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You say I am shame
No intellect does reflect
Placed to lose the game
I need you to protect

To face your words so cold
Turn cheek when you strike
Always do as I am told
Only as you like

Smile never frown
Don’t talk out of turn
Always polish your crown
Be singed as you burn

Clean up the mess you make
Constantly give all of me
Never need nor want to take
That’s better than being free

I believed I was worth nothing
Your torture worked well
I am more than your play thing
I have awoken from your spell

Scars map my body and mind
Swallowing my blood every night
Only used when you needed to unwind
Blows effecting my sight

Today this misery will end
For it is time for me to rise
Tonight your bones will bend
For you to face your demise.

Have to Say Goodbye

Have to Say Goodbye
By Shoeless Wonder

My heart has been broken
Though this is nothing new
For years I wouldn’t let it mend
Letting feelings continue to brew

This one goes out to all those who took my heart
It all started in high school
Falling for an innocent girl
Every action, that of a fool

Trapped in a cycle of love and pain
Thoughts that could not rearrange
Cheated on, abandoned, ditched with debt
Three times lost everything but rage

The next was one sided love
Gave my heart to someone who didn’t need it
Fought her battles, protected her
Absorbed her tears, but she wouldn’t commit

She lacked self respect
Always a wild flame
Though something in her did change
After we parted she became tame

Though she never saw what was before her
I was just a her teddy bear
Their to comfort her when things fell apart
Still not sure if she will ever be aware

This last one I will mention
Couldn’t make up her mind
Between the past and future
Leaving her soul in a bind

Moving forward caused her fear
She wasn’t ready to let things go
Unable to handle the reality of real
She returned to a seed waiting to grow

Each women I loved with all of my heart
Each time they were cruel in their own way
I have to sadly let go of them
Cause there is nothing for me if I stay

Others have touched my heart
Never hurting me as bad as these three
Instead I held the knife
And they bled because of me

I have apologized many times
Regretted things I have done
Though they all have one thing in common
None of them were meant to be the one.

Cleaning up

Cleaning Up

by Shoeless Boy Wonder

The time has come
To again strike the drum
Becoming who I am
Letting go of the sham

It becomes clear the more I clean
The mess will no longer be obscene
For today I make a choice
To remember the sound of my voice

Return to what matters most
Let my failing become a ghost
One step at a time
To be so very sublime

Failure is a choice some make
This will not be my mistake
Cleaning up the disaster I made
Breaking down the mental blockade

The end of what I was
I give a silent applause
For tomorrow begins anew
Making everything solely true.

Just the Way It Is

It’s the simple things they say
That keeps people together on their way
I do not believe that is enough
When everything turns rough

It’s the major things one does
That ends the troubles of what was
Simple things count for a lot
So do not think they are not for naught

It’s everything small and large
Knowing when you have to take charge
Figuring out what is good and bad
Willingness to let go of what you had

It’s being selfless in a selfish realm
Being able to resist being overwhelmed
Nothing that helps you in life is easy to gain
And often comes with some kind of lingering pain

It’s just the way it is
Always filtering through the fizz
The best you can do when you are down
Is pick yourself up and refuse to frown.

It’s this that will help you find you
When that is done the others will get a clue
Pleasures will begin to out weigh the worries
Putting and end to depressions flurries



I feel as if a scab
My blood has dried
Pick at me and I’ll bleed
‘Till flesh is opened wide

The more I move
The less I heal
Without medication
The more I peel

Exposed to the world
I can feel the infection
Livable it may be
Their is no resurrection

In time I will “mend”
But that time seems too far
Repair is only a trend
To turn me into a scar.

New Chapter

New Chapter

This is the end of our chapter
Now we will just be side roles
In each others life long story
Telling it with key plot holes

Only we will hold the master copy
Tight to our chest
Trying to keep it all to ourselves
So we can finally rest

Our story may not be over
But the focus has moved on
Not that things were bad
Just the timing was wrong

My book or yours
May never have our names
Side by side again,
As our hearts play their games

Its just we know now
What works and what fails
Tomorrow I begin
A new chapter with new tales

Breath of Poison,Breath of Air

Breath of Poison, Breath of Air

Breathing in fresh air
For the first time in years
The taste is so sweet
Compared to my tears

Guilt has left me be
It’s time to move on
Too long have I paid
When I did nothing wrong

I forgive you
I forgive me
Today I live
Today I see

Shedding off the past
Owning up to whats been done
Saying goodbye to childish self pity
Realizing I am the one

That holds me back
That made this poison
Living endless doubt
Created my own treason

I forgive you
I forgive me
Today I live
Today I see

You may have struck the first blow
Abused me worse than I’ve known
Took my air, Took my care
Leaving the damage to be shown

But it was I
Who trapped myself in with the mess
Breathed in its poison
Never letting go of the stress

I forgive you
I forgive me
Today I live
Today I breathe



Taking a moment
TO just indulge
A break from torment

Cutting away from life
To truly live
A second free of strife

Absorbed by a song
Fulfilling a desire
Can fix what is wrong

The world melts away
Put your mind at ease
Let dark thoughts stray

Don’t force your chance
Just allow it to come
And it will return your substance.


Good Times

Good Times

Love departed
Wondering why it started
Only to fall apart
As kisses became tart

Why do we try
When after we cry
For a tasteless goodbye
Tears become sly

It’s just best
When we are in the test
To give sorrow a rest
And the tears that congest

The memories when the sun shined
Is where we find
Where the love was defined
The presence of being kind

The good times of the past
Are what will truly last
The anger will be miscast
The woe will be outcast

The truth is love is there
Be it not forever to share
The joy you feel bare
Well be used to compare

Your next step life
When you find your husband or wife
With love of rife
Free of the sorrow of the knife.

Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows

I sit in the shadows watching you all
Grow, change, sin, laugh, lie
From the darkness I restrain your fall
But even a shadow can fry

I am there for you when you desire
Check in on you when your’e fine
Put you out when your’e on fire
Carefully Walk the thinnest line

Though I am far from perfect
Yet none seem to care
That I too suffer from a defect
Also wishing to share

It’s just getting old this task
Of watching out for you
As you hide behind your mask
Considering what to do

It’s pathetic that I still shed pity
Even more so that I wish for recognition
Not some humor or something witty
So, now I start my list’s ignition

Burning away all the soulless names
I haven’t the time to waste
On all your repetitive games
So continue to eat your drug filled paste

For I am off to greater things
Continue to pretend to be a charming guy, or a innocent lass
I know my leaving may issue some stings
But it was never my problem so kiss my ass