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A Story Of Love

A Story Of Love

By Shoeless B. Wonder

The following truth
Maybe hard to bare,
Painful woe in this story
Proving life is not fair.

It begins with two young adults
Who adored one another for years
Their faults never fazed
Or brought one to tears

Good friends who loved one another
A young man, a young lady
Sharing secrets and truths
Nothing between them was shady

He loved her more than he knew
As she loved him back
One day their lips did meet
And love turned onto the attack

After years of loving each other in silence
For fear of losing what their current bliss
They finally looked into each others eyes
And all came clear in a kiss

Wasn’t for six pleasure filled months later
That he went to buy a ring
As she was attacked after work
And he heard his phone ring

Life stood still
As he heard her in fear
Listened to the attack
Wasn’t till later that all came clear

He had found her
The details I wont say,
He sobbed and waited there
Till the ambulance took her away.

He followed it to her new home.
Clouds wept at what they had seen
Causing rain to mask his tears
Keeping it real, not a dream

Years have passed and he still waits
For her to return to his embrace,
The day she opens her eyes
And again look face to face

That he can say her loves her
And know that she could hear
He will never leave till they leave
The day that will be clear

So years pass and he remains
They will have their life together
For he wont ever miss a thing
She is his love now and forever


Mother’s Cage

Mother’s Cage

Imagine if you will
A child never comforted
Whose mother didn’t know how to show compassion
Yet tried to protect her young’un from woe

A sad tale indeed
For mother and daughter
Never receiving what they need
In a life void of laughter

Her child swallow`s her own tears
For having views and feelings
In her home she couldn’t show
Always struggling with the meanings

This mother thinks with control
Her daughter will be without harm
She might have been right
Yet the daughter lives in alarm

For she would never find happiness
Because her mother would not allow
Her to take a risk
Against her mother’s vow

Trapped in cycle of missed chances
They both continue to spin
As resentment for one another grows
Creating a whole new sin

The mother continues to cage
So her daughter can’t spread her wings
For fear her daughter may fall from the sky
And see how existence stings

Now enters a young man
Far from perfect
Yet shows endless compassion and care
As the mother sees only the defects

For the previous robins in her life
Always trampled on her heart
Never turning her into a wife
Leaving at the start

No matter what he does
The cage remains locked
The mother is not willing to let go
And let her daughter join the flock

Hoping to only help
The young man steals the key
Only to be shot
Before he can set her free

Wounded he remains close to the cage
As the mother lives in disgust
Only buildingĀ up her rage
Mother loses daughter’s trust

In that mother always knows best
This saying isn’t always true
For the mother’s love she can’t express
And the young man says “I love you”

So away the mother moves her nest,
Cage and all
So the daughter can not hear
Her lover’s fleeting call

Now the daughter must make a choice
Leave all that she does know
And learn the strength of her voice
Spread her wings and finally grow


Remain in the safety of mother’s cage
To never know woe or joy
Die alone at a ripe old age
Being emotionally preserved like an unopened toy

So what is a child to do?
Torn by what she wants
And what mother knows best
What would you do?

This is my first attempt at adding non rhyming stanzas in my work. I hope they turned out alright, the first and last. Though i feel the last one is weak, but hey you live you learn. šŸ˜€