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Well Fuck

Well Fuck

Seems I am always the bad guy
Even when I don’t try
Finding love, yeah right
Its a shameful fright

I am who does appose
The calling of a rose
As the scent ends up sour
Leaving me with all the power

Causing heart ache to the good
Cause I didn’t fall in love like I should
Guess I am only a monster
Whom within heat does not stir

Only a bitter wind
Where anger does spin
With regret flying co pilot
Guess I should get lit

Cause tomorrow I’ll wake
Feeling the need to bake
So I can see myself in the mirror
And see something I do not fear

Crossing the Line


Crossing the Line

by Shoeless Boy wonder


Here to clean up your mess again

There is a limit my friend

Staring down at your cum stained sheets

Left overs from your night on the streets


Just having a fucking ball

You turned and threw up it all

Carry you to the tub

Turn on the water and begin to scrub


Get your shit together

For I am not your mother

Helping you out has its line

And don’t tell me all is fine


Soon I will no longer care

For my heart will no longer bare

All the turmoil you put me through

I am becoming sick of you


When you have driven everyone away

I know exactly what you will say

“Their all assholes and never my friend”

Well then tell me why your alone in the end


Fuck you, fuck this, there is no point

When you offer to be passed like a joint

Burned all up you now your just ash.

No more important than a wrapper, you’re just trash




Silent Sizzle

Silent Sizzle

Words burn, actions too
Careless thoughts
Turn to harmful shots

Overbearing tone, Crude posture
Disgruntled faces
Distempered paces

Just a symbol, constant Chime
That causes the silent sizzle
A match that does not fizzle

Continued through, unknown intention
Towards one chosen target
One unable to forget

For he feels, the silent sizzle
Of a fuse turning to ash
The burning of tires before the crash

The time uncertain, Though known for sure
This outcome will be tragic
As revenge is frantic

The final snap, The sizzle ends
The fire consumes
Leaving sorrow to loom

Drowning A Poet

Drowning A Poet

Shallow comments
Are like high tides
Washing away my words
Depressing short rides

Water soaked paper
Holds no ink
Yet some say nothing
But what others think

Unable to write an honest line
Saying things like I love it,
Or its clever and divine
Three words of meaningless shit

So like a Tsunami I shall come
To wash you clear out into sun
For one liners show you didn’t read
Now its time for you to run

Do not bother to comment on my blog
If you can’t figure out what I said
I am sick of living amongst your smog
It wont be long before the poet is dead

Drowned by the pointless pity
Feeling like a misty rain
A minor inconvenience you must put up with
So don’t bother to write in vain

A water stain on my perfect paper
Get a clue and beware my wrath
For if you don’t care then nor do I
Either way stay off my path.

You know who you are, but as rude as this may seem; deep down you know its true. That short comments are just a way quick way to get through the challenge, but since we are all writers you should know how it feels. A comment of substance stands out amongst the one liners, and to get a fellow writer’s respect you should show some yourself. So, if you can’t think of something to write that doesn’t consist of anything more than three or less words please don’t bother. I am tired of shifting through these shallow comments that don’t help me grow as a poet. I am also open to constructive criticism for it is the only way I can improve. So in the future if my writing doesn’t thrill you or cause an emotion let me know for that is a failure on my part and must be dealt with.



I have to say it
I don’t give a shit
What you think
For I am on the brink

Why is brilliance ignored?
And ignorance adored?
Please tell me?
For I can not see

The reason why I start
When the world plagues my heart
Where is the endless point
Breathing in a studded joint

Choking on the fumes
As only anger looms
Passion is underrated
While arrogance is tolerated

Where is this thing called justice
Died with the rightist
Burning like an insult
For no one clams fault

I feel that I can’t get clean
After all the bull I have seen
The tragedies I survived
Just to live in a divide

I feel my soul being sucked away
Though my thoughts refuse to stray
Like those who fail to live
Or those who refuse to give

Its just retarded the way we made existence
For sooner or later we all lose resistance
To the greedy “People Of Power”
As the laugh inside the diamond tower

Looking at the world as a whole
Racism still swims in its soul
For who gives a fuck about the color of skin
Hating another for blind reason should be a sin

Though there is no greater hypocrite than religion
Brainwashing people for their legion
Yes God may exist
But don’t believe the Fascist

A room with a sculpture doesn’t improve your voice
Just brainwashes you and your children to a choice
Of money for glory
With a heart felt story

What does money have to do with God
You can’t take it to him, yet you just nod
Doing what another man says you dope
Listening to a lying man the POPE

Though money maybe the root of all evil
Making the whole world stand still
Having created a system of class
Giving the rich a “reason” to be an ass

Though you may not agree with what I have said
In 50 years I’ll be good as dead
I have made my peace with who I am
Can you say the same? For I am not a Sham.

