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Chapter 12: Death is only the Beginning

The sounds of metal clanging ring out as the Mother of Death faces off against her son Hades. Their battle field is a barren field of warm sand cooling across the sand of the Valley of Seven Devils. The field was named this do to the fire Devils who once would doom all travelers who cross their vacant desert searching for a promised land that was made of myths and legends. A aspect that caused many who searched for a better tomorrow to meet terrible fates. They were captured ages ago by a fierce warrior who tricked them into fighting one another till they were too tired to defend against him. Dragging them back to the Gate he locked them away for what all assumed would be until the end of time.

Mother of Death,” Hades why are you doing this….There is no balance if you continue to kill those whoms time has yet to come. ”

Hades,” The old ways mean nothing, for its time for a change its time for you to give up your power to me.”

Mother of Death,” You’re a foolish child…you are not ready to be the God of Death.”

Hades charges forth bringing his blade down to strike his mother who uses a scythe to defend herself, sliding back across the sand from the strike. Surprised and slightly fearful of her son’s new found power. ¬†She spins her scythe to cause a large about of sand to kick up and create a wall of sand between the two of them. Hades charges forth and swings his blade knocking loose his mothers grip on her weapon.

Hades: “Its time I bring you to piece darling.”

He shoves his sword deep into her chest causing her ribs to give way and the blade to pierce her heart. Black blood slides down the blade as the mother of death only smiles back at her foe.

Mother of Death,”Its a relief to know that my son had nothing to do with this…vile creature show yourself…”

Diane returns to her normal form as her body shifts from Hades’ to her own she looks back puzzled to have been exposed. Curious of how this false old God was able to see through her masquerade. Pulling the blade out of the Mother of Death she watches the God fall backwards onto the sand.

Diane: “Well seems you have some surprises in you still.”

Mother of Death,” Its not hard, for if you were my son and truly wanted the power you would not have destroyed the source….ha ha ha….foolish shapeshifter I no idea what your plans are but its simple to see you have no idea what your doing.” She laughs a bit until her voice is interrupted by a spur of blood. The wind begins to pick up greatly as Diane watches in confusion. Sand begins to fly towards Diane with great speed, it tears into her flesh and eyes blinding her.

Diane,” FUCK whats with this wind you old hag. ”

Diane would then feel the earth underneath her begin to pull in down, Alarmed she takes the form of a phoenix and takes off into the air a chain of sand follows her her up into the air wrapping around her ankles and starts to bring her back down. The wind also makes it difficult for her to remain steady and soon she crashes down into the sand, and then is drug down under the surface of the sand.

Wind,” Madam….are you alright”

Mother of Death,” The foolish thought of killing death…..ha…ha ha….” says before coughing up more blood, weakly she stands. Its at this point that she looks down at her chest, around the wound has begun to turn white to her dismay she falls to one knee as the wind rushes to her side, using its power to steady her.

Wind,” The book keeper said that something was coming to unleash war on the Gods. I guess that was one of them…I suppose. I found you and the God of the Earth we are looking for Rah and the other former Gods. The kingdom of Zeus has been laid to waste and they hung his dying body on the front gate. As a warning, if I had only gotten here sooner we might have been able to escape without injury. ”

Mother of Death,” I don’t think I am going to be alright…Rah was last known to be resting where the sky meets Earth. Trust no one…..” Holding her chest the white begins to slowly spread. She forces herself to stand and take. In the distance three figures begin approaching. The ground begins to shake as a massive sand dragon bursts forth attacking the ground as the wind helps mother of death steady herself and gain balance enough to remain on her feet.

Wind,” We need to go now…”

The gods make their retreat as the Mother of Death moans in pain with every step the wind conceals her movements till they she can manage to hide her form. The God of Earth continues to form a distraction till the others are clear before he leaves and the sands become still.

Gilgamesh, Madea, and an orc chieftain arrive on the scene. Medea laughs at the sand dragon who changes form to Diane.

Diane.”ahhh go choke on it Madea.”

Medea,” I am not the one who let some Lower Gods get the better of me now am I.”

