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A Story Of Love

A Story Of Love

By Shoeless B. Wonder

The following truth
Maybe hard to bare,
Painful woe in this story
Proving life is not fair.

It begins with two young adults
Who adored one another for years
Their faults never fazed
Or brought one to tears

Good friends who loved one another
A young man, a young lady
Sharing secrets and truths
Nothing between them was shady

He loved her more than he knew
As she loved him back
One day their lips did meet
And love turned onto the attack

After years of loving each other in silence
For fear of losing what their current bliss
They finally looked into each others eyes
And all came clear in a kiss

Wasn’t for six pleasure filled months later
That he went to buy a ring
As she was attacked after work
And he heard his phone ring

Life stood still
As he heard her in fear
Listened to the attack
Wasn’t till later that all came clear

He had found her
The details I wont say,
He sobbed and waited there
Till the ambulance took her away.

He followed it to her new home.
Clouds wept at what they had seen
Causing rain to mask his tears
Keeping it real, not a dream

Years have passed and he still waits
For her to return to his embrace,
The day she opens her eyes
And again look face to face

That he can say he loves her
knowing that she could hear
He will never leave till they leave
The day that will be clear

So years pass and he remains
They will have their life together
For he wont ever miss a thing
She is his love now and forever


by Shoeless Boy Wonder

the gun rang.
Silence of frozen breath

Became stagnant in the air
As I could only stare
Watching a soul leave a body

I was left so melancholy
While death walked through
Taking someone I knew

Hands holding an empty torso
Movement was a lie
As I watched him die

Soon I would cry
Soon I would Plead
Soon I would bleed

The Gun Rang!
Silence of fading breath

Over I slump
Moving as much as a bump
I felt the pull

As I forgot the pain
As my blood left a stain
Looking at what had been done

I wait for death to come
As gun shots continue
Tearing through sinew

Screams follow as I just watch
Shaking my head as I am joined
By those taken by one purloined

The Gun Rang,
Silence of final breath

No more well I smile
No more will I frown
No longer will I be around

No more will his children see
No more will he give advise
No more will he rise

All this taken for nothing
All this given for the same
This end is just a shame.



Fall days have come again
With chilly winds of winter past
Reminding all of whats to come
Our attention stays on the weather forecast

Seeing what shivers tomorrow will bring
Though some enjoy this frozen season
Most just bare it till rainy spring

Children look forward to snow days
As parents dread those desperate hours
For school is canceled but work remains
So parents must go to their heated towers

To work again for a way to pay
So warmth in their home can continue
While children without care continue to play

Years go by and winter comes
With greater rage than the year before
Causing life to pause without fail
For ever winter has something in store