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First day of his senior year

Brought only homework to fear

And a new female student from parts unknown

Wont belong before all is shown

He sits and listens to the lesson

As she stares at her new obsession

The class bell rings and he goes to depart

As she hands him a note with a sticker of a heart

He takes it a bit confused

But never gave a sign he refused

Wasn’t till he got home that he the letter was opened

And he read the words so perfectly penned

To bad he thought

Having already had girl he sought

A boy friend for a year already

So he wasn’t interested in going steady

The new girl’s letter fell into the trash

Suddenly he heard a crash

Peering out his window he couldn’t see

With a shrug he turns on the t.v.

Wasn’t long before he the news broke in

Talking about the crash on “Treespin”

How a young girl was killed

The girls name made him suddenly chilled

Apparently the car’s tire blew out

It lost control and their wasn’t time to shout

His girlfriend had been slain

Was now nothing more than a stain

He ran out of the house and down to the corner

Trying to see what had happened and stop the coroner

The cops kept him back, as his tears began to flow

Suddenly two arms wrapped around him he didn’t know

Turning so quickly he looked down and saw

The new girl with a small smile and look of awe

He could only cry as she looked at him with caring eyes

She spoke, “Don’t worry no one will keep us apart,” stopping his cries

Slowly he tried to back away as her grip became tighter

“I will never let you go,” she said as he began to fight her

Finally with his strength he broke free

And quickly began to flee

She chased after him as he ran up his stairs

Opening then closing the door stumbling over chairs

Then he heard the turn of the door nob

Darting back he locked it fast with a sob

Then he heard his parents voices come from the other side

He began to look out the window though still trying to hide

He heard the jingle of their keys hit the ground

He heard the keys fall then two quick thudding sounds

Blood began to run in under the front door as he let out a scream

And the mail slot door opens and her eye could be seen

Falling to the floor the stared as he heard her pick up the keys

Her eyes fixed on him as he slowly crawled backward pleading please




I walk through the woods
I walk through the valley
I walk over the mountains
And through the darkest alleys.

I walk through conversations
I walk through their call
I walk over intentions
And I walk past it all.

Nothing can slow my pace
As I walk through my life
For nothing seems important
Compared to my walking strife.

I’ve wandered so long
I can’t remember to stay still
I’ve wandered so long
I made myself ill.

I’ve walked to see it all
But I haven’t seen too much
I’ve walked to see the world
But Instead I fell out of touch.



This is a story about a girl who found gold
Though their time together wouldn’t last
The gold shinned bright happy to be held
Not knowing it would be outcast

The girl had not seen much of the world
So, off she would wonder once in awhile
Searching for all that she could find
The gold would wait and dust would compile

One day the gold fell, becoming damaged and dirty
The little girl started to care less and less
Till she decided it wasn’t pretty anymore
Leaving it out side to fully regress

The gold was so sad that it had been left
That it shinned less and less
As the days turn to years
It had forgotten her caress

The girl began to grow and find other things
Jewels, fools gold, rocks, sliver, and coal
Though nothing did shine like her gold
And she began to miss the gold deep down in her soul

So off she went in search of it
Searching high and low
Though she couldn’t seem to find the gold
Giving up she sat down then saw a faint glow

The gold had been beaten and covered in mud
Just a faint bit of it could still be seen
Slowly she picked it up and slowly cleaned it off
The gold tried to shine thinking this must be a dream

A smile appeared on her face having found what she had left
Though the gold didn’t quite shine like it used to at first
She held it every day and kept clean its ugly dents
Then one day his shine was fully reimbursed

They remained together till her fading years
It shined so bright so that she could always see
Every story has its end, Late one night she did pass
Holding onto her gold, and its shine did fade with she.