What Lies Behind A Smile

What Lies Behind A Smile

Behind my smile lies a blade
With swiftness that can not be delayed
A wicked tongue caged by cracking teeth
Unwillingly forced kindness with willful rage beneith

This knife only sharpens over time
Trying new ways to release its slime
An edge with a poisoned tip of bile
With the soul purpose to defile

So be warned if you cross me
For I will set it free
It can do more than you believe
An unending power to deceive

Spewing truthful lies
Till all pity for you dies
Turning your world to ash
Until you yourself you slash

So mind your tongue and I’ll do the same
For our lives are not the others game
Be gone now on your way
And please try to have a good day



Devilish grin from ear to ear
As my words sound sincere
Unable to hide your sneer
As I pull you so very near

My knife glints in the moon light
Stunning your serge to fight
Disparately you keep my eyes from sight
Unable to scream on this night

You know deep down
That no one is around
As you fall onto the ground
Your flesh makes a taring sound

Lying there with a bloody knee
You turn and look up at me
In my eyes rage is all you see
Releasing you couldn’t flee

Frozen as I raise my blade
Stunned as my rage is suede
Realizing the pity of this charade
I toss my blade into the cascade

So irrational
Disarming my arsenal
Remaining impersonal
Living dysfunctional

Walking away leaving this disorder
Laughing at my own inner demander
Forgetting my rage’s Reminder
No since in getting away with murder

Mind Of A Murderer

Mind Of A Murderer

Childhood trauma, mean spirited mama
Neglected till teens, then used for other means
Drugged, raped, and beaten only makes anger quicken
Odd behavior, forsaken savior
Now an out cast, That could never last
Only so much one can bare
Before cracking from a life unfair
When you can be pushed no further
To make it all stop the answer is murder
It may be wrong but what is right
To take the punishment and never fight
The pains and humorless jokes
Ends as the rope strangles and chokes

Disclosure : This is not the way I think, and are actions i do not condone, though my works sometimes push the bounds of certain criteria (this being one of them) sometimes putting the shoe on the other foot can be a hard thing to handle.



Looking for a ray of inspiration
To rekindle my imagination
Some kind of infatuation
To bring my soul some satisfaction

Bored with myself and the world I’m in
My disgust makes my head swell and spin
Making my body long to sin
Like an angry lion in his den

Something needs to change
Or maybe I just need to exchange
A life needed to be rearranged
Maybe I have become too strange

Trying to re-frame from being done
Before ever finding that special someone
For I am tired of being on the run
I am tired of living in the dark without the sun

Wish’s Curse

Wish’s Curse

This is a story indeed tragic
About two Lovers and their relationship
Many years of a crumbling partnership
Of friends fleeting sponsorship

She Began to disbelieve loves magic
Though he continued to try
To keep their love from becoming a lie
Pushing too hard sometimes making her cry

One day in a heated argument
He asked what she wished for as she sat on the bed
Her answer was “Don’t you see I wish you were dead
I wish i never ever had to see you again”

“If that is what you wish”, responding to her resentment
He left their home slamming the door
To be out of view forever more
So she could be happy, forget or ignore

Getting in his care he pondered how to disappear
How he could leave her and grant her request
Never wanting to be considered a pest
Let her live on and be her best

Pulling over, he parked his car with tear
Climbing out of his vehicle he began to cry and sniffle
Opening his trunk, he removed his rifle
With a squeeze of the trigger his cries will stifle

His body rests on the side of the road
His face removed by the force of the blow
To be found only after his blood ceased its flow
His x received a call of sorrow and woe

He left his hearts desire with a heavy load
Knowing her wish had forever come true
That she had wished for something she’d meant to
Now her words and his actions will never undo