Diane.” Former Gods seem to be of higher order than their offspring. ”

Gilgamesh,” It is nothing we can not handle I am sure of it. They may be powerful and illusive but to keep our plans on our track we shall have to finish them off not let them linger with injuries. Diane, do you have any information for me?”

Diane,” yes there is a wind God and an Earth God, they seem to be trying to find one another. But most of the former gods wont work with the current ones nor work well with one another.”

Gilgamesh,” Well do you know how many former Gods we could expect to encounter? And has anyone found 400? ”

Diane,” There was one matching his description that was mentioned in a small village. They spoke of him fondly as he healed them also provided them with food and other supplies. Only thing that makes me think its not him, is the fact they said he turned an army of darklings into dust before passing out for several days. He was also listed as blind; we know 400 is as well, but not everything matches up as 400 doesn’t fight nor heal others. ”

Medea,” yeah might be him might not be”

Gilgamesh,” Strange…thanks for the report return to your duties of observing, next time do not engage without back up. Medea lead our orc friend here to find Lucy and see if he has managed to open the gate. Combine your forces and then you with the help of Lucy and the sisters continue to destroy the temples and the followers. ”

Medea nods and looks to the orc chieftain in a bit of disgust as the orc looks at her with the clear thought of sexual fantasies filling its mind. Disgusted she leads the say towards a new town. The orc follows a on the verge of being to close behind her as they head south.

Gilgamesh leans down placing his hand into the sand, his eyes flash a bit as Diane finally takes off as a sparrow into the air. He was now alone in the vastness of desert. Whispers fill his head as he shakes it off for a moment before they come back louder.

Voices, “Kill them….kill them all….rule…bend the knee to no one. ”

Gilgamesh,” Yes master…I shall…kill them all….every last one….”


Chapter Four. The Journey Begins

Cecil awakes to find himself stretched out on an alter of the villages run down temple. Agros stands next to him looking down at him with minor concern but more confusion.

Agros,”Welcome back, what a spectacle you put on sir.”

Cecil,”owe my head hurts how long have I been out?”

Agros,”3 days…or so no one was sure you would wake up or not. No one has ever seen that kind of magic, I mean the old tales of the necromancer and of the creator come close but truly what kind of mage are you.”

Cecil slowly sitting up with a slight tired hiss to his voice responds in kind,”First that wasn’t magic….it was skill I guess you would call it.” He takes a moment to rub his eyes,” it doesn’t matter now wont be able to do something like that again for a long, long time. I practice healing mostly. Few things I have come across that I can not cure.”

Agros,” Skill? That wasn’t skill you turned them all to dust, no one has that as a skill. But a healer you say? That is practically a lost art now a days, in fact your the first i have ever met, you sure your not a holy mage of some sort?

Cecil’s eyebrows narrow slightly,” yes I am sure I am not Holy or a Cleric of worship.”

Snowy and Ash come running in Ash leads the charge skidding to a stop just before Cecil looking up at him curiously and giving a nod as Snowy blirts out, ” OH YOU’RE ALIVE thank the gods, Now teach me your secrets oh master.”

Ash looks over at her sister and bonks her on the head with her left hand causing snowys eyes to tear up for a second before snowy turns and jerks down on Ashes hair then takes off running. Ash right on her heels.

Just as Ash catches snowys hood and jerks back taking snowy off her feet causing her to fall on her butt hard; Agros shouts, ” NOW KNOCK IT OFF YOU TWO or I will put you both in the corner in front of our new friend here.” In response Ash lets go of Snowy and slowly walks back over to Agros and Cecil; as snowy slowly gets to her feet rubbing her butt and sniffling her tears away.

Ash, “Agros I think you owe him an apology he was quite capable of fighting with ease.”

Agros,” Shhh…I was getting to that, Sorry Cecil it was close minded of me to think cause you were blind that you would not be able to help.

Snowy walks up with the remains of a tear still wet on her left cheek. She looks up at Cecil and Cecil’s head turns to her. She notices this but says nothing before turning to Ash and punching her arm. Ash just ignores her sisters attempts at rising a reaction out of her.

