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New Love

New Love

When the dawn breaks
We will know the stakes
For every moment led us here
A second of excitement and fear

The meeting of hearts
Leads to new found starts
Where words match voice
And we see our choice

Nothing seems real
Trusting what we feel
Never thought our hearts could heal
That another could make our walls kneel

Exposed we look upon each others’ face
As our hearts mend the empty space
Fires put out long ago
Spark and begin to grow

Slow but good things come in stride
Humbling we find no reason to hide
We both see the value we each forsake
And the demeaning void of being fake

Chapter One: The Beginning

Chapter One: The Beginning

A man stands before a piece of glass
On the other side stands a lass
Her skin had changed to the color of grass

He grins at her body his eyes do peer
As she does her best not to sneer
They look at one another so clear

“Welcome to the world 364,”
He said with no life to his core
His voice made her sore

On the glass she placed her hand
He smiled viewing her brand
Though it faded as the glass turned to sand

His eyes filled with terror
When her finger turned into a parer
It was now he realized his error.

With a swift motion his blood did splatter
She began to consume his matter
When down the hall came rising chatter

She stood as blood ran down her chin
As her body she gave a spin
Turning she gave a grin…

As large man walked through the door
He saw the other on the floor
Little did he know this was the start of the war

With a swift move she removed his head
Exiting out to the hall where she left many dead
Wasn’t too long till the rest fled.

Making it to several other cells
She opened other monsters shells
As warnings rang indicated by bells

10 in all tore the building apart
This was only the start
As the future was theirs to chart.

We travel now a few years ahead
A man in a tavern covers his head
Under a white cloak he hides his dread

Chatter about the war is heard
Some saying it was all absurd
In speech very slurred

Demons, orcs, and trolls made their way
Across the mainland with a leader non could slay
They spoke of whether they should leave or stay

The man in white
Stands and speaks of whats right
That they should band together in the night

This causes uneasy waves throughout the setting
Keeping gambling men from betting
As the concept makes some pants ready for wetting

The man calms the storm of fear
With statements so sincere
But his view was clear

If no one stands to fight they already lost
And will be forced to pay the greatest cost
That will be worse than any early frost.

As the mood of the tavern changes
The men cheer in different ranges
As gold continues different exchanges

The man in white sits back down
Knowing in weeks he will be the only around
The rest here will scatter on the ground….

Hours pass and stars begin to fade.
The man stands in candles’ shade
Departing he feels a blade.

“Gilgamesh, what are you planning?”
Questions a voice so enchanting,
While his memories he is scanning.

“Medea,” Gilgamesh gives a smirk.
“Glad I could trouble you from your work
In the shadows we shall no longer lurk.

“Come with me, and we shall change it all
We were made for a purpose and its time to answer the call
Gather the others its time we halt our continued stall.”

Medea Grins, ” certainly, seems we well finally have some fun.”
The women turns her silver hair in a common bun.
Off to bid her masters wishes she did run.

She begins her quest by talking to Alexander
Who could be a fearsome commander
Though he lacked the candor.

Bored with winning every contest of strength
He easy to convince without much length
Though on her list he was the tenth

Next she came across Lucifer,
He was also easy from which to coffer
Always up to make someone suffer.

Wasn’t long after till she found Ellen
Who was with her lovely sister Helen
Whom was anything but a felon

Helen was created with the power to allure
Though Ellen was about to command power impure
Causing great pain she did endure

Unexpectedly she ran into Lancer
The others referred to him as cancer,
Though he gave her the right answer…

With some trouble she found Diane
Her head resting on her pet lion
Who went without Meade tryin’

Three six four was next on the list
Though Medea suffered a broken wrist
364 could only smile, as Medea did insist

The last took the longest to find
Causing Madea to almost lose her mind
Though her quest would be over when he signed

Cecil, “Gathered the others already have you?”
Then what is it that you want me to do?
Ah yes, don’t speak, I do not need your clue”

Medea stands in front of a man in a sandy cloak
With anger on her face as her voice gives a choke
“If you wont come willingly then I will force you,” she does provoke

Cecil, “Threatening a fellow immortal?”
He asks following it with a small chortle.
” Last chance,” She says opening a portal.

Cecil, “Medea, you have never seen my power,
Do not assume I have a will that would cower,
For to do that would insure that it will easily tower”

Medea sneers, “You were always a coward
Soon your free will well be devoured
And you will see that I am empowered…”

Medea raises her arm to reveal a wand
She points it at him to make him her pawn
He vanishes before her spell can bond

He reappears inches from her face,
Causing her back away to regain pace,
As she looks around and several now fill the space

Her eyes open wide as now 100 stand
Armored with war hammer in hand
Shaking her head trying to understand

Cecils, “Please continue we dare.”
Cecil from before holds her stare
As her wand is now in his hand, and hers is bare.

In the portal he tosses her toy,
Cecil, “Tell Gilgamesh I will not take part in his ploy”
Run along now before I decide to destroy.”

