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“Tears stream down your face,
Feeling you’ve fallen from grace,
The world has been cruel,
And you feel like a fool.

You look up through blood shot eyes,
Suffocated by all the lies,
Lost desires consume your resistance,
All you need is some assistance.

I’d be their for you,
If only you knew,
That I wouldn’t let my angel tumble,
I’d hold you when you stumble.

Angel I’ve always been their
I am just like the air
You breath me in without detection
As I help you find your direction.”

“Shhh…now you speak out of turn
Through you I continue to learn
But Angel I am not
For you are the one who is sought

You are my guardian angel
With words you keep me stable
So you are my breath this is true
Someone, I need not rue”


The Man Who Lives in Darkness

The Man Who Lives in Darkness

I am the man who lives in darkness
Though all I show is tenderness
Inhaling doubt and depression
Exhaling joy and compassion
Brining light to those around
Though shadows rule my ground
I absorb your woe and guilt
So, your soul will never wilt
Yet mine has already crumbled
Too many times have I stumbled
Now I am the dirt you walk on
Swaying your path from the wrong
The purpose I alone am suited for
For only I know the final score