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Its time for a lighter tone,
So pick up your phone,
Give me a simple call,
And we shall have a ball.

Out into the city,
To be both crude and witty,
Do what we both like,
Telling all others to take a hike.

Lets go have some fun,
Go off and have a run,
It’s nothing you see
Doesn’t take much to be free.

Why fear a good time,
Past midnight’s chime,
Stay up till day has come,
Yet never let our fun be done.

Doesn’t matter what we do,
As long as its me and you,
So lets wonder around awhile,
Till all we do is smile.




It is but a Friday night
Last minute plan for a party
As underage kids hide from sight
Hangovers will make people tardy

Morning after makes for painful thought
Try to remember what we forgot
Cans, food, bottles all about
So many you have lost count

Pale skin and desperate thirst
Flashes of what could be worse
Half naked friends covering couches
Extremities in each others pouches

Floors sticky with spilled booze and beer
Recalling brief flashes never quite clear
Daylight burns your eyes
As a girl silently cries

Loosing what we give up once
To a man she thinks is a dunce
The bonfire is just cinders
As more awake from last nights binder

Stumbling around the fire pit
Some struggling just to sit
Using unfinished beer to kill the fire
The party is all but retired

Consequences follow bad choices
Signs of which are moaning voices
Though you seem to be okay
And its just another day

You had fun and didn’t go over board
Avoided blackouts shameful sword
Kept your head in the mist
Dodge the smog that did exist

Sober now you climb into your car
Coughing up cigarette tar
Off to home you now set
Realizing that your pants are wet

Written for Party people everywhere, and those who have retired from the scene