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“Good” People

“Good” People

A good person will never admit it,
For they know the evils they commit,
Their are those who are good, its easy,
To afraid to be considered sleazy.

Doing good acts that are impure,
Expecting like its deserved for sure,
The heroes of today,
Act only for pay.

Police, Firemen, Teacher would stop,
IF money wasn’t in involved few would be a cop,
Sad truth is, most of the good have done wrong
Trying now to let a new day dawn.

Good and evil go hand in hand
Sad to see them use a brand
Elegance in irony
Together form curiosity.

For its only a point of view,
“a man sells drugs,” reason unknown to you,
You never bother to ask why
He is just bad no reason to deny.

He sells weed to those with cancer
Using the money for college for his sister
Donating the rest to those in need
Not because he is hateful or full of greed

The value we place on a pointless phrase
Sickens me, go on cattle and graze
Believe what you will, judge away
But note good and evil is not where to stray

They are only words nothing more
perspectives that you must ignore
For a good person will not see themselves as such
They will only see themselves and the lives they touch.


Commenting 101

Commenting 101

Class is now in session
Pencils up its time for the lesson
It seems last week I wasn’t clear
So here I go more sincere

Now read this time
Recess has yet to chime
Since we are back in school
Its time to learn what is cool

Years ago you were told to show your work
Seems some still choose to wear a smirk
Doing D work and expecting A’s
For some comment like answering surveys

Though A students are in every class
But don’t forget there is also a jackass,
Rebel, jocks, liars, and a cheat
The brown noser that hides his deceit

Sorry it seems I’ve gone off task
“Now why are we here?” you might ask
The answer is simple, do bad work and repeat the grade
Those who turned in their paper may now go to the arcade

Mindlovesmisery, Luna, Jingle, Thingy, Rhyme me a smile
You all can go off and play for a while
Your work was well done and you should be proud
The rest of you need to now speak aloud

“I will from now on, complete my commitment
And justly fulfill my end of the requirement”
Which means in my text book
Saying how you feel, and what actions you took

In other words, why was the poem good
Though this part is not required, it is what you should
For knowing why your work has its power
Helps you feel on top of the highest tower

Even if you disagree with what is said
Politely explain why it brings you dread
Alright thats it for today
Please post up and move on your merry way.

I seems I may have been a little grumpy my pervious post. I have come to terms even before posting last weeks view that I could very well shoot myself in the foot. Writing is about freedom of opinion, feelings, and skill. Regardless the subject it should empower you. This is not an assault on simple comments more of a recommendation to a higher quality of web community. I am not asking you to spend an hour or two and form a page comment, or anything of the sort, here are just some simple examples that boost a poets self esteem ” Lovely poem, I really like how your rhyme scheme was done”, “elegant, the flow of the piece never faltered” “Wow outstanding, I personally could relate greatly to the first and second stanzas.” I know most of the poets and readers in this community already do this so it is not directed toward you it is directed to those who only publish a praise and not a reason why. This is not required by the communtiy though it is my personal view, and it is something I will continue to do thank you for reading and have a great rally.

No feeling is without cause,



Sex, drugs, Rock n Roll
All carry enjoyment’s toll
To the point were we lose our soul
Burning our futures down to coal

It’s just how our world works
Everything has its own quirks
But the roads end isn’t glamorous
As you age it is more treacherous

Selling your health for happiness
Infected by blistering bitterness
For accepting what is truly real
Instead of using a drug to deal

Some never learn this lesson
Always to dwell with obsession
Though it is ok to indulge once in awhile
For we could use an irresponsible smile

Life is short so don’t make it shorter
Just remember to keep things in order
Have some fun but never abuse
Or you will short out your respect’s fuse

Music V.S. Lyrics


I have never realized the power
Over the the most elegant voice
How instruments truly tower
Over my previous now faltered choice

Lyrics explain what music knows
Laying down pavement on a path
To the deaf lyrics unjustly show
The elegance of musicians craft

Only truly gifted singers can compete
Against a decent instrumentalist
From which words still don’t form the beat
Good music can put the stress at rest


Lyrics, words with elegance
Create delicate understanding
Explain, or put into a trance
Great lyrics are outstanding

Create their own sound
Inspire self worth
With skill, all astounds
Forever causing mirth

Words though magnificent
Must be heard to have meaning
Otherwise they are just insignificant
Just some scribbles in need of cleaning

Music + Lyrics

Together, can not be haltered
If combined correctly create perfection
Unable to be justifiably altered
Because of their flawless connection

One must respect both abilities
Otherwise be misguided
Trapped in opinion’s hostilities,
Forever undecided

So if you stand on one side
Please take the time to learn
How the opposed does reside
And maybe in time you too well yearn