Cecil, “it’s alright I appreciate your concern…*Cecil hops down off of the table feeling around for his cane which ash grabs and hands him. Patting himself he searches for his cloak, Agros picks up the cloak off a small hook hanging from a torn up rafter.

Agros, ” you sure your ready to be moving around? ”

Cecil,” Oh yes, time waits for no one…” Cecil stretches and his joints pop sending small echos throughout the empty temple. “Just a little hungry is all going to head back to town and find some grub, if you would be as so kind to join me I would be more than happy to purchase you all something as well.”

Snowy,” YAY food….” she yells as her stomach growls in anticipation.”

Agros,”well ah Cecil, you don’t have to do that you have done enough already and I fear we must be heading out, Got to track down the one who keeps making these hoards and stop them.”

Ash,” but but but….”

Agros,” Shhh….”

Cecil,” you three have looked after me for the last few days let me say thank you, and besides its bad to start a long journey on no rations.”

Snowy and ash turn to Agros whom’s stomach also begins to growl, he sighs and the girls smile brightly and begin to lead Cecil to the local tavern as snowy hums a short happy tune on repeat, ash holds Cecils hand and guides him. Cecil holds his cane to his side with his other hand as Agros follows up behind. The town villagers they pass by thank them for saving them but are slightly scared of Cecil. They enter the tavern. Ash leads Cecil to a chair and table, as snowy begins to push chairs over for them all to sit at it. It isn’t long after till another man walks in through the main door of the tavern. He wears a dark grey cloak covering what seems to be a jagged sword, that chimes against his belt as he makes his way to the bar top. The stranger lowers his hood to reveal a handsome man in his twenties who orders a cup of black coffee, placing some bronze coins on the counter, the coins have bits of blood on them. Once the bar tender returns, with his drink. the man speaks.

“Bar tender, I heard a great wizard had performed a miracle out here defeating a large hoard single handedly.”

Bar tender,” yes it was truly something, turned the enemy to dust he did, then almost died himself from exhaustion. Never seen you in these parts you got a name wanderer.”

Stranger, ” Names Darth, could you tell me a bit more about him?”

Bar tender,” Not much to tell really, simple blind man been traveling around these parts since I was little. Helpful chap, he is he is, even helped me turn this tavern around once my parents past. He would come and hang for a few months healing folks then he would leave for a few months and return with small gifts for people around here. Never imagined he was capable of such destructive magic. Strange thing is, I have grown older, and he remains the same, benefits of healing magic I suppose.”

Agros over hears the bartender speaking about Cecil to this Darth fellow. As the bar wench comes over to take their Order. Cecil only orders some fresh fruit and a small piece of roasted pork, as the snowy orders only carrots, and various greens. Agros orders a pint of ale and some ribs. The wench returns to the bar handing the order to the bar keep who turns over to the pig roasting over the fire pit. Darth turns his attention to the wench thanking the bartender for his story on the man in question.

Darth, ” Now what do we have here,” Darths eyes trail the wench’s body from head to toe. the wench is in her late teens with bright red hair and ruby lips, speaking softly into her ear she gives a giggle then points over to the table where Agros, Cecil and the girls sit. He places a gold coin into her cleavage and kisses her cheek before standing. He grabs his coffee and approaches the table.

Darth approaches and the girls bicker about how hungry they are, Argos sizes up this darth fellow who approaches their table just pulling up a chair he plops down next to them. Darth seems to be in is late twenties a tone yet single body holds a short sword some swift leather armor and a par of daggers, being easy on the eyes, the girls turn to him with slight awe blushing as he introduces himself.

Darth,” Greetings friends, I hear you have a quite the story to tell, as a traveling writer I’d love to hear it….By the way My name is Darth Gilder, may I perhaps inquire your names? It is only customary when meeting folks to introduce yourself.”

Before snowy and ash even have a chance to respond to the mans question ARgos chimes in,” Well I am Argos, these youngins here are Snowy, and Ash. This fine gentlemen here goes by cecil and which tale do you speak of?” Argos waits for a response as the two sisters grumble at each other a brief moment noticing one another is blushing and giggle at the other.

Cecil,” seems we are all here…..”

