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Donkey VS. Unicorn

A simple female ass
Eats upon elegant grass
When a female unicorn
Shines her beautiful horn
Walks out from the forest crest
The donkey sees thinking she is best
Stops eating and hardens her skin
As soon a battle will surely begin
The unicorn puzzled at first
Will be happy to fulfill the donkey’s thirst
For too long the donkey’s foul mood
Corrupted the unicorn to brood
Enough was enough the unicorn begins her charge
Making a stand against this rot filled barge

The donkey only gives a welcoming sneer
And jumps to the side, but the unicorn slips
Turning suddenly her horn hits the donkey’s rear
Piercing deeply into the thickened skin
And with the forward motion of the unicorn
Comes a loud snap, as she leaves the horn in
The donkey hee haas in incredible pain
Trying to bite out her massive splinter
But unable to reach, it will remain.
The unicorn only laughs and walks away
As the donkey limps after
Trying to force the unicorn to stay
Finish this one sided fight
Even though the donkey could not continue
The unicorn wonders off to eat some grass
As the donkey sits and mends her wound
The unicorn forever to be the pain in her ass




We all feel it
It feels like shit
A weakness

Effecting our lives
The tears of wives
Like a sickness

The plague continues
Drowing in issues
We are helpless

Breathing is rare
Through our tearful stare
Stuck in trance

The reason do vary
As all seems so scary
Losing our resistance

Curled up all alone
Feeling we lost what we own
Holding no substance

Company unwelcome
We remain undone
Living inner treason

Is there a point to all of this
Is it the path to bliss
Searching for a reason

Unable to understand
Tears fill our hands
Unending season