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Chapter Four. The Journey Begins

Cecil awakes to find himself stretched out on an alter of the villages run down temple. Agros stands next to him looking down at him with minor concern but more confusion.

Agros,”Welcome back, what a spectacle you put on sir.”

Cecil,”owe my head hurts how long have I been out?”

Agros,”3 days…or so no one was sure you would wake up or not. No one has ever seen that kind of magic, I mean the old tales of the necromancer and of the creator come close but truly what kind of mage are you.”

Cecil slowly sitting up with a slight tired hiss to his voice responds in kind,”First that wasn’t magic….it was skill I guess you would call it.” He takes a moment to rub his eyes,” it doesn’t matter now wont be able to do something like that again for a long, long time. I practice healing mostly. Few things I have come across that I can not cure.”

Agros,” Skill? That wasn’t skill you turned them all to dust, no one has that as a skill. But a healer you say? That is practically a lost art now a days, in fact your the first i have ever met, you sure your not a holy mage of some sort?

Cecil’s eyebrows narrow slightly,” yes I am sure I am not Holy or a Cleric of worship.”

Snowy and Ash come running in Ash leads the charge skidding to a stop just before Cecil looking up at him curiously and giving a nod as Snowy blirts out, ” OH YOU’RE ALIVE thank the gods, Now teach me your secrets oh master.”

Ash looks over at her sister and bonks her on the head with her left hand causing snowys eyes to tear up for a second before snowy turns and jerks down on Ashes hair then takes off running. Ash right on her heels.

Just as Ash catches snowys hood and jerks back taking snowy off her feet causing her to fall on her butt hard; Agros shouts, ” NOW KNOCK IT OFF YOU TWO or I will put you both in the corner in front of our new friend here.” In response Ash lets go of Snowy and slowly walks back over to Agros and Cecil; as snowy slowly gets to her feet rubbing her butt and sniffling her tears away.

Ash, “Agros I think you owe him an apology he was quite capable of fighting with ease.”

Agros,” Shhh…I was getting to that, Sorry Cecil it was close minded of me to think cause you were blind that you would not be able to help.

Snowy walks up with the remains of a tear still wet on her left cheek. She looks up at Cecil and Cecil’s head turns to her. She notices this but says nothing before turning to Ash and punching her arm. Ash just ignores her sisters attempts at rising a reaction out of her.

Cecil, “it’s alright I appreciate your concern…*Cecil hops down off of the table feeling around for his cane which ash grabs and hands him. Patting himself he searches for his cloak, Agros picks up the cloak off a small hook hanging from a torn up rafter.

Agros, ” you sure your ready to be moving around? ”

Cecil,” Oh yes, time waits for no one…” Cecil stretches and his joints pop sending small echos throughout the empty temple. “Just a little hungry is all going to head back to town and find some grub, if you would be as so kind to join me I would be more than happy to purchase you all something as well.”

Snowy,” YAY food….” she yells as her stomach growls in anticipation.”

Agros,”well ah Cecil, you don’t have to do that you have done enough already and I fear we must be heading out, Got to track down the one who keeps making these hoards and stop them.”

Ash,” but but but….”

Agros,” Shhh….”

Cecil,” you three have looked after me for the last few days let me say thank you, and besides its bad to start a long journey on no rations.”

Snowy and ash turn to Agros whom’s stomach also begins to growl, he sighs and the girls smile brightly and begin to lead Cecil to the local tavern as snowy hums a short happy tune on repeat, ash holds Cecils hand and guides him. Cecil holds his cane to his side with his other hand as Agros follows up behind. The town villagers they pass by thank them for saving them but are slightly scared of Cecil. They enter the tavern. Ash leads Cecil to a chair and table, as snowy begins to push chairs over for them all to sit at it. It isn’t long after till another man walks in through the main door of the tavern. He wears a dark grey cloak covering what seems to be a jagged sword, that chimes against his belt as he makes his way to the bar top. The stranger lowers his hood to reveal a handsome man in his twenties who orders a cup of black coffee, placing some bronze coins on the counter, the coins have bits of blood on them. Once the bar tender returns, with his drink. the man speaks.

“Bar tender, I heard a great wizard had performed a miracle out here defeating a large hoard single handedly.”

Bar tender,” yes it was truly something, turned the enemy to dust he did, then almost died himself from exhaustion. Never seen you in these parts you got a name wanderer.”

Stranger, ” Names Darth, could you tell me a bit more about him?”

Bar tender,” Not much to tell really, simple blind man been traveling around these parts since I was little. Helpful chap, he is he is, even helped me turn this tavern around once my parents past. He would come and hang for a few months healing folks then he would leave for a few months and return with small gifts for people around here. Never imagined he was capable of such destructive magic. Strange thing is, I have grown older, and he remains the same, benefits of healing magic I suppose.”

