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Chapter Six: Leander and Darth

Chapter Six: Poseidon and Darth

The inn keeper waits for his customers to rise
Agros woke up at dawn and to his surprise
He sees Cecil waiting through sleep eyes

Agros, “Cecil have you been up all night?”
Cecil, ” I just enjoy the warmth of suns first light.”
Inn Keeper, ” I’ll take you to Leander here soon if its alright.”

Agros, “Cecil, You mind waiting for the others to wake.”
Cecil, ” Not at all I can wait for the others to awake.”
Agros, ” okay champ is there anything I should take?

Inn Keeper, ” you may need some coin or jewels,
For the man we seek only the ocean rules
Crafty with any type of water needed tools.”

Agros checks the diamonds in his inventory
All the while listening to the inn keepers story
They depart for the water and a simple dory

Cecil sits alone for a short while before
A traveler enters, a man of average core
He looks at Cecil from under a hood he tore

Stranger, “Well hello, do you know what happened to the inn keeper?”
Cecil, “He is off helping a friend of mine look for a helper.”
Stranger.” Ah I see, well greetings my name is Darth Gilder.”

Darth was a mid twenties aged vet
Experienced in the cruelty the world had set
His eyes show a clam soul not easily upset

Cecil, ” My name is Cecil, what brings you here?”
Darth,” To be honest, I am lost just crossed over the weir.
Cecil.” Have a seat and welcome to the city of Gar, care for a Beer?”

Darth, “no thank you but a cup of coffee or tea would be pleasant.”
Cecil raises his hand and before Darth a cup of coffee appears in an instant.
Puzzled Darth looks at for a moment before sipping it very hesitant.

Darth, ” Impressive skill you have there, and to my surprise its very good.”
They small chat as most strangers would
Hearing of the quest Darth asked “I would like to join if I could.


Agros follows the inn keeper to the port
As the boats looked the same he wondered how to sort
The inn keeper points to a small boat that looks like a fort

The boat was engraved with marks of Poseidon
Such a strange sight Argos thought as his eyes widen
He hears a tune similar to that of the culture of Hayden.

Inn Keeper, “Leander is always playing a tune,
Greeting Leander, I met someone who is in need of your harpoon.”
The music stops as the sound of foot steps are strewn

Agros loses his manners a bit when a dwarf comes into view
Walking up to the inn keeper the salty dwarf bids them both a howdy do
Leander, ” Aye, what can I do for you?

Leander, Was thin for a dwarf and had a salty sea smell
He was still wet from swimming, but all know dwarfs don’t swim well
Though Leander quickly that rumor was quelled

Leander was an extremely strange dwarf male
His face and head were bare and tanned not pale

Agros, ” Leander, my apologies but I am not sure if your what I need.”
Leander shakes his head at Agros as Leander’s harpoon is freed
With a single toss the harpoon enters the water impaling enough fish to satisfy a gluttons greed

Chapter Five: Cecil

Ash, “Why is it so hot?”
Snowy,”What are you talking about
Its COLD out here!”
Ash gave snowy a sneer.
Then prepared to shout

Chuck gives out and exaggerated sigh
Chuck, “Grindle break out your stash
Grindle, ” Why should I share with you?”
Chuck gives a smile, ” cause its the kind thing to do
Grindle’s eye twitches as he debates on if he should bash
Ash, “i am so hot i could die

Agros, “Ash then back away from the fire
And Snowy Scoot up not that hard of a problem to solve.”
The sisters stick out their tounges as they move
Cecil sits on top of the cannons grove.
Keeping watch though knowing nothing dark will get involved
Agros yells and tells everyone its time to retire.

Cecil Stares up at the stars
And in a flash it is day time
The group has prepared to depart
Chuck, “So where do we go to start?”
Agros cleans of the sleepy eye grime
Grindle, “How about the city of Gars?

