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Freestyle Truth

Everyone says who they are,
They’re a good guy, good girl
Bad boy, Bad Girl,
Then adjust the par
Making conditions to condone actions
Infecting one another creating factions
Dividing each other for gain
Saying everything is forever sane
But its not, it’s only a stain
Tainting the truth with the obscene
With dirty hands create the illusion clean
Only smearing the slime
Staying blind to inner crime
For no one likes being told they’re wrong

Spew your fractured truth
You can’t fool this slooth
For my eyes see more than skin
For my eyes see more than kin
Cross me and I’ll expose you
You will feel me like the flu
I’ll be happy to twist your insides out
Till you see all these lies you shout!

You say “you are the real deal”
If it was true I’d know appeal
For they say real knows real
Though your letter isn’t worth the ceal
So rewind, unwind, take a piece of mind
Before you fall into a liars bind
Just wait off to the side
Let the self classed subside
For every liar creates their own noose
Sooner or later its no longer loose
It’s truth sayers the world fears
Always the target of gun’s tears

Spew your fractured truth
You can’t fool this slooth
For my eyes see more than skin
For my eyes see more than kin
Cross me and I’ll expose you
And you will feel me like the flu
I’ll be happy to twist your insides out
Till you see all these lies you shout!



The older I become
I find myself lost
In the rising scum
Being swallowed by the cost

The cost of greed
Watching the weeds grow
Spreading the toxic seed
As humanity reaches a new low

I have to wonder what is next
As children rule parents
Through a simple shallow text
And curtsy is never spent

The human ego knows no bound
We have all known this for years
Yet its still here all around
Reducing the few goods, to tears

The more I see
The more I am ill
For there is nothing left to be
As the selfish cage anothers free will

We tell ourselves the lie
That we do not need to change
We are prefect till the day we die
This concept is off range

For it is easier to accept ourselves
Than is to renew
Easier to give advice
Than to see it through

Easier to choose your battle’s
Than actually fight the war
Easier to let emotions rattle
Than to chill the core

“Goodluck,” is all I can say
For I have started to rewrite my story
Decided it was no longer okay
To be selfish on my road to glory.

“Good” People

“Good” People

A good person will never admit it,
For they know the evils they commit,
Their are those who are good, its easy,
To afraid to be considered sleazy.

Doing good acts that are impure,
Expecting like its deserved for sure,
The heroes of today,
Act only for pay.

Police, Firemen, Teacher would stop,
IF money wasn’t in involved few would be a cop,
Sad truth is, most of the good have done wrong
Trying now to let a new day dawn.

Good and evil go hand in hand
Sad to see them use a brand
Elegance in irony
Together form curiosity.

For its only a point of view,
“a man sells drugs,” reason unknown to you,
You never bother to ask why
He is just bad no reason to deny.

He sells weed to those with cancer
Using the money for college for his sister
Donating the rest to those in need
Not because he is hateful or full of greed

The value we place on a pointless phrase
Sickens me, go on cattle and graze
Believe what you will, judge away
But note good and evil is not where to stray

They are only words nothing more
perspectives that you must ignore
For a good person will not see themselves as such
They will only see themselves and the lives they touch.

Needy Queen

Needy Queen

I’d like to take a moment and tell you a tale
Not something dark, but something true
For I feel it needs to be said
Before it happens to you

Not to long ago there was this Queen
Self appointed ruler of what another owned
She passed her time by buying friends
Providing “help” was what she showed

Spending the wealth of her King
Who was off at battle to keep her castle
So spend she did while he was away
Offering aid till it became a hassle

But as her age came, so did her rage
Fueled by false thoughts and thier sting
She pushed her friends away
For all her gifts came with string

See her good deeds came with a debt
Known to some, others not so much
And if someone made a request
She would listen but stay out of touch

Unable to take fault when it was her own
Things went her way for a reason
She provided and you abided
Otherwise it was listed as treason

Once labeled for lese magesty
One was outcast off her “hallowed’ ground
This cycle would repeat till her King came home
And her friends could not be found

Bitter she became cause she couldn’t handle a simple blame
It wasn’t long till even the king
Could only see the sad remains
Of the Queen and her false dream’s fling

It is a fine line between friends and foes
When fault can never be yours
If you want to keep your friends
Suck it up and mend the sores

For if you can’t look past a simple mistake
Be responsible for your misplaced anger
You will cause your own destruction
And be your only real danger.

