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Pleasant Dreams

Pleasant Dreams

Shhh… close your eyes,

I shall read your beddy byes,

Dream of a sweeter place

Somewhere far from this space

Far from the darkness of father’s hate

Where mom’s cries can’t resonate

Where only smiles can be found

Where only joy is around

Shhh… Close your eyes

I shall read your beddy byes,

Dream of somewhere far away

Somewhere we both can stay

I shall protect your dreams little sister

Never let these frights fester

So never you mind what you hear

And keep your memories clear

Stay pure from these evils you must see

I shall remember so you can be free

Sweet dreams little sister sleep well

You shall remain whole, as I become a shell

Shhh….close your eyes,

I shall read your beddy byes,

Dream of everything you desire

Somehow I’ll give you all you require


Save Me From Me

Save Me From Me


I have forgotten how to be strong

I have forgotten for too long

All I feel is the weakness

All I feel is the bitterness


This is my life now I guess

Stuck to forever regress

Can’t seem to find the will

To heal, so I remain ill


I can no longer feel right

As my insides become tight

Absorbed in fear

Lost in a frozen tear


I have become my true enemy,

I lack indemnity,

A will to live has faded

As my joy is raided


Going through the motions to remain sane

Though I can not see what I do gain

My world is almost over

I wonder if I can recover


Tired of living in troubled times

Though in my soul, nothing chimes

Abused for so long this is all I know

Could I even swim in a change of flow


I can’t seem to find relief

As tragedy is my motif

Shedding it all takes to much strength

From which I haven’t the length


Someone please bring back my smile

Stand with me through out my life’s trail

For alone I can no longer bare

Cause if left alone I have not a prayer


Force me down the right path to take

Shake me loose and not be fake

For I have reached this terrible limit

And all it would take is just a minute


Save me from myself would you please

Before I close up and finally cease

All I need is someone to guide

All I need is a ride


To take me to a better place

Where happiness fills its space

Where my dreams have a chance to become real

Where I can slowly begin to heal.

Living Black Cloud

Living Black Cloud


I am the thunder,

I am the lighting,

I am the rain,

I am whats frightening ,

I created this storm

Though I wasn’t alone

Though I am all they see

So denying would be vain

Wish you would just understand

Its not that I am not to blame

But I wasn’t the only one involved

Now all I see is pity and shame

Shame of what this has become

Pity for the parties involved

I see the scars yet to form

Cause we let this evolve

I just want to solve it

Fix it the best I can

Though life wont let me

So I am a broken man

Lost everything once

Only to lose it again

This cycle will continue

Till my better end

I am like the living black cloud

Raining on everyone around me

For my pain and sorrow are too great

For me to keep from free



I feel as if a scab
My blood has dried
Pick at me and I’ll bleed
‘Till flesh is opened wide

The more I move
The less I heal
Without medication
The more I peel

Exposed to the world
I can feel the infection
Livable it may be
Their is no resurrection

In time I will “mend”
But that time seems too far
Repair is only a trend
To turn me into a scar.

Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles

I sit here a humble pin cushion
With a high defense and toleration
My friends are pins and needles
From which I keep them found
To me they are bound

Till one day they wonder off
Some to stay forever aloft
My friends are pins and needles
When they wonder some come back
To return to there former sack

Others are lost for years
Before coming back with tears
My friends are pins and needles
Though some never return again
And cease being my humble friend.

When they leave I am left empty.
Though letting them go with curtsy.
My friends are pins and needles.
When they return they cause some pain
Embedding deep into me with forcing strain

Yet once they fit back in all is fine
Till they once again cross that line
My friends are pins and needles.
Wondering off to the word divine
As I remain forever supine.

Tis Life

Tis life

Tis life to question death
For death to question life
For life to have pain
And death to end the strife

So why would someone kill themselves?
Is simple they know of life’s fear
As death has a promise of sudden peace
With an outcome never quite clear

Now lets look at the subject
They say all life has equality
Yet the value of some is “higher”
When you mix in the idea of quality

A judgement people ignore
For if a person’s life is pain
Verse a life of endless pleasure
It seems death is very sane

For who wants to live in pain?
Or the endless feeling of longing
When life itself is mundane
Or that of constant flogging

Don’t look down on those who take that step
For you have no right to judge their choice
Who could say you wouldn’t have slept
If stuck living in with thier silent voice.

Not Guilty

Not Guilty

I sit in my cell looking back
Wrong place wrong time
At least for me anyway
Freeing someone else from a crime

The evidence is all hearsay
But the jury didn’t view in my favor
So here I sit an innocent man
Eating my last meal hoping to savor

I have given up on giving blame
For there is no reason
My name and honor is trashed
I have forgotten every season

So here I sit playing with my food
Soon to be taken into another room
The world needed someone to sacrifice
So the terrible act would no longer loom

To face my death is all I can do
For my death will bring them to peace
To the guard a give a simple nod
He unlocks the door, and lets in the priest

The priest attempts to save my soul
Asking me to commit to my sins
Make my peace with our lord
I have nothing to say so the long walk begins

I am chained as I walk by other cells
Some hoot and holler, “dead man walking”
I am escorted through a steel door
I can hear people whispering, talking

I am sat down into a hard metal chair
Then strapped to the seat
I have nothing more to say
So their injection ceases my heart beat

There is a statistic that 25% of the people put to death are innocent of the crime they committed, or were rushed into prison to appease the public. Another statistic is that in between 35-50% of people put into jail were put in there via eye witness, and no substantial evidence and roughly at least a 2/3s of that percentage are innocent all together. Our legal system is not perfect, but if it wasn’t based off of politics it could be better and more accurate. Justice is indeed blind. Blind to the truth. Judges, sheriff, and politicians up for reelection are believed to cause more incorrect judgments to seem better in the publics eye than any other cause. Think about this next time you vote.