Agros, ” Oh Cecil there you are
Have not seen you all morning.”
Chuck whispers to Agros, “You think its wise to trust him?
Agros didn’t respond as Cecil jumped down to join them
Cecil, ” I’ve been around couldn’t sleep with you snoring
So I wondered off not too far.

Grindle, ” Seems like your always wondering now and again,
One moment your there, then the next your gone.”
Cecil, ” Maybe you should look over both shoulders
Perhaps then you would see me on the other of those boulders.”
Agros, ” Grindle why do you always carry that subject on
We all know that Cecil is honest and valuable friend

Snowy, ” Yup he is number one okay guy in my book.
Ash,” YOU do not have a book of any kind.
Snowy, “Duh its a figure of speech,
Its okay your just as smart as a leech.
Ash sneaks up and ties Snowy’s hair in a bind
Then Ash grabs Chucks attention to look.

The group walks down a lonely trail
Grindle checking in on Cecil often
Though Grindle always sees Cecil following
He feels Cecil is doing more than shadowing
Cecil only smiles when Grindle’s head does spin
After a week of travel Grindle’s believes his instincts fail

Cecil was always there yet he also wasn’t
Cecil was also in a in a city in a strange land
Machines walked the streets along side of the mortals
Many claimed that the machines were immortals
Cecil chuckled at this statement as he shakes a merchants hand
Merchant: its top of the line you think it needs cleaned when it doesn’t!”

Cecil,”It is a very humorous toy
But I just don’t think it would be of use
Do you have anything along the lines of a weapon?
Merchant, “oh yes I should have known you could use a weapon
So silly of me, there are the weapons I can stand to lose
Cecil,”these will do nicely,” he says being coy


The City of Gar comes into view
Travel has dirtied the clothing of friends
Weakened and absorbed my journey
They realize that they are low on money
Cecil, ” Don’t worry, a diamond spends.”
Chuck confused stutters,” Just who are you?”

Cecil, “hands them each several precious stones
Agros, ” One day I think you will need to tell your story,
Cecil, ” Believe me I doubt you would like it much
You would be surprised at the amount I do touch.”
Puzzled Agros adds the gems to his inventory
They near the city, and buildings made from bones

The sisters look very lacking of ease
As the the growing stench of fish rises
Grindle, “there should be a Inn around here
It should be rather close or near
we can rest and begin in the morning” he advises
Finding the inn they they step out of the breeze

Cecil walks up to the inn keeper
Agros decides to follow
Cecil”, A room for each of us if you don’t mind,”
Agros,” Do you know of any fighters around we could find?”
Inn keeper” yes sir, i can take you to one tomorrow
The inn keeper mentions the price and sees Cecil is a great tipper.

Cecil leaves the man a small fortune
As Agros looks uneasy at the display of wealth
Chuck and Grindle take up the keys and then head out to a bar
While the sister decide a hot bath was better by far
Grindle and Chuck wish only to test their drinking health
As Agros feels a steady flow of pending misfortune

Agros,” Cecil, war is upon us
With enemies that out number our own
Fueled by powers no one has defeated
How can we win with our resources depleted
The demons have already destroyed our home
We lack any kind of protective truss.”

Cecil,” Fret not I have come to turn the tide
Though your enemies are great
Does not mean we can not win
The wheel of luck always does spin
Battling the wheel of fate
Best anyone can do is enjoy the ride.”

Agros gives Cecil a disheartened look
Cecil, “We will stop the immortals I promise you
Its only a simple matter of time
Before we remove their hearts of slime.”
Agros,” How could this ever be true?”
Cecil,” Cause nothing but time can not be shook,”

Agros looks at Cecil Puzzled for a moment
Before he sighs and then heads up to his room
Grindle and Chuck return several hours later
Their guts now full of beer have grown fatter
Their drunken cheers seem to lighten the gloom
They look to Cecil and begin to comment

Chuck,”You strange fellow you
How is it you beat that army in a single blow?
Grindle blechs,”burp…hick…yes do tell
What mystrious magic do you use, what is this spell?
Cecil,” You sure you really want to know?
There is no way you would believe it to be true.”

