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Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles

I sit here a humble pin cushion
With a high defense and toleration
My friends are pins and needles
From which I keep them found
To me they are bound

Till one day they wonder off
Some to stay forever aloft
My friends are pins and needles
When they wonder some come back
To return to there former sack

Others are lost for years
Before coming back with tears
My friends are pins and needles
Though some never return again
And cease being my humble friend.

When they leave I am left empty.
Though letting them go with curtsy.
My friends are pins and needles.
When they return they cause some pain
Embedding deep into me with forcing strain

Yet once they fit back in all is fine
Till they once again cross that line
My friends are pins and needles.
Wondering off to the word divine
As I remain forever supine.


The Fool

The Fool

Freedom is never given
It is what we earn
Walking amongst the livin’
The price is what we learn

Existence controlled by another’s insecurities
Damages your future opportunities
Though some do not mind being slaves
A person who always craves

Wishing to be free
Scared of the fee
The responsibility is too much to bare
So they live a life far from fair

Freedom is never given
It is what we yearn
Walking amongst the livin’
Our pride must never burn

Ignorance is control’s best tool
For lack of knowledge keeps the clueless fool
Keeping truth far from ears
So they live consumed by unknown fears

Happy to make their master smile
Resisting logic’s truth of denial
So master’s crime never sees trial
And the slave continues to swallow their bile

Freedom is always taken
It is what we forsake
Walking amongst the awakened
Our pride is only fake

For if a slave learns of self-value
Then their eyes see the clue
A spark of anger will ignite
And a choice of whether to fight

So a world turns upside down
When a slave strangles the crown
Proving they are not a simple tool
Making the master into the fool

Freedom is what is deserved
It is our God-given right
Walking amongst the reserved
Our pride can be our light