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Yesterday to Tomorrow

Yesterday To Tomorrow

By Shoeless B. Wonder

Yesterday we spoke again
You, the devil’s friend
Gave birth to this demon inside of me
Every word said set it free

Today I drank to the memory of you
Hoping I will forget what is true
That this stain would come clean
But it remains obscene

Tomorrow shall come
All I want is to run
For you will fade to the past
And I’ll be stuck in the shadow you cast


A Chance of Love

I often wonder why love is so hard,
Why people hold onto a broken shard,
Ignoring the meeting of a new soul,
That might just make them whole.

Closing themselves off from chance
Cause they fail to see the substance
Of letting themselves be adored again
Trying to avoid another loose end

See the worse that might happen
Is feeling that feeling your already in
Though there is that slight opportunity
Of a new remarkable unity.

They let it slip through their fingers
As the past pain still lingers
Rejecting new hope
Blaming their need to cope

Knowing its all just a game
Thinking it will all be the same
Assuming that another they barely know
Could never be what they need to grow

Obsessed with what they think they need
Not seeing its an evil deed
Sadly I used to agree
Assuming what was best for me

I have come to realize
I only seemingly fantasize
When I never had a clue
Of what I believed was true

You wont ever find what your looking for
Cause no one knows who will match their core
That it takes many disappointing tries
Nights of tears and silent cries

Putting yourself out into the fray
Hoping your heart will not be for play
Letting those who desire your attention
might just be of pure intention.

Denying them is denying yourself
Leaving your heart dusty, on a shelf
Protected from everyone who wants to see
What it is to hold onto thee

Might just be worth saying yes for a change
Let the soul once again exchange
For you know you can survive if it did fail
That your strong enough to be frail
I tell you now to let new chances rise
For maybe just once it wont capsize.


The tide of the sea is rising
Won’t be long till I am capsizing
Sinking in the silence
For my voice lost its resonance

My deeds are out cast
absorbed in the contrast
Life is at battle
Even more so with a baby’s rattle

Like a coiled snake ready to strike
You have react quick to avoid the spike
Not concerned on where you step
Only creating more to schlep

The choices you made weigh in
Consumed by your selfish sins
Unable to see a happy end
Your soul can no longer defend

As your true colors show through
Nothing you do or say is true
AS your own means is what you see
My truth is you’re dead to me


Take My Hand

The woe you feel I know it well
Leaving will only make it swell
It’s easy to see the damage done
Covering it up with simple fun

Eyes can’t hide behind a smile
Believing the pain will only last awhile
Seeing the truth through the tone
How your heart feels broken and alone

The strong front you used
Keeping yourself from the abused
Viewing such a wonderful heart
That it should never be apart

To hold it far from fear
Wrap it in a loving sphere
As there is more than pain
Even more love to ascertain

You may not be ready for whats next
Assuming you must be hexed
Though here I shall be
Should you ever desire me

Waiting for you to realize
That your hurt could minimize
When gentle hands you wish to hold
Are also out here in the cold

Though, a gentle touch is needed
For my soul is just as seeded
To be forward could only cause stress
Turning interest and hope into a mess

So don’t fear my intention
For I understand apprehension
I may not be what you desire
Yet my offer would not retire

Though I would no longer pursue
My words would be no less true
That I can make your world warmer
Brighter than the current, or the former

Cleaning up

Cleaning Up

by Shoeless Boy Wonder

The time has come
To again strike the drum
Becoming who I am
Letting go of the sham

It becomes clear the more I clean
The mess will no longer be obscene
For today I make a choice
To remember the sound of my voice

Return to what matters most
Let my failing become a ghost
One step at a time
To be so very sublime

Failure is a choice some make
This will not be my mistake
Cleaning up the disaster I made
Breaking down the mental blockade

The end of what I was
I give a silent applause
For tomorrow begins anew
Making everything solely true.

I Don’t Care

I Don’t Care

By Shoeless Boy Wonder

I no longer care
What anyone thinks
This is my art
Even if it reeks

These are my words
This is my power
How I convey my art
I will not cower

I have waited
Let myself down
Stayed still
Almost drown

NO more
I don’t care to fail
I may stumble
But this is my trail

I will succeed
I am a fighter
I will not stop
I am a writer

Freestyle Truth

Everyone says who they are,
They’re a good guy, good girl
Bad boy, Bad Girl,
Then adjust the par
Making conditions to condone actions
Infecting one another creating factions
Dividing each other for gain
Saying everything is forever sane
But its not, it’s only a stain
Tainting the truth with the obscene
With dirty hands create the illusion clean
Only smearing the slime
Staying blind to inner crime
For no one likes being told they’re wrong

Spew your fractured truth
You can’t fool this slooth
For my eyes see more than skin
For my eyes see more than kin
Cross me and I’ll expose you
You will feel me like the flu
I’ll be happy to twist your insides out
Till you see all these lies you shout!

You say “you are the real deal”
If it was true I’d know appeal
For they say real knows real
Though your letter isn’t worth the ceal
So rewind, unwind, take a piece of mind
Before you fall into a liars bind
Just wait off to the side
Let the self classed subside
For every liar creates their own noose
Sooner or later its no longer loose
It’s truth sayers the world fears
Always the target of gun’s tears

Spew your fractured truth
You can’t fool this slooth
For my eyes see more than skin
For my eyes see more than kin
Cross me and I’ll expose you
And you will feel me like the flu
I’ll be happy to twist your insides out
Till you see all these lies you shout!