Grindle” Bah hum bug, you just got lucky huh,
Chuck,” Must have been he doesnt look all that tough
Come on buddy lets leave this whimp down here
I stole a bottle from that bar lets go finish it over there.”
Grindle nods as they both take a step and fall roughly
Hitting the floor they begin to snore similar to a dah.

Chapter Four: Planning

The Gods recover in silence
Their faces show their lack of suspense
Zeus dethroned and the Gods without a home
All that is left of a shattered alliance
Created by the immortals of defiance
They hide and realized they were all alone

Never have they known a mortals need
Though now they begin to understand mortals creed
Artemis, ” What what is our next step?
Ares, “That is easy we make them cede.
When they do we will watch them plead”
The messenger arrives with the hep.

Messenger,” The immortals have not moved,
Seems Demons and orcs in the north have been removed.”
Zeus, “the mortals could hold back those odds?
Hera, “husband mortals are of no concern
We must focus, we must remain stern
Was this truly all up to the Gods.

Zeus, “quite, we are facing a new foe,
Managed to defeat each of us with a single blow
We need to gather all the information we can
Both on our enemy and what should we expect
Leave no valley unchecked
We need all we can obtain to form a successful plan

Zeus, “Everyone take on mortal form
Venture out into the swarm.
Return here in three days;
with all the info you find
Hopefully we will get out of this bind.”
Each then transform and departed in differ ways

Artemis takes the form of a sparrow
As Ares took the form of a pharaoh
Zeus took the form of a common man
Hera formed into a young pretty lady
Poseidon tales the form of a dwarf miner
As Athena thinks of something a bit refiner
Taking the form of a eleven woman

Artemis heads to the forest of ages
As the rest take paths to mortal stages
Zeus knows he must find an answer
Its only a matter of time before
The Immortals come to finish the score
And their tyranny spreads like cancer.

Gilgamesh,” That was a little too easy
Almost makes me feel queasy.
He has fully recovered from Zues attack
Diane, ” Shall we hunt them?”
Gilgamesh,” not yet lets see where their actions stem
Sooner or later they will try to come back.”

Ellen, “Waiting is boring
what is to keep us from snoring?”
Hellen’ ” Now Sister no need to be crude
I am sure we will get our chance
To do many things of substance.”
Ellen sighs and begins to brood.

Medea, “I think Cecil should be our next target.”
Gilgamesh, “Lets not do something we would regret,
Since he is not on either side lets not make the choice for him poor
Though he is the weakest of us all
He could give our plans a good stall.”
Medea, “He is stronger than you give him credit for!”

The immortals all laugh at Medea
She is now embarrassed by her idea.
Lucifer, ” might I suggest we take part in the war?
It would be at least mildly entertaining
How each of us take on each side pertaining.”

Alexander, “Fight each other again?
I accept that challenge my friend.”
Lucifer, “much more than that
Change the tides of the war till all the mortals are dead
Both sides lie on battlefields missing all of their heads.”

Diane, “It sounds like some careless fun
Though, will it hinder what must be done?”
Gilgamesh, ” Silence, Playing with lives on a grand scale
Though this could be fun it will expose us too soon.”
364,” why does it matter to death we are immune.
This being so, there is no reason we could fail.”

Gilgamesh,” FINE, go out and play
Do not let anyone get in your way
Should you run into Any of the Gods
Feel free to kill them at your leisure
Go out and and cease for sure
No need to hide behind this facade.”

