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Nicole stares at her computer screen
Blankly hoping to be seen
As what she desires to be
Gathering her family tree

Heart broken several times
Is now torn by past crimes
Torn between desire and responsibility
She battles random in-toxicity

Her heart still beats as she gets grips
But every step forward she slips
Falling to her knees
As all seems to freeze

Children lost in the chaos
Of a mother forced to toss
Everything in the air
For nothing is fair

Poor choices have worn her down
Though she still tries to see hope around
Blaming family, and herself for all
Makes it hard for her to stand tall

Clarity only comes from reality checks
Sometimes too late they have their effects
Things continue to spin out of control
Everyone feeling her lost toll

Unsure of what to do
She questions whats true
Choices must have input
As she wants to clean the soot

So she sits in front of a computer screen
Trying to find something serene
Tiny glimmers of hope out of reach
Things to help her learn and teach

Though nothing will change for the better
For standing in the rain means you will only get wetter
She may have to make a very hard choice
Move on and forget an innocent voice

Damage grows as the war continues
As all suffer from the blues
One child’s needs masked another’s
Fighting for sisters and brothers

How do you make a choice when neither is right
No winner or loser but you must fight
When your loyalty faces morals
A life of endless emotional quarrels


Mother where have you gone

Mother where have you gone

Where have you gone sweet mother
I am your daughter’s baby brother
Your son is lost in this world of mad
I need you still for I am just a lad
Mother Mother, where have you gone
I am very sorry if I did you wrong
I have your ashes on a dusty self over here
Mother Mother why are you no longer near
What will I do without your guidance
My world shattered by your absence
Mother, Father tries his best
Just can not seem to pass the test
Out of practice he has become
So, mother please wont you come
Sitting here under covers in the dark with tears
Surrounded by shattered hopes and growing fears
Mother Mother, come turn on the lights
Clear away my tears and these frights
Scare away the monsters under my bed
Please Mother do not stay gone, dead
Mother Mother, what do I do now
As I clinch onto my stuffed cow
I may hate you if you don’t come back
Mother do not let my resentment stack
I could never loath that which I love
So show me that your still here up above
Mother Mother, show me I am not alone
Before I lose my soul and turn to stone
I need you in my life again
Even if its just pretend
I shall just sit here and wallow
Dig my face deep in your pillow
Cursing everything that keeps us apart
Wishing to go back to the forsaken start
Mother Mother, your far from my sight
I shall sleep in your empty room tonight