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Its time for a lighter tone,
So pick up your phone,
Give me a simple call,
And we shall have a ball.

Out into the city,
To be both crude and witty,
Do what we both like,
Telling all others to take a hike.

Lets go have some fun,
Go off and have a run,
It’s nothing you see
Doesn’t take much to be free.

Why fear a good time,
Past midnight’s chime,
Stay up till day has come,
Yet never let our fun be done.

Doesn’t matter what we do,
As long as its me and you,
So lets wonder around awhile,
Till all we do is smile.


16 Tears

16 Tears

A tear for the past
A tear for what didn’t last
A tear for the cost
A tear for the lost

A tear for tomorrow
A tear for sorrow
A tear for disappointment
A tear for resentment

A tear for you
A tear for whats true
A tear for your grave
A tear for all you gave

A tear for your family ties
A tear for failed tries
A tear for me
A tear to be free