With that the immortals headed out
To change the out come and throw things about
The Gods went in search of information
And The mortals found a powerful ally
The mortals now trek through a valley
As Cecil follows them to their destination

Chapter Three: The meeting

The sun rose the next day
Though the sky the same it did stay
Agros and his friends awake
Gathering as a chill made them shake

Grindle and Chuck were last to rise
The blood still fell to their surprise
Staining the ground like a battle field
Grindle shook and raised one shield

Covering himself as it poured
They all turn to the sound of a pending hoard
The enemy had regrouped and gained in numbers
Slaughtered the out posts while they slumbered

They neared on the edge of town as Agros gives a sigh
Knowing that his friends and him would surely die
Quickly they gather what weapons and support they can
And prepare to make their final stand.

Snowy bumps into a man in a sandy cloak
Apologizing as she runs out to the word that is blood soaked
The man follows shortly after her
As fear in the hearts of the warriors begins to stir

Agros takes charge and barks out commands
As the man in the sandy cloak passes where the front line stands
Agros shouts at him to get back in formation
Feeling a slight sudden irritation

The man heads out on his own as the hoard begins stop spill a till top
He raises his hand toward this hoard and the hoard suddenly stops.
Grindle, Snowy, Agros, Chuck and Ash all stare mesmerized by this sight
The man closes his eyes and the hoard turns to dust during a burst of light….

The man falls over after exhausted from the ordeal
As the fellowship couldn’t believe what they saw was real
One man stopped an army before there eyes
Their brains say it must all be lies

Though Snowy slowly stumbles forward towards the man
As her sister follows collapsing her fan
Snowy turns the man over and looks upon his face
She sees a scar going down each eye evenly spaced

The man opens his eyes and Ash gasp
Ash having arrived pulls leans down to grasp
This strange man by the shoulder
She tries to lift but he is like a boulder

Agros and Grindle make their way over to them
Agros bends down to try to lift him
For the first time Agros could not lift a man
And it wasnt because the man had a large waist span

Snowy just stares at the mans eyes
As lifting him everyone tries
Blood from the sky soaks them through
As Snowy sees the mans scares part his eyes too

The man closes his eyes again
Agros says;” do hold on my friend
Someone bring me something to cover him
He just saved our lives, all of them.”

Grindle holds a shield over the stranger
Chuck states, ” this man is no ranger.”
Agros, ” Must me some kind of mage, or wizard
Snowy, ” I don’t know but he is not a lizard”

Ash smacks her sister on the back of head
Ash, “Snowy don’t be stupid lets just hope he is not dead
Chuck begins to search the mystery
Perhaps find out some of the mans history

Agros stops him before Chuck searches for long
Shaking his head. Agros, ” Chuck its just wrong.
If he dies then we sill search him for clues
But for now there is no reason peruse.

Chuck stands and walks off slightly annoyed
As waiting he was trying his best to avoid
Grindle, ” Chuck bring back some ale
For me and the this man the fell.”

Chuck under his breath,” what, no please…”
Chuck heads into the Inn as the man begins to wheeze.
Agros,” everyone stand back he is coming around
The man shoots up coughing though each cough leaves an echo sound

Snowy, ” Thank you mister,” she gives him a hug
Startling him, then Ash gives her a tug
Ash, ” why do you always hug everyone
Snowy, “he saved us, it is the least I could have done.”

Agros, waits for the man to recover enough to speak
Agros, “Thank you, who are you and what was that technique?
Cecil, ” My name is Cecil, and that was a simple trick I know”
Grindle, “Simple trick my ass, that was more that just punch or blow.”

Snowy with a smile says, “In all my years of magic, I have never seen anything like it”
Chuck returns with only one cup for himself and Grindle has a tiny fit.
Chuck, ” So what are you and where do you come from?”
Cecil, ” I am something that never should come”

Chuick, “What the hell does that mean?”
Agros, “Chuck relax no need to demean”
Cecil, “I am an immortal, a God slayer created by mortals
There are 9 more that travel through portals.”

Agros, ” God Slayer??? are you the reason why the gods have not shown?
Agros shakes Cecil as anger in his voice has suddenly grown
Cecil grabs Agros’s hand and Agros begins to age greatly
Agros’s shakes and actions become sedately

Cecil stops as everyone looks at Agros as an old man
As agros almost pasted through his whole life span
Agros lets go and stumbles back words looking at himself in shock
AS everyone else backs away and Snowy begins to rock.

