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A Story Of Love

A Story Of Love

By Shoeless B. Wonder

The following truth
Maybe hard to bare,
Painful woe in this story
Proving life is not fair.

It begins with two young adults
Who adored one another for years
Their faults never fazed
Or brought one to tears

Good friends who loved one another
A young man, a young lady
Sharing secrets and truths
Nothing between them was shady

He loved her more than he knew
As she loved him back
One day their lips did meet
And love turned onto the attack

After years of loving each other in silence
For fear of losing what their current bliss
They finally looked into each others eyes
And all came clear in a kiss

Wasn’t for six pleasure filled months later
That he went to buy a ring
As she was attacked after work
And he heard his phone ring

Life stood still
As he heard her in fear
Listened to the attack
Wasn’t till later that all came clear

He had found her
The details I wont say,
He sobbed and waited there
Till the ambulance took her away.

He followed it to her new home.
Clouds wept at what they had seen
Causing rain to mask his tears
Keeping it real, not a dream

Years have passed and he still waits
For her to return to his embrace,
The day she opens her eyes
And again look face to face

That he can say her loves her
And know that she could hear
He will never leave till they leave
The day that will be clear

So years pass and he remains
They will have their life together
For he wont ever miss a thing
She is his love now and forever


Needy Queen

Needy Queen

I’d like to take a moment and tell you a tale
Not something dark, but something true
For I feel it needs to be said
Before it happens to you

Not to long ago there was this Queen
Self appointed ruler of what another owned
She passed her time by buying friends
Providing “help” was what she showed

Spending the wealth of her King
Who was off at battle to keep her castle
So spend she did while he was away
Offering aid till it became a hassle

But as her age came, so did her rage
Fueled by false thoughts and thier sting
She pushed her friends away
For all her gifts came with string

See her good deeds came with a debt
Known to some, others not so much
And if someone made a request
She would listen but stay out of touch

Unable to take fault when it was her own
Things went her way for a reason
She provided and you abided
Otherwise it was listed as treason

Once labeled for lese magesty
One was outcast off her “hallowed’ ground
This cycle would repeat till her King came home
And her friends could not be found

Bitter she became cause she couldn’t handle a simple blame
It wasn’t long till even the king
Could only see the sad remains
Of the Queen and her false dream’s fling

It is a fine line between friends and foes
When fault can never be yours
If you want to keep your friends
Suck it up and mend the sores

For if you can’t look past a simple mistake
Be responsible for your misplaced anger
You will cause your own destruction
And be your only real danger.


Donkey VS. Unicorn

A simple female ass
Eats upon elegant grass
When a female unicorn
Shines her beautiful horn
Walks out from the forest crest
The donkey sees thinking she is best
Stops eating and hardens her skin
As soon a battle will surely begin
The unicorn puzzled at first
Will be happy to fulfill the donkey’s thirst
For too long the donkey’s foul mood
Corrupted the unicorn to brood
Enough was enough the unicorn begins her charge
Making a stand against this rot filled barge

The donkey only gives a welcoming sneer
And jumps to the side, but the unicorn slips
Turning suddenly her horn hits the donkey’s rear
Piercing deeply into the thickened skin
And with the forward motion of the unicorn
Comes a loud snap, as she leaves the horn in
The donkey hee haas in incredible pain
Trying to bite out her massive splinter
But unable to reach, it will remain.
The unicorn only laughs and walks away
As the donkey limps after
Trying to force the unicorn to stay
Finish this one sided fight
Even though the donkey could not continue
The unicorn wonders off to eat some grass
As the donkey sits and mends her wound
The unicorn forever to be the pain in her ass



Its time for a lighter tone,
So pick up your phone,
Give me a simple call,
And we shall have a ball.

Out into the city,
To be both crude and witty,
Do what we both like,
Telling all others to take a hike.

Lets go have some fun,
Go off and have a run,
It’s nothing you see
Doesn’t take much to be free.

Why fear a good time,
Past midnight’s chime,
Stay up till day has come,
Yet never let our fun be done.

Doesn’t matter what we do,
As long as its me and you,
So lets wonder around awhile,
Till all we do is smile.

Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles

I sit here a humble pin cushion
With a high defense and toleration
My friends are pins and needles
From which I keep them found
To me they are bound

Till one day they wonder off
Some to stay forever aloft
My friends are pins and needles
When they wonder some come back
To return to there former sack

Others are lost for years
Before coming back with tears
My friends are pins and needles
Though some never return again
And cease being my humble friend.

When they leave I am left empty.
Though letting them go with curtsy.
My friends are pins and needles.
When they return they cause some pain
Embedding deep into me with forcing strain

Yet once they fit back in all is fine
Till they once again cross that line
My friends are pins and needles.
Wondering off to the word divine
As I remain forever supine.

Female Foreigner

Female Foreigner

A elegant young lass
Travels to foreign grass
Taking steps far from home
With a heart too big to be alone
Searched for a form of income
So she wouldn’t become undone
But she really wanted to find love
For heaven to call her above
While finding a place to work
For a man who maybe a jerk
Her search continues forward
Learning as she moves toward
Her next step in this strange land
Is to hold another’s tender hand
Avoid the men who hide in shadows
For they only shatter a soul’s windows
With courage she does smile
Knowing it could take awhile
Though soon all will become clear
As fated love will soon be near

Mr. Pop Star

Mr. PopĀ  Star

Hello my friend
Its just me again
Hiding behind your shroud
Lost in the growing crowd

That flocks for your affection
Ever dying for your attention
Can’t say I can blame them
All wanted to be your condemned

Since you are so unique
Everyone will wish to critique
Or absorb your narrowing time
With no realization of their crime

Hello my friend
Its just me again
Hiding behind your shroud
Lost in the growing crowd

To many people to care for
To many for you to adore
So I shall remain hidden from view
Till the day comes when I can help you

Don’t ever think you are alone
If need be just pick up the phone
Though if I am ever fully forgotten
You will have truly become rotten

Hello my friend
Its just me again
Hiding behind your shroud
Lost in the growing crowd

Your popularity is such a curse
To you it must seem much worse
This is why I never choose to be
On center stage where all could see

Back stage is where I belong
Helping the production move along
Maintaining the peace in the chaos
So you yourself are never a loss

Hello my friend
Its just me again
Hiding behind your shroud
Lost in the growing crowd