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You say I am shame
No intellect does reflect
Placed to lose the game
I need you to protect

To face your words so cold
Turn cheek when you strike
Always do as I am told
Only as you like

Smile never frown
Don’t talk out of turn
Always polish your crown
Be singed as you burn

Clean up the mess you make
Constantly give all of me
Never need nor want to take
That’s better than being free

I believed I was worth nothing
Your torture worked well
I am more than your play thing
I have awoken from your spell

Scars map my body and mind
Swallowing my blood every night
Only used when you needed to unwind
Blows effecting my sight

Today this misery will end
For it is time for me to rise
Tonight your bones will bend
For you to face your demise.

I Don’t Care

I Don’t Care

By Shoeless Boy Wonder

I no longer care
What anyone thinks
This is my art
Even if it reeks

These are my words
This is my power
How I convey my art
I will not cower

I have waited
Let myself down
Stayed still
Almost drown

NO more
I don’t care to fail
I may stumble
But this is my trail

I will succeed
I am a fighter
I will not stop
I am a writer



I am sick of shouldering, smoldering
I hate being this ash, clash
My mood is poison, frozen
It’s just all I know, show

I can only remember, dismember
This heart of mine, benign
I feel at home in pain, strain
Its time to move, prove

That there is more, lore
Smiles can reveal, be real
Shed this shell, cell
So joy can thrive, strive



Taking a moment
TO just indulge
A break from torment

Cutting away from life
To truly live
A second free of strife

Absorbed by a song
Fulfilling a desire
Can fix what is wrong

The world melts away
Put your mind at ease
Let dark thoughts stray

Don’t force your chance
Just allow it to come
And it will return your substance.


To Dad

To Dad

Dad I have not been the perfect son
I crumbled under the pressure of life
Thinking that you just added to my stress
I know my ignorance caused you strife

Things have gotten so bad between us
Because of me, this I know is true
You don’t have much to offer
But the truth is I do love you

I wouldn’t listen to your words
Though you tried to teach me anyway
As I grew so did the distance
Now I just wish we wouldn’t stray

I have my own son now as you know
I couldn’t imagine what I would do
If he never would give me the time
And say “Dad, I love you”

Growing up it always seemed
I never did things right
That making you proud was impossible
So I tried to hide from sight

Not happy with the choices I made
Knowing you would be disappointed
I broke your heart with silence
Now you feel unappreciated

Some of the best memories I have
Is just you and me
Chess, fishing, your gentle smile
It’s just now that I see

How much you really do mean
I am not a perfect son
You are not a perfect dad
Yet now I don’t wish to run

I want to work on figuring us out
A little bit at a time
For I am fixing who I used to be
My first step is this rhyme

Rise To Fame

Rise To Fame

Slowly but surely the word gets out
That something in life is amiss
For change is coming slow and steady
As the present will be a future’s reminisced

A look back at the struggles and shame
Of how troubles finally gave way
As luck turned its other cheek
Making it acceptable for minds to stray

The chaos has receded for the time being
Now a smile eclipses the frown
And recognition brings a sense of peace
Having earned the wishe’s crown

The story is now being told
Soon everyone will know
Enjoy these simple moments
For tomorrow comes the show.

Dear Parents

Dear Parents

In the past,
Your ideals stole
My feelings so vast
Under your pressuring control

As if my thoughts
Were the worst ever
My life is full of do nots
A life of perfect never

Never allowed to try new things
Never allowed to find my means
Never allowed to spread my wings
Never allowed to discover my dreams

Only allowed to meet your expectations
Only allowed to see your view
Not allowed to create exceptions
Not allowed to disobey you

I know its scary
I am an adult now
An my opinion may vary
As I learn how

How to stand up
How to walk my own path
How to grow up
How to move past your wrath

It’s not that I don’t love you
I do, its just time for me
To learn what I need do
For you to support me

Instead of holding me back
Instead of making my choices
Instead of focusing on what I lack
Instead of raising your voices

Take a minute and stand aside
Let me experience on my own
Without resentment inside
Making me feel alone

Thank you for the protection
Over these many years
Just don’t turn to rejection
If I confirm your fears

If I deviate from your needs
Rekindle my desire in dreams
You don’t have to follow where my road leads
Just don’t drown me in life’s shallow streams

Smile and wish me luck
Letting me go and roam
And if all goes to fuck
Please welcome me home.

Written for the children turning to adults who is parents have trouble accepting them how they are. We all do things our parents may disagree with as I am sure they did for theirs, but family ties should run stronger than ideals, and we should accept each-other for who we are, and become.



I have little to say
Its just time to run away
Mother I love you so much
But I cant let father touch

The constant bruises he has created
I must avoid before my soul is plated
Like your soul had to become
In order to no longer wish to run

Though you always ignored what he did
Locked away in your room and hid
As I was touched, beat, or pinned
Left alone to face his sin

It wasn’t fair, it was right
So now I leave his sight
Free at last to try and cope
Living a life again with hope.

Written to all those trapped by a horrific father/ step father, and a mother who just wont help. And all runaways who had a true reason to leave.



Crumpled me, tore me, tossed me
Used me, lost me, Forgot me
Like a cancer carrying smoke
You breathed me in and out
Never once did you hesitate, choke
You are my desert drought

Crumpled Me, Tore Me, Tossed ME
Used Me, Lost Me, Forgot ME
Like gum you said I lost my flavor
Spitting out my love
Because “there was nothing left to savor”
But I am a turtle dove

Crumple ME, Tare ME, Toss ME
Use ME, Lose ME, Forget ME,
A paper thin little bird
Who falls in love one time
My love is my word
And will never move past this crime

Crumple ME, Tare ME, Toss ME,
Use ME, Lose ME, Forget ME,
Step on ME, Stretch ME,
Abuse ME, Gut ME,
Trick ME, Take ME,

Crumple You, Tare You, Toss You
Use You, Lose You, FORGET YOU,
You were the only love of my life
I was there for you to bash
Removing your ignorant knife
I realize you are the trash.

Cleansing Rain

Cleansing Rain

The rain is coming down
Bringing life to the ground
Tomorrow something new will grow
As the water ceases its tender flow

Maybe my heart will grow too
Since the tears are gone for you
The roots of my soul are revitalized
As my passion is now re-moralized

It has been some time
Since I heard loves chime
I almost lost it in the rain
Washing away all my former pain

Now the storm is passing
My mind has stopped harassing
Waiting for the sun to shine
When I realize everything is fine

Waiting on the next day of my life
Free of all my rage from my former strife
Wont be long now I hope
Before I am able to cope

Smile again, with a new friend
When my happiness isn’t pretend
It is just bound happen after this cloud
When I am finally free of my sorrow’s shroud.