Cecil, “Now that I have everyone’s attention
Perhaps I failed to mention,
That I mean you no harm
Agros give me your arm….”

Agros shakes his head and Cecil takes Agros by the wrist
As soon Agros returns to his age as he tried to resist.
Agros, “I apologize for my rude behavior
you did help us, in a way you are our savior.”

Cecil, ” The Gods are in trouble from my kin
Wont be long till the world fills with their sin.
I am the only ally you all have in this mess,
So, do not blame me for misguided stress.

Agros nods and the rest begin to whisper to one another
This new information makes them question each other
About if what Cecil says is true,
If so what are they going to do?

Chapter 2 : The Other Players

Chapter 2 : The Other Players

Argos son of Ares, stands ready
The battle covered in blood
As he swings his sword
Breaking through skulls without a thud

He is a demigod built for battle
Fighting for what he feels is noble
Not realizing fate will summon him
And that his power is no greater than a tumble

Smashing through the front lines of the orcs
His hands hold his two handed blade
Spinning he cuts enemies clean in half
His aim never strayed

Enemies laid in halves over the battlefield
As their allies now step back
He grins as they slide away
Trying to avoid his next attack

He arrived not to win the war
But to challenge himself for honor
His memories fractured by events of the past
He sees himself only as a goner.

Wondering who his father was
If his father would be proud
Though he only had a few friends
That would follow him through any crowd

Grindle a dwarf though short in stature
Would wield two shields covered in spikes
He would pull them close around himself
Blocking any enemy strikes

Push then spin like a top
Grinding away all in this path
Though he did suffer from an illness
Booze would bring out his wrath

Two elf sisters Snowy and Ash
Snowy was a young master of fire
As Ash would do a deadly fan dance
Young they were and full of desire

A deadly ranger named Chuck
Whose arrow could hit a fly
From up to 100 feet
His target would always die

Against the odds they stand together
Their bonds had grown over several years
They healed each others wounds
Cleared each others blood and tears

They held their line throughout the night
Causing the orcs and trolls to retreat
Though they knew the enemy would return
And they would never give in to defeat

The group of four head back to an inn
Drained and tired from the fight before
They looked at how few had returned with them
Knowing there was far more in store

Agros keep his friends moral up
Though whispers of fear were always in the air
He feared that some unholy force
Gave the enemy strength and care.

The gods have not answered his prayers
Nor the prayers of dwarf, elf or man
The skies had turned red, and the clouds grey
He knew that soon he would need a plan

Grindle found himself and ale
Agros gave a deep sigh
Before long Grindle was drunk
Standing as Grindle asked Agros to give it a try

Cruel Agros found Grindle’s obsession
Denying Grindle’s slurred proffer
Chuck took up the proposal
As Ash and Snowy ignored the offer

Agros’ mind was full of thought
Pondering what it is he needed to do
Standing outside he looked to the sky
He begged the gods for some kind of clue


Zeus sits on his throne in the clouds
Troubled times had divide his house
Faith in the gods had faded
As he often cheated on his spouse

Before the war broke out
The mortals below wanted to be free
And now they beg for aid
Though sick of paying the God’s Fee

He ponders what to do next
As he hears news never before told.
Hades had been slain, by an unknown force
Zeus’s throne room suddenly becomes cold.

Zeus, “what could have slayed a god?
What could dare defy us to this measure?”
Disturbing he found this all to be
This meant the end of his leisure

Soon Zeus received more ill news
As even more gods had been discovered slain
He stands now full of concern.
He sends out word for all to come to his reign

Soon Ares, Artemis arrive
Not long after Poseidon, Athena, and Hera join
Zues looks worried as no more answer his beckoning
Hera walks in behind Zues and speaks in Koine

The native tongue of the gods
It had been so long sense they all had met
Now troubled times bring them together
Shocked as they listened to Zeus fret.