Snowy,” Huh?,no we arn’t has anyone seen grindle or chuck?”

Ash,” you know they are just sleeping off last nights stupor….idiots…”

DArth<” you know the tale of a mage who can turn armies to dust, great tale if you ask me worthy of being captured by writing you know. The bartender said this fellow here, Cecil was the one who did it? I would just love to know more.” Darth wonders if an item was used or some sort of spell book that might fetch a good sum to the right buyer. Or if the story was even true and not local rumors.

Cecil,” don’t really know how I do such things, just kind of developed along with me as I wondered the realm.”

Darth,” Interesting can you show me a demonstration?”

Argos,” the man is exhausted leave him be, its his first meal in days….”

Ash,”yeah besides he said he wouldn’t be able to do that again for quite some time…”

Snowy,”I’m bored, and hungry where is our food….”

Cecil,”Perhaps you would care to join us for dinner Darth, not sure what kind of stories do you like? I know several other good ones I assure you, Such as the living dungeon a bottomless prison.” Cecil attempts to change subjects off of himself as the time is not right to tell the others the truth.

Darth,” Those do seem like grand tales, but Seeing something first hand always makes for better writing.”

Argos,” I got a tale for ya an army that always returns slightly stronger than before, killing off the innocent and those few who stand and fight. The story of the fallen heros who die to protect others.”

Darth,” always a good tale, but over written, I am looking for more than that; a story that is one of a kind.”

Cecil,” well these fine folks are going to go out into the world to save it…no greater story than that. perhaps you should tag along with them you might find some useful material to write about, and you would experience it full tilt. ”

Snowy,” yay food” *snowy interrupts and the wench returns with the food orders and refills their cups. Winking at darth who returns his her wink with one of his own

A Story Into Time Chapter 5 The First To Fall. (Currently being rewritten.)

Hades stands strong with his crown of bones resting on his silver hair. A handsome spectacle indeed, using his beauty to ease the passing of those who are ill and those who have reached the elderly age. Though most see him as evil or cruel, truth be told he was a very kind God in charge of ending the pain of those who are suffering.

Around his neck hangs a key made of stone bone and blood. Forged in the darkness it was paired with a lock which was created before Hade’s time to lock up all of the failed creations of the Creator. They were the first Darklings consisting mainly of soul eaters and demons. The common folk considered this Gate a myth, a lore to tell children that if they were bad they would leave them before the Gate where they would be consumed by the evil within.

Hades looks down upon an old woman’s who small hut was in much need of repairs. He can’t help but remember last year when he had to help her husband find his way to the realm of peace and the afterlife. He walks into her hut and sits down on the old ladies bed. Who at first is startled and scared by his sudden arrival. Hades speaks in the most comforting tone,” Rose, relax I have come to help you…”Hades is wearing a black cloak and black leather armor complete with black leather gloves. He smiles gently and takes out a leather canteen pouring out a pain remedy into a horn.

Rose,”I…I remember you…you came to see my husband Bernard..then when you left I came in to find my sweetest love dead…”

Hades,”Yes I remember, he was in great pain and though his body may have stopped breathing he has never left you.” Hades to her side causing her head to turn and look as well. Hades’ reveals a specter of her husband who is lying next to her holding her in his arms.

Hades,”Rose, Sweet Rose, he has never left your side…He has been waiting and holding you every night..

Rose,”Bernard…you’re here?….I love you so much…”she takes the drink and takes a sip…as she does Hades removes the glove from his right hand revealing a hand of tendon and bones. As she drinks she finds herself feeling no pain and quickly becoming tired.

Rose drops the horn and is fast asleep. Hades gently takes his finger and brushes the hair out of her eyes. And as soon as he does her soul rises up out of her body becoming a specter…she sees Bernard and they kiss. Once they kiss a white light engulfs them and in a flash they are gone.

Hades stands and removes himself from the humble home. Once outside he sees an adjacent figure with shiny blond hair in golden armor. The man is holding a lance with a spear of beauty, grace, and devastating elegance.The spear itself is finely detailed with words of the ancients. His golden armor is covered in the same markers. Confused by this man Hades chooses to walk away as no mortal can see him unless he wishes.