Agros over hears the bartender speaking about Cecil to this Darth fellow. As the bar wench comes over to take their Order. Cecil only orders some fresh fruit and a small piece of roasted pork, as the snowy orders only carrots, and various greens. Agros orders a pint of ale and some ribs. The wench returns to the bar handing the order to the bar keep who turns over to the pig roasting over the fire pit. Darth turns his attention to the wench thanking the bartender for his story on the man in question.

Darth, ” Now what do we have here,” Darths eyes trail the wench’s body from head to toe. the wench is in her late teens with bright red hair and ruby lips, speaking softly into her ear she gives a giggle then points over to the table where Agros, Cecil and the girls sit. He places a gold coin into her cleavage and kisses her cheek before standing. He grabs his coffee and approaches the table.

Darth approaches and the girls bicker about how hungry they are, Argos sizes up this darth fellow who approaches their table just pulling up a chair he plops down next to them. Darth seems to be in is late twenties a tone yet single body holds a short sword some swift leather armor and a par of daggers, being easy on the eyes, the girls turn to him with slight awe blushing as he introduces himself.

Darth,” Greetings friends, I hear you have a quite the story to tell, as a traveling writer I’d love to hear it….By the way My name is Darth Gilder, may I perhaps inquire your names? It is only customary when meeting folks to introduce yourself.”

Before snowy and ash even have a chance to respond to the mans question ARgos chimes in,” Well I am Argos, these youngins here are Snowy, and Ash. This fine gentlemen here goes by cecil and which tale do you speak of?” Argos waits for a response as the two sisters grumble at each other a brief moment noticing one another is blushing and giggle at the other.

Cecil,” seems we are all here…..”

Snowy,” Huh?,no we arn’t has anyone seen grindle or chuck?”

Ash,” you know they are just sleeping off last nights stupor….idiots…”

DArth<” you know the tale of a mage who can turn armies to dust, great tale if you ask me worthy of being captured by writing you know. The bartender said this fellow here, Cecil was the one who did it? I would just love to know more.” Darth wonders if an item was used or some sort of spell book that might fetch a good sum to the right buyer. Or if the story was even true and not local rumors.

Cecil,” don’t really know how I do such things, just kind of developed along with me as I wondered the realm.”

Darth,” Interesting can you show me a demonstration?”

Argos,” the man is exhausted leave him be, its his first meal in days….”

Ash,”yeah besides he said he wouldn’t be able to do that again for quite some time…”

Snowy,”I’m bored, and hungry where is our food….”

Cecil,”Perhaps you would care to join us for dinner Darth, not sure what kind of stories do you like? I know several other good ones I assure you, Such as the living dungeon a bottomless prison.” Cecil attempts to change subjects off of himself as the time is not right to tell the others the truth.

Darth,” Those do seem like grand tales, but Seeing something first hand always makes for better writing.”

Argos,” I got a tale for ya an army that always returns slightly stronger than before, killing off the innocent and those few who stand and fight. The story of the fallen heros who die to protect others.”

Darth,” always a good tale, but over written, I am looking for more than that; a story that is one of a kind.”

Cecil,” well these fine folks are going to go out into the world to save it…no greater story than that. perhaps you should tag along with them you might find some useful material to write about, and you would experience it full tilt. ”

Snowy,” yay food” *snowy interrupts and the wench returns with the food orders and refills their cups. Winking at darth who returns his her wink with one of his own



Donkey VS. Unicorn

A simple female ass
Eats upon elegant grass
When a female unicorn
Shines her beautiful horn
Walks out from the forest crest
The donkey sees thinking she is best
Stops eating and hardens her skin
As soon a battle will surely begin
The unicorn puzzled at first
Will be happy to fulfill the donkey’s thirst
For too long the donkey’s foul mood
Corrupted the unicorn to brood
Enough was enough the unicorn begins her charge
Making a stand against this rot filled barge

The donkey only gives a welcoming sneer
And jumps to the side, but the unicorn slips
Turning suddenly her horn hits the donkey’s rear
Piercing deeply into the thickened skin
And with the forward motion of the unicorn
Comes a loud snap, as she leaves the horn in
The donkey hee haas in incredible pain
Trying to bite out her massive splinter
But unable to reach, it will remain.
The unicorn only laughs and walks away
As the donkey limps after
Trying to force the unicorn to stay
Finish this one sided fight
Even though the donkey could not continue
The unicorn wonders off to eat some grass
As the donkey sits and mends her wound
The unicorn forever to be the pain in her ass