Heart Quakes

Heart Quakes

Seems my life has to restart
Yet again I have lost my heart
Consumed by repeated mistakes
Tearing apart my home like earth quakes

I have few treasures remaining
This is find mildly irritating
Though the true shame
Is a son shouldering the blame

Repeating this curse will not occur
For future and past have lost their allure
Now I just exist to resist
The desire to form a fist

To bring myself to refrain from war
As rage swells in my core
Rising faster than it will disperse
I fear it will attract my hearse

For a battle will only kill
My son’s sense of thrill
Force him to grow up too fast
Then he also will hate the past

Though he will resent me
If I just leave it be
The question is how much rage
Will each path put in his cage

Wage war or be defeated
Either way he is cheated
Of all he could have
And he will be in halve



Days turn to false memories
Of trail and error
Collecting data to forget
As all once seemed fair

Reflections show change
Both physical and mental
Which one does deny
When they see their life as a rental

Reinforcing self entitled lies
To escape the reality of living
“I’m the best, no one dislikes me
I am selfless, all I am is giving”

Viewing themselves in one light
Not accepting that they maybe causing pain
Never seeing how they are conceded
Or acknowledging that they are vain

As time passes so does the honesty
Believing their own words they can’t recall
Agreeing blindly with themselves
On events that never occurred at all

Move past my words if you wish
Doesn’t make them false nor true
Sad thing is, everyone is guilty
Of ignorance in the first degree, punishment is up to you

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

Now Son, listen up
Fairy tales are not true
The stories are made to teach
But what is learned is up to you

Now Father, hear me out
One day I’ll be a brave knight
Save the damsel in distress
And always win the epic fight

Now Daughter, pay attention
Princes are hard to find
And once you do be warned
For they aren’t often kind

Now Mother, have faith in me
No matter how beastly he may be
My love will change him in time
My heart will mend his just you see

Now children, I hope you realize
We once believed as you do
For years we loved, loss, and felt pain
Till we found each other and made both of you

Now Parents, I hope you truly know
We will face our own trials one day
Discover the truth on our own
For we need to live life our way.



The guilty are innocent until proven otherwise
This is true among the truth and lies
Though people will deny what they are
For they know they can never make their par.

Focusing on the failures of others
Rather then facing their own
Feeding on the sympathies of mothers
Instead of trying to atone.

One always thinks they do more
Until the other finds a homier shore
And they realize the void created
Followed by the false truths they debated.

When one is on their own they must do it all
But when one is with another they expect it to resolve
Without realizing with two comes twice the haul
Yet blaming each other for what it all does involve

Sad that this is human nature
Few have managed to find the cure
Realizing the power of I will, I can, and I am
Finding harmony in the bedlam

Disillusions of the Past

Disillusions of the Past

Memories fade in to fairy tales
As little details are construed by time
True events turn into exciting myths
Filling young heads with liars crimes

With age comes experience
And the deletion of uneventful days
With age comes resistance
Resistant that they’re wrong in their ways

Denial of the new or unknown
Runs rampant with the facts
And white lies with time turn black
With a little fluff that they attract

Overstating the point we wish
Our legacy is our shadows cast
With faulty changes they do change
And become disillusions of the past.

Tis Life

Tis life

Tis life to question death
For death to question life
For life to have pain
And death to end the strife

So why would someone kill themselves?
Is simple they know of life’s fear
As death has a promise of sudden peace
With an outcome never quite clear

Now lets look at the subject
They say all life has equality
Yet the value of some is “higher”
When you mix in the idea of quality

A judgement people ignore
For if a person’s life is pain
Verse a life of endless pleasure
It seems death is very sane

For who wants to live in pain?
Or the endless feeling of longing
When life itself is mundane
Or that of constant flogging

Don’t look down on those who take that step
For you have no right to judge their choice
Who could say you wouldn’t have slept
If stuck living in with thier silent voice.