“Figures…God showing your back to someone isn’t a wise move.” The Golden Stranger says with a cool and cocky tone.

Hades stops dead in his tracks, now knowing this figure can see him which means this stranger is no ordinary mortal. Hades turns and looks at the figure yet again. The man stands about 50 yards away, with golden hair and eyes he leers back at Hades.

Hades speaks words of wonder,”I see you know what I am…but forgive my ignorance as I know not who you are or why you stand armed. ”

Figure with cold words,” I am the dream of every mortal…I am Gilgamesh, here to fulfill the wish of mortals everywhere, do you know what that is? It’s very basic concept. Freedom….Freedom from the Gods.”

Hades can’t help laugh,” Oh is that so golden child. Have you any concept of how absurd the words you speak are. The Gods are above the whelms or day dreams of mortals” Hades says smugly. His hand still exposed as he walks towards Gilgamesh. Still chuckling over this preposterous notion of dispatching Gods.

Gilgamesh grins,” Your plague on this world is over. I shall see to it every temple crumbles all scripture is destroyed. No one well remember what Gods are, I shall start with you.”

Hades shakes his head,” you really are reckless. Gods will never be silenced.” Hades now facing the man who lowers his spear down to his side. Hades reaches out and touches Gilgamesh’s face causing it to turn black for a second and Gilgamesh’s veins to pop out of his skin and turn a dark green sickly color. Though Gilgamesh’s smile never fades. Hades looks at him confused, as the man has a soul strong enough to resist his powers. The man is alive but has no life to taken. Causing Hades to jump back and glare with confusion at what stood before him.

Gilgamesh,” my turn….” With a swift motion Gilgamesh shoves the spear vertical up through Hades stomach and out through his throat. Hades steps back and Gilgamesh leaves the spear in him.

Gilgamesh,” Reckless…” Gilgamesh spits before he tears out in and upwards motion splitting his rib cage and throat open open. Exposing his heart which Gilgamesh removes and pushes Hades backwards. As Hades falls he begins to to turn white, and by the time he would hit the ground he is nothing but ash. Gilgamesh watches the heart turn white and then he crumbles it shaking the dust from his hand.

The key that was wrapped around Hades’s neck falls onto the ground. Puzzled Gilgamesh picks it up wondering why it too did not turn to ash. Along with everything else the God was “wearing”. Picking it up he places it around his own neck as a souvenir of his victory. From out of the trees, a women barely clothed in armor with similar markings walks up behind Gilgamesh never making a sound she approaches from his rear.

Gilgamesh,”How long have you been there Diane?”

Puzzled by the fact he figured out she was approaching she responds playfully.” Not Long, not long at all…”

Gilgamesh shakes his head slightly, ” so the whole time then.”

Diane,” Yeah that would be accurate…So you killed one of those God creatures huh?”

Gilgamesh proudly responds,” yes and it was much easier than I could have hoped for.”

Diane is a very slender women with an angelic almost innocent face. Her blond hair hangs just above her shoulders. Her clothing leaves very little to the imagination, exposing teal skin with nearly faded battle scars. She has dull purple eyes and a very slight teal look to her skin in direct sunlight. Though this all changes as she steps in front of Gilgamesh, as her form turns to that of Hades, looking the same as Hades once did. She slides up to Gilgamesh wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing his cheek as she giggles. Gilgamesh isn’t impressed and pushes her off of him.

Diane who mimics Hades soothing deep voice,” Oh don’t be so up tight, Alexander is a big guy but I can make some room for you too sweetie” She blows Gilgamesh and kiss. ” Shall I go undercover, perhaps locate this city of the Gods the mortals all go on and on about….And I must say, they are very interesting yet extremely dull to listen too…”

Gilgamesh nods to her idea, as he tries to shake the image out of his head that she just placed there.” Yes go ahead, as recon of mortals seems to be boring you cause well…you are here….not doing what I had asked.”

