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Calm waters recede
And all becomes silent
Yet peace is in the moment
As the air becomes violent

Its only a matter of time
Before the war begins
Two former allies
Now foes as fate spins

Not pleasant for either side
As causalities will soon rise
To this point of no return
As it will be one army’s demise


Commenting 101

Commenting 101

Class is now in session
Pencils up its time for the lesson
It seems last week I wasn’t clear
So here I go more sincere

Now read this time
Recess has yet to chime
Since we are back in school
Its time to learn what is cool

Years ago you were told to show your work
Seems some still choose to wear a smirk
Doing D work and expecting A’s
For some comment like answering surveys

Though A students are in every class
But don’t forget there is also a jackass,
Rebel, jocks, liars, and a cheat
The brown noser that hides his deceit

Sorry it seems I’ve gone off task
“Now why are we here?” you might ask
The answer is simple, do bad work and repeat the grade
Those who turned in their paper may now go to the arcade

Mindlovesmisery, Luna, Jingle, Thingy, Rhyme me a smile
You all can go off and play for a while
Your work was well done and you should be proud
The rest of you need to now speak aloud

“I will from now on, complete my commitment
And justly fulfill my end of the requirement”
Which means in my text book
Saying how you feel, and what actions you took

In other words, why was the poem good
Though this part is not required, it is what you should
For knowing why your work has its power
Helps you feel on top of the highest tower

Even if you disagree with what is said
Politely explain why it brings you dread
Alright thats it for today
Please post up and move on your merry way.

I seems I may have been a little grumpy my pervious post. I have come to terms even before posting last weeks view that I could very well shoot myself in the foot. Writing is about freedom of opinion, feelings, and skill. Regardless the subject it should empower you. This is not an assault on simple comments more of a recommendation to a higher quality of web community. I am not asking you to spend an hour or two and form a page comment, or anything of the sort, here are just some simple examples that boost a poets self esteem ” Lovely poem, I really like how your rhyme scheme was done”, “elegant, the flow of the piece never faltered” “Wow outstanding, I personally could relate greatly to the first and second stanzas.” I know most of the poets and readers in this community already do this so it is not directed toward you it is directed to those who only publish a praise and not a reason why. This is not required by the communtiy though it is my personal view, and it is something I will continue to do thank you for reading and have a great rally.

No feeling is without cause,

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block

Staring at a blank page
Unwritten words tease me
Like an actor on the stage
Frights are all I can see

Doubt of everything fades in
Nothing becomes my value
As these words twist and spin
Unable to know what to do

Joy is hard to find
Misery is hard to forget
Depression makes me blind
So tomorrow I live in regret

Never getting anything done
Stress becomes impossible to bare
This pressure weights a ton
Trying to remember why I care

I am ill in my own mind
And its poisoning my soul
Unable to relax, unwind
Reality takes its bitter toll

Words plague me like disease
There is no cure for this sickness
No way to one day wake up at ease
All I can do is fight this weakness

One day I fear no words will come
And on that day I shall fade
As to writer’s block i finally succumb
Forever to live behind its shade

Music V.S. Lyrics


I have never realized the power
Over the the most elegant voice
How instruments truly tower
Over my previous now faltered choice

Lyrics explain what music knows
Laying down pavement on a path
To the deaf lyrics unjustly show
The elegance of musicians craft

Only truly gifted singers can compete
Against a decent instrumentalist
From which words still don’t form the beat
Good music can put the stress at rest


Lyrics, words with elegance
Create delicate understanding
Explain, or put into a trance
Great lyrics are outstanding

Create their own sound
Inspire self worth
With skill, all astounds
Forever causing mirth

Words though magnificent
Must be heard to have meaning
Otherwise they are just insignificant
Just some scribbles in need of cleaning

Music + Lyrics

Together, can not be haltered
If combined correctly create perfection
Unable to be justifiably altered
Because of their flawless connection

One must respect both abilities
Otherwise be misguided
Trapped in opinion’s hostilities,
Forever undecided

So if you stand on one side
Please take the time to learn
How the opposed does reside
And maybe in time you too well yearn

My Sign

My Sign

Placing up my sign I slowly wait
For someone to appreciate
All the work I did create
For my words to resonate

Hours pass with no one to read
So my heart begins to bleed
Being ignored is a dirty deed
And my ego needs its feed

Someone to say hello and sit down
Pick and choose or read around
TO have a smile and sadly frown
To be left without a breath or a sound

The days continue to go by
Slowly I release a sigh
Wondering why I try
If my skill is a lie

Just want some encouragement
TO counter my inner resentment
Not to look back questions what it meant
To end my writer’s torment

For someone to believe in me
Out of my family that can see
That my works are genuine and free
My words are my soul’s key

So I continue to hang my sign
Doing my best not resign
As others sit and dine
I chug my inner wine

Maybe tomorrow someone will sit
Read and say “wow this is it”
Distracting them from their bull shit
Maybe even help them a little bit.

Dear Mr. One Star

Dear Mr. One Star

Thank you for your opinion, please continue
I appreciate your beautifully desperate view
Its so great to know you didn’t take the time to read
That your just trying to make my soul bleed

I hope you feel better, cause it just makes me laugh
That you would take the time on my behalf
To vote poems that never received attention before
That you have become my little voting whore

SO thank you, for all your time and consideration
I must be your worst inspiration, or desperation
Either way, I am honored that you spend the time
To vote on every single one of each rhyme

You must be jealous or angry cause of my skill
Or honestly think I am terrible and need a thrill
Either way thanks for the views and total boost
But don’t think I’ll ever be seduced

Just remember I am copyrighted, and soon to have a book
So once, its out and about i hope you do take a look
Bring your copy to the book signing, and I’ll give ya a foot print
For all the time that you have wasted, and have spent

Hello Mr. One Star, pleasure to meet you. Honestly thanks for
the views you helped me reach a goal i had set. Just so you know the biggest insult is 0 stars not one. but thanks my friend you gave me something to write about. When i was having some writers block, anyway if you have something to say, please just say it i would love to hear from ya. Till then continue what your doing for I’ll always be happy with the extra ratings.

Lies V.S. Honesty

Lies V.S. Honesty

The mercy of tiny white lies
Causes relief in child’s eyes
People need them some times
To lesson the blow of crimes

Honesty I admit must have the right moment
Speaking out of turn will cause needed atonement’
Lying is not best, but puts minds at rest
can cause hearts to stop within their chest

Truth and lies are two faced
Can be loved or disgraced
So chose your words with care
Do your best to be fair

Living in lies, Honest goodbyes
Creating breaking ties in all the failed tries
To be only honest or Only just a liar
Being true to one, you’ll live over fire

Tomorrow, A hot new evil nursery rhyme yep yep come check it out 😛 it might actually have something to do with Humpty Dumpty >.>