Cecil brings his hammer into her chest
Easily flatten her so called breasts
Forcing her into the portal, and it ingests.

Save Me From Me

Save Me From Me


I have forgotten how to be strong

I have forgotten for too long

All I feel is the weakness

All I feel is the bitterness


This is my life now I guess

Stuck to forever regress

Can’t seem to find the will

To heal, so I remain ill


I can no longer feel right

As my insides become tight

Absorbed in fear

Lost in a frozen tear


I have become my true enemy,

I lack indemnity,

A will to live has faded

As my joy is raided


Going through the motions to remain sane

Though I can not see what I do gain

My world is almost over

I wonder if I can recover


Tired of living in troubled times

Though in my soul, nothing chimes

Abused for so long this is all I know

Could I even swim in a change of flow


I can’t seem to find relief

As tragedy is my motif

Shedding it all takes to much strength

From which I haven’t the length


Someone please bring back my smile

Stand with me through out my life’s trail

For alone I can no longer bare

Cause if left alone I have not a prayer


Force me down the right path to take

Shake me loose and not be fake

For I have reached this terrible limit

And all it would take is just a minute


Save me from myself would you please

Before I close up and finally cease

All I need is someone to guide

All I need is a ride


To take me to a better place

Where happiness fills its space

Where my dreams have a chance to become real

Where I can slowly begin to heal.





First day of his senior year

Brought only homework to fear

And a new female student from parts unknown

Wont belong before all is shown

He sits and listens to the lesson

As she stares at her new obsession

The class bell rings and he goes to depart

As she hands him a note with a sticker of a heart

He takes it a bit confused

But never gave a sign he refused

Wasn’t till he got home that he the letter was opened

And he read the words so perfectly penned

To bad he thought

Having already had girl he sought

A boy friend for a year already

So he wasn’t interested in going steady

The new girl’s letter fell into the trash

Suddenly he heard a crash

Peering out his window he couldn’t see

With a shrug he turns on the t.v.

Wasn’t long before he the news broke in

Talking about the crash on “Treespin”

How a young girl was killed

The girls name made him suddenly chilled

Apparently the car’s tire blew out

It lost control and their wasn’t time to shout

His girlfriend had been slain

Was now nothing more than a stain

He ran out of the house and down to the corner

Trying to see what had happened and stop the coroner

The cops kept him back, as his tears began to flow

Suddenly two arms wrapped around him he didn’t know

Turning so quickly he looked down and saw

The new girl with a small smile and look of awe

He could only cry as she looked at him with caring eyes

She spoke, “Don’t worry no one will keep us apart,” stopping his cries

Slowly he tried to back away as her grip became tighter

“I will never let you go,” she said as he began to fight her

Finally with his strength he broke free

And quickly began to flee

She chased after him as he ran up his stairs

Opening then closing the door stumbling over chairs

Then he heard the turn of the door nob

Darting back he locked it fast with a sob

Then he heard his parents voices come from the other side

He began to look out the window though still trying to hide

He heard the jingle of their keys hit the ground

He heard the keys fall then two quick thudding sounds

Blood began to run in under the front door as he let out a scream

And the mail slot door opens and her eye could be seen

Falling to the floor the stared as he heard her pick up the keys

Her eyes fixed on him as he slowly crawled backward pleading please

Inner Plague

Inner Plague

Seems I am a man of pattern
I have this burning flame
From which I can never put out
For I can never be more than same

I go through a cycle
That repeats every year
Happy to sad to rage
For I am what I fear

A vicim to my own thoughts
My actions delay my progress
So much I have lost my goal
Being absorbed by the stress

I become blind to what I know
Acting off of impulse
I am lost to my way
Beginning to convulse

Trembling emotions
Make for an unsteady mind
Violent actions come
Yet relief I can not find

Spinning down the rabbit hole
I have lost my touch
With nothing new to grasp
Emptiness is all I clutch



We all need a place to go
A place where we can find peace
Somwhere that we feel safe
Where the pains of life can cease

It could be in our lover’s embrace
A childhood home where you’re always welcome
A dear friend’s loving voice
Or else we become undone

Sanctuary can be hard to find
When we feel Isolated from everyone
Our minds can become a dangerous space
That we can’t ever outrun

But once we find it
We can lick out wounds
Getting the healing words we need
So we can face our darkest moons

Once we do recover
We learn we can move on
That rain clouds will fade
And that you are truly strong



What am I afraid of
These silly thoughts of love
No I have much more to fear
Not holding someone near
Peoples words that are not clear
Being the receiver of a sneer

Why do people fear
Others that are sincere
Fear of minorities
Fear of priorities
Fear of living tragedies
Fear of Controversies

Why fear what we don’t understand
Fearing that we are not going to be grand
We fear the unknown
We fear being on our own
We fear the devil being shown
We fear of a future when we are grown

Fear of death though we will die
Fear of those with kindness lie