Zues sends word for the aid of Angels
Judgmental beasts who only act when they must
Zues and them had several issues in former days
This causes strain on a long fractured means to trust

Gabriel leader of the angels responds to the summoning,
They discuss the ill events, but Gabriel refuses to assist
Stating that the issues of Gods do not concern him
Zues grits his teeth and clinches his fist

Gabriel departs and the gods begin to discuss
Where is safe, and if anyone has faced this new foe
The clang of armor is heard as Gilgamesh enters through the clouds
Zeus glares as the immortal sits and makes Zeus wine flow

Gilgamesh sips the flavor with the joy of a child
As Zeus demands for the name of the man before him
Gilgamesh,” I hear the gods have fallen on troubled times
I may know the cause” he says with a pause which intrigues them

Zues,”Tell me, who walks into the house of the gods
With information but does not tell me his name?”
Gilgamesh,” Oh but my name is of no matter…
I have just decided to change the rules of your game!”

Gilgamesh,” I will give you this once chance
To bow before your new King
Or I shall be forced to destroy you
For death is the only gift I bring

Zues,”It was you?”
He stands and summons a lighting bolt
He fires it at Gilgamesh who takes the hit
Gilgamesh lies on the ground like an ill colt

His body fried as Zues throws a few more striking him true
Gilgamesh starts to laugh and Zeus does pause
Gilgamesh black and burnt stands and the gods eyes widen
Gilgamesh,” My turn” He drew his sword and told them who he was

Gilgamesh,” I am Gilgamesh, Leader of the Immortals, Future King of all”
The other immortals minus Cecil walk in behind him and are revealed
Gilgamesh’s sword was covered in white gold, and he gave it a swing
Sending four waves of green rings towards each god and their blood was spilled

Broken and defeated the gods fall from the sky
Landing on the world of mortals…the sky begins to bleed
And blood rains down from the Heavens
Agros looks up and shakes his head at this new heed

A new pit formed in his heart
A feeling of deep despair
He felt the Gods were of no help
And that there was no need for prayer

Chapter One: The Beginning

Chapter One: The Beginning

A man stands before a piece of glass
On the other side stands a lass
Her skin had changed to the color of grass

He grins at her body his eyes do peer
As she does her best not to sneer
They look at one another so clear

“Welcome to the world 364,”
He said with no life to his core
His voice made her sore

On the glass she placed her hand
He smiled viewing her brand
Though it faded as the glass turned to sand

His eyes filled with terror
When her finger turned into a parer
It was now he realized his error.

With a swift motion his blood did splatter
She began to consume his matter
When down the hall came rising chatter

She stood as blood ran down her chin
As her body she gave a spin
Turning she gave a grin…

As large man walked through the door
He saw the other on the floor
Little did he know this was the start of the war

With a swift move she removed his head
Exiting out to the hall where she left many dead
Wasn’t too long till the rest fled.

Making it to several other cells
She opened other monsters shells
As warnings rang indicated by bells

10 in all tore the building apart
This was only the start
As the future was theirs to chart.

We travel now a few years ahead
A man in a tavern covers his head
Under a white cloak he hides his dread

Chatter about the war is heard
Some saying it was all absurd
In speech very slurred

Demons, orcs, and trolls made their way
Across the mainland with a leader non could slay
They spoke of whether they should leave or stay

The man in white
Stands and speaks of whats right
That they should band together in the night

This causes uneasy waves throughout the setting
Keeping gambling men from betting
As the concept makes some pants ready for wetting

The man calms the storm of fear
With statements so sincere
But his view was clear

If no one stands to fight they already lost
And will be forced to pay the greatest cost
That will be worse than any early frost.

