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The Fool

The Fool

Freedom is never given
It is what we earn
Walking amongst the livin’
The price is what we learn

Existence controlled by another’s insecurities
Damages your future opportunities
Though some do not mind being slaves
A person who always craves

Wishing to be free
Scared of the fee
The responsibility is too much to bare
So they live a life far from fair

Freedom is never given
It is what we yearn
Walking amongst the livin’
Our pride must never burn

Ignorance is control’s best tool
For lack of knowledge keeps the clueless fool
Keeping truth far from ears
So they live consumed by unknown fears

Happy to make their master smile
Resisting logic’s truth of denial
So master’s crime never sees trial
And the slave continues to swallow their bile

Freedom is always taken
It is what we forsake
Walking amongst the awakened
Our pride is only fake

For if a slave learns of self-value
Then their eyes see the clue
A spark of anger will ignite
And a choice of whether to fight

So a world turns upside down
When a slave strangles the crown
Proving they are not a simple tool
Making the master into the fool

Freedom is what is deserved
It is our God-given right
Walking amongst the reserved
Our pride can be our light

Clever Spark

Clever Spark

We all leave a mark
A semblance of our spark
Each action we take
Can become another’s mistake.

Steps of great joy
Turn love, to toy
No love’s remorse
Creates reason to change course

Each step I drop
Drop a piece of me
Now I can’t stop
Stop and just be

The others who can see
See what I left
The others who are free
Free till they are theft

Robbed of their glee
Glee loses its value
Robbed of their rage
Rage fades from you

We all leave a mark
Some semblance of a spark
Each action we take
Can become another’s mistake

Steps of great joy
Turns love, to toy
No lover’s remorse
Creates reason of discourse

Now without voice
Voice of logic, reason
Now without choice
Choice of right, or treason

Where’s the lost
Lost where I belong
Where’s the cost
Cost paid by wrong

Trapped in the heart beat
Beating, bleeding fame
Trapped in the heat
Heat of regret’s flame

We all leave a mark
A semblance of a spark
Each action we take
Can become another’s mistake

Steps of great woe
Turns love from high to low
No love’s hate
No reason to appreciate

I’m nearing the end
End of my passion
I’m nearing a friend
Friend far from satisfaction

Together on to final quest
Quest for final pain
Together onto unending rest
Rest forever in-vain

Paying an unknown crime
Crime against they soul
Paying in unknown time
Time to pay the toll

We all leave a mark
Left by our dead spark
For each action we fake
We lose our sake

Steps of resonating failure
Last longer than things secure
No loves last forever
Only things that are clever

Dearest Growing Son of Mine

Dearest Growing Son of Mine

Dearest growing son of mine,
What has happened to the time
When did you learn to walk
When did you learn to talk
I am sorry I am not there
To teach you how to share
What it means to be fair
To show you that I care
Dearest growing son of mine,
What has happened to the time
I feel guilty for this remorseful crime
As I sit here to write this sweet rhyme
To my son who I do not know
To a son I couldn”t watch grow
How do I tell you that I am proud
That I yell your name out so loud
Dearest growing son of mine
What has happened to the time,
Nicholas, your Dad does love you
Just doesn’t know how to show you
Your Dad wishes he could do more
To let you know his heart is tore
From never being able to be around
This causes your Dad to break down.
Dearest growing son of mine,
What has happened to the time,
All I wish for you is to be happy
Not to grow up bitter or be snappy
So let your Dad know what you need
Tell me if you want to be freed
If there is anything I can ever do
I’ll do my best to make it up to you
Dearest growing son of mine,
What has happened to the time.

Mother where have you gone

Mother where have you gone

Where have you gone sweet mother
I am your daughter’s baby brother
Your son is lost in this world of mad
I need you still for I am just a lad
Mother Mother, where have you gone
I am very sorry if I did you wrong
I have your ashes on a dusty self over here
Mother Mother why are you no longer near
What will I do without your guidance
My world shattered by your absence
Mother, Father tries his best
Just can not seem to pass the test
Out of practice he has become
So, mother please wont you come
Sitting here under covers in the dark with tears
Surrounded by shattered hopes and growing fears
Mother Mother, come turn on the lights
Clear away my tears and these frights
Scare away the monsters under my bed
Please Mother do not stay gone, dead
Mother Mother, what do I do now
As I clinch onto my stuffed cow
I may hate you if you don’t come back
Mother do not let my resentment stack
I could never loath that which I love
So show me that your still here up above
Mother Mother, show me I am not alone
Before I lose my soul and turn to stone
I need you in my life again
Even if its just pretend
I shall just sit here and wallow
Dig my face deep in your pillow
Cursing everything that keeps us apart
Wishing to go back to the forsaken start
Mother Mother, your far from my sight
I shall sleep in your empty room tonight

A True Disease

A True Disease

The greatest evil is happiness
For it in itself is an illness
More powerful than any drug addiction
For it causes its own contradiction
People kill just for a feeling
We destroy lives for an inkling
Of bliss that comes from a moment
Then we constantly seek atonement
We all search for its properties
Envious of those with opportunities
Seeking our own salvation
Causing others devastation
Excommunicating our own souls
Living life as heartless trolls
The detox is more than some can bare
Forever gone how is this fair
It clouds our choices
Makes us hear voices
Yet we continue to our own demise
For it is all that we realize
We shake the ground of our morals
Unwilling facing our own quarrels
Pledging ourselves into the corrupt
Forever wanting to interrupt
Dismembering our dearest friends
Creating so many loose ends
We throw our dreams away
Only for a single day
Falling into ignorance
From our own incompetence
Because of this happiness disease
No one will ever live with ease.