wish to explore
Dreaming dreams all in vain

If someone should just show some care
Mend these wings so I can take flight
I will carry them and show all I can share
For us and only us all will be alright

For the gift that helps me reach the sky
Can never be returned or forsaken
To keep the wonders of the world from being shy
The truest love could never be mistaken


Return of Death

Return of Death

I heard you were back in town
Forcing those I know to frown.
Taking another one of my friends,
Tell me when does this misery end.

You seem to come by every year
To return to my eye, a tear.
You plague me and those so dear,
For you are always so very near.

Goodbye RJ, you were one of a kind
One to try to help when you were in a bind
A little nuts, a little rude
One willing to be speak with lewd

We may have had our disagreements
Now I just see funeral arrangements
Again I sit and hear the end of a story
Feel the linger of their former glory

These are my last words.

These are my last words.

These are my last words
To you and all you meant
For out of my life you went

The good times
I thought outweighed the bad
But you always stayed mad

I never asked for much
I guess I failed to make you happy
Though all I needed was you with me

All I wanted was our love
I just wasn’t good enough
And moving on is tough

So, these are my last words
I will love you forever
And you will be with me, never.