As the mood of the tavern changes
The men cheer in different ranges
As gold continues different exchanges

The man in white sits back down
Knowing in weeks he will be the only around
The rest here will scatter on the ground….

Hours pass and stars begin to fade.
The man stands in candles’ shade
Departing he feels a blade.

“Gilgamesh, what are you planning?”
Questions a voice so enchanting,
While his memories he is scanning.

“Medea,” Gilgamesh gives a smirk.
“Glad I could trouble you from your work
In the shadows we shall no longer lurk.

“Come with me, and we shall change it all
We were made for a purpose and its time to answer the call
Gather the others its time we halt our continued stall.”

Medea Grins, ” certainly, seems we well finally have some fun.”
The women turns her silver hair in a common bun.
Off to bid her masters wishes she did run.

She begins her quest by talking to Alexander
Who could be a fearsome commander
Though he lacked the candor.

Bored with winning every contest of strength
He easy to convince without much length
Though on her list he was the tenth

Next she came across Lucifer,
He was also easy from which to coffer
Always up to make someone suffer.

Wasn’t long after till she found Ellen
Who was with her lovely sister Helen
Whom was anything but a felon

Helen was created with the power to allure
Though Ellen was about to command power impure
Causing great pain she did endure

Unexpectedly she ran into Lancer
The others referred to him as cancer,
Though he gave her the right answer…

With some trouble she found Diane
Her head resting on her pet lion
Who went without Meade tryin’

Three six four was next on the list
Though Medea suffered a broken wrist
364 could only smile, as Medea did insist

The last took the longest to find
Causing Madea to almost lose her mind
Though her quest would be over when he signed

Cecil, “Gathered the others already have you?”
Then what is it that you want me to do?
Ah yes, don’t speak, I do not need your clue”

Medea stands in front of a man in a sandy cloak
With anger on her face as her voice gives a choke
“If you wont come willingly then I will force you,” she does provoke

Cecil, “Threatening a fellow immortal?”
He asks following it with a small chortle.
” Last chance,” She says opening a portal.

Cecil, “Medea, you have never seen my power,
Do not assume I have a will that would cower,
For to do that would insure that it will easily tower”

Medea sneers, “You were always a coward
Soon your free will well be devoured
And you will see that I am empowered…”

Medea raises her arm to reveal a wand
She points it at him to make him her pawn
He vanishes before her spell can bond

He reappears inches from her face,
Causing her back away to regain pace,
As she looks around and several now fill the space

Her eyes open wide as now 100 stand
Armored with war hammer in hand
Shaking her head trying to understand

Cecils, “Please continue we dare.”
Cecil from before holds her stare
As her wand is now in his hand, and hers is bare.

In the portal he tosses her toy,
Cecil, “Tell Gilgamesh I will not take part in his ploy”
Run along now before I decide to destroy.”

Cecil brings his hammer into her chest
Easily flatten her so called breasts
Forcing her into the portal, and it ingests.

A Story Of Love

A Story Of Love

By Shoeless B. Wonder

The following truth
Maybe hard to bare,
Painful woe in this story
Proving life is not fair.

It begins with two young adults
Who adored one another for years
Their faults never fazed
Or brought one to tears

Good friends who loved one another
A young man, a young lady
Sharing secrets and truths
Nothing between them was shady

He loved her more than he knew
As she loved him back
One day their lips did meet
And love turned onto the attack

After years of loving each other in silence
For fear of losing what their current bliss
They finally looked into each others eyes
And all came clear in a kiss

Wasn’t for six pleasure filled months later
That he went to buy a ring
As she was attacked after work
And he heard his phone ring

Life stood still
As he heard her in fear
Listened to the attack
Wasn’t till later that all came clear

He had found her
The details I wont say,
He sobbed and waited there
Till the ambulance took her away.