Diane’s voice now mimics Gilgamesh’s vocals,” Diane go out into the world of the mortals and find out all you can about these Gods the mortals made us to defeat, we must know if they pose a threat to us or not.” Her voice returns to a copy of Hades,” And what better way than to walk into the den of lions unnoticed. Though, there is something I had over heard, which I think you should know about…These Gods are not the first, there were older ones, that one day just disappeared, and then there was a dark age before these new ones appeared. Its rumored that the old Gods are only sleeping or have abandoned this plane.”

Gilgamesh,”Interesting, gather what info you can about the city of these Gods and see what info you can uncover about the older gods…might prove useful if they were banished or destroyed, their might be a weapon or spell to drive these false gods away. If so report back to me immediately, so we can send out word to the others, and find it before some fools do…

Diane nods turning into a Falcon and taking flight. Gilgamesh slightly jealous of the flight aspect many of his brothers and sisters shared. Curious about the mortals he walked into the old hut where the women’s body lies still. A faint smile remains on her face which slightly surprised Gilgamesh. He begins to rummage around the worn hut. Finding a box under her bed which had a small lock on it. Grabbing the lock he pulls it off the chest breaking the latch. Opening it he finds a Diary, a few gold pieces a small dagger and a wedding band.

Gilgamesh looks a the gold coins in both confusion and awe as they symbols on it he doesn’t know. He looks at the ring trying to piece together why a mortal would lock such items up. What could be the use or value of these alien items. The dagger he picks it up, determining he was made of some sort of silver iron mixture. The weight was even and the blade balanced, he places it back into the box. He picks up the diary opening it where a drawing of a young women with a beautiful smile looks back at him. He flips the page and begins to read.

“Happy wedding day my Love, Fill these pages with memories and adventures our journey. One day when we are old and gray we can read the joys of our lives. Your betrothed Bernard. ”

Curious about this concept of love he flips to the next page. where the writing becomes far more feminine.

“Yesterday was the happiest of my life followed by the funnest. My darling pulled out all the stops and I can not believe what he has done. Today was our honeymoon, my prince charming brought me to an actual noble Ball where all the kings of man, dwarfs, Gnomes and Elves with their heirs arrived. It was held at the great hall of Loraine inside the human City of Honor. Never in my life have I seen so many colors, nobility and grace. Bernard’s brother worked as tailor for some nobles and managed to convince him to give me a dress that was made and rejected. The silver and tan coloring wasn’t as flattering as I hoped, and the frill around my neck was so scratchy but Bernard looked at me constantly throughout the night as he played his fiddle. I love him so much, he truly loves me and it showed so much last night. He slipped me in with the rest of the band where I had to change and sneak once I got into the room with the nobles. We could have been punished greatly for attending the luxuries of the blessed. Oh yes the feast….oh what a feast was set up during and after. I did not know much about the world. That night was full of magic I danced and ate my fill. Saw a fire elf and a water elf give each other curious glances…ha ha ha. King Luther of the plains drank so much wine he fell asleep on his throne. His children had to carry him off before the mid ball festivities. Dwarf leader Sheer introduced his youngest son Grendle, who had to be 6 or so, he was so adorable. A pudgy mini-dwarf I could barely contain my excitement. I watched him try to eat a turkey leg like his father and almost laughed out loud. Not because it was so funny but more because it was beyond precious. such a small face and hand holding up such a large piece of meat the boy could barely sink his teeth in, and would tear off too large to chew bites. Can not wait to have some kids of our own. His wit and my charm, the world will bend before for them, this I know to be true. It was truly a magical night that when my husband…I can’t believe I said it. Husband, was finished providing music we went to an after party below held by the servants. King Vladrea, who hosted the gathering made sure the servants had access to the leftovers and could hold their own party of sorts in the servants quarters. My husband and I danced for a few more hours and spend many hours with several interesting folks. Never in all my years have I ever been happier. First of the best days of my life. ”

Gilgamesh puzzled by many of the concepts portrayed by this personal text closes the book. He closes the box and places it back under the bed. He looks one last time at the women who lied still, seeing only vague resemblance to the women drawn on the first page. Strange he thought flipping through the pages of the book. He turned to leave with book still in hand. It could be of some use in learning about the world through a mortals eyes.