The Devil is King

The Devil is King

One day I was walking,
When I came across a king,
He promised me riches,
As long as I did his dishes,

I went to work right away,
Then he asked if I could stay,
It wasn’t long before I realized,
That I would soon be victimized,

For this king wasn’t as he said,
He was a devil to bring me dread,
I was now this devil’s slave,
Stuck to rant and rave,

For my riches would never come,
He only would give me a small some,
To survive to work till tomorrow,
Till my bones were full of sorrow,

I felt my soul slip with age,
Stuck in a life of minimum wage,
Learning I wasn’t the only one,
For many were forced to succumb,

This was the fate we were all tied,
Till the day we each finally died,
With nothing to show for our work,
Our lives used up by some old jerk.

Not Guilty

Not Guilty

I sit in my cell looking back
Wrong place wrong time
At least for me anyway
Freeing someone else from a crime

The evidence is all hearsay
But the jury didn’t view in my favor
So here I sit an innocent man
Eating my last meal hoping to savor

I have given up on giving blame
For there is no reason
My name and honor is trashed
I have forgotten every season

So here I sit playing with my food
Soon to be taken into another room
The world needed someone to sacrifice
So the terrible act would no longer loom

To face my death is all I can do
For my death will bring them to peace
To the guard a give a simple nod
He unlocks the door, and lets in the priest

The priest attempts to save my soul
Asking me to commit to my sins
Make my peace with our lord
I have nothing to say so the long walk begins

I am chained as I walk by other cells
Some hoot and holler, “dead man walking”
I am escorted through a steel door
I can hear people whispering, talking

I am sat down into a hard metal chair
Then strapped to the seat
I have nothing more to say
So their injection ceases my heart beat

There is a statistic that 25% of the people put to death are innocent of the crime they committed, or were rushed into prison to appease the public. Another statistic is that in between 35-50% of people put into jail were put in there via eye witness, and no substantial evidence and roughly at least a 2/3s of that percentage are innocent all together. Our legal system is not perfect, but if it wasn’t based off of politics it could be better and more accurate. Justice is indeed blind. Blind to the truth. Judges, sheriff, and politicians up for reelection are believed to cause more incorrect judgments to seem better in the publics eye than any other cause. Think about this next time you vote.



:disclosure: The following poem may be a little disturbing for some to handle for this poem is directed from the disgusting points of view of the true scums of the earth. Readers beware.

I love life with a view
Not one of me and you
But that of a 18 year young lass
With a short skirt covering that ass
I love sex when its wrong
Creating my own “love” song
Just bend right on over with ease
And let me do as I please
I love breaking a tease
Showing them the truth about sleaze
Muffling screams with underwear
Coming inside without a care

I love sex for money
My body is for sell honey
But marring me is the trick
Soon after you will become sick
Money for my love dear
Only money will keep me near
But you see there are always bigger fish
So, spend to keep me your dish
Or watch me flutter to another
Maybe even your youngest brother

I love spreading rumors you see
No one can be as happy as me
For this world is mine to control
Everyone must bow down and pay my toll
If not, my words will spread like fire
Destroying all you hope for and desire
Making your good name
The focus for all to blame
So do my bidding or pay
For it is forever my way

I have the power of daddies cash
So I have an inherited right to bash
All those with lesser means
For I have the means
To grant or diminish dreams
To make another’s life hell
Till they are nothing but an empty shell
You ask me why
I wish to see you cry
The answer…It makes me smile
And laugh for a brief while



As most tragedies begin
Lovers first meet
Passion flows fourth
Followed by ignorances deceit

Here comes the twist
What if two lovers were one?
Unknown to the two
That all is imaginations fun

As the world sees one
The ones sees a pair
Ignoring what friends dos say
This pair of one do share

Now enters number two which is “three”
As passions now sway
Self suspicion combined with doubt
Giving reality its leeway

Exposing love as false internal thought
As true love breaks down imaginations wall
Ignorant of the cost
One disappears, Two are born, True love strengthens its call

This real love comes with a debt
From which the two once one can not pay
So soon three now two will weep
Losing ones longest friends memories do sway

Regret forms over persona non existent
Causing sorrow to poison true love
Resulting in two becoming three then two to one
One turns to death and floats up above.

Can you solve the riddle? Is it as simple as it looks? Solve the equation 🙂 how many people we talking, how many people are left. 😛