He followed it to her new home.
Clouds wept at what they had seen
Causing rain to mask his tears
Keeping it real, not a dream

Years have passed and he still waits
For her to return to his embrace,
The day she opens her eyes
And again look face to face

That he can say he loves her
knowing that she could hear
He will never leave till they leave
The day that will be clear

So years pass and he remains
They will have their life together
For he wont ever miss a thing
She is his love now and forever





First day of his senior year

Brought only homework to fear

And a new female student from parts unknown

Wont belong before all is shown

He sits and listens to the lesson

As she stares at her new obsession

The class bell rings and he goes to depart

As she hands him a note with a sticker of a heart

He takes it a bit confused

But never gave a sign he refused

Wasn’t till he got home that he the letter was opened

And he read the words so perfectly penned

To bad he thought

Having already had girl he sought

A boy friend for a year already

So he wasn’t interested in going steady

The new girl’s letter fell into the trash

Suddenly he heard a crash

Peering out his window he couldn’t see

With a shrug he turns on the t.v.

Wasn’t long before he the news broke in

Talking about the crash on “Treespin”

How a young girl was killed

The girls name made him suddenly chilled

Apparently the car’s tire blew out

It lost control and their wasn’t time to shout

His girlfriend had been slain

Was now nothing more than a stain

He ran out of the house and down to the corner

Trying to see what had happened and stop the coroner

The cops kept him back, as his tears began to flow

Suddenly two arms wrapped around him he didn’t know

Turning so quickly he looked down and saw

The new girl with a small smile and look of awe

He could only cry as she looked at him with caring eyes

She spoke, “Don’t worry no one will keep us apart,” stopping his cries

Slowly he tried to back away as her grip became tighter

“I will never let you go,” she said as he began to fight her

Finally with his strength he broke free

And quickly began to flee

She chased after him as he ran up his stairs

Opening then closing the door stumbling over chairs

Then he heard the turn of the door nob

Darting back he locked it fast with a sob

Then he heard his parents voices come from the other side

He began to look out the window though still trying to hide

He heard the jingle of their keys hit the ground

He heard the keys fall then two quick thudding sounds

Blood began to run in under the front door as he let out a scream

And the mail slot door opens and her eye could be seen

Falling to the floor the stared as he heard her pick up the keys

Her eyes fixed on him as he slowly crawled backward pleading please



I walk through the woods
I walk through the valley
I walk over the mountains
And through the darkest alleys.

I walk through conversations
I walk through their call
I walk over intentions
And I walk past it all.

Nothing can slow my pace
As I walk through my life
For nothing seems important
Compared to my walking strife.

I’ve wandered so long
I can’t remember to stay still
I’ve wandered so long
I made myself ill.

I’ve walked to see it all
But I haven’t seen too much
I’ve walked to see the world
But Instead I fell out of touch.



This is a story about a girl who found gold
Though their time together wouldn’t last
The gold shinned bright happy to be held
Not knowing it would be outcast

The girl had not seen much of the world
So, off she would wonder once in awhile
Searching for all that she could find
The gold would wait and dust would compile

One day the gold fell, becoming damaged and dirty
The little girl started to care less and less
Till she decided it wasn’t pretty anymore
Leaving it out side to fully regress

The gold was so sad that it had been left
That it shinned less and less
As the days turn to years
It had forgotten her caress

The girl began to grow and find other things
Jewels, fools gold, rocks, sliver, and coal
Though nothing did shine like her gold
And she began to miss the gold deep down in her soul

So off she went in search of it
Searching high and low
Though she couldn’t seem to find the gold
Giving up she sat down then saw a faint glow

The gold had been beaten and covered in mud
Just a faint bit of it could still be seen
Slowly she picked it up and slowly cleaned it off
The gold tried to shine thinking this must be a dream

A smile appeared on her face having found what she had left
Though the gold didn’t quite shine like it used to at first
She held it every day and kept clean its ugly dents
Then one day his shine was fully reimbursed

They remained together till her fading years
It shined so bright so that she could always see
Every story has its end, Late one night she did pass
Holding onto her gold, and its shine did fade with she.