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Lover’s Contract

Heartbeats increase as we attract

Giving rise to the most intimate act

At the point of lover’s contact

Our lips form a contract


AS hands meet like a wild vine

Allowing fingers to intertwine

Forming  a supportive bind

Guiding bodies to a line


Breathing in as skin meets skin

Eye’s share views far from sin

Fantasy in minds does spin

Soon now, lover’s lives will begin


Lust breeds trust with each thrust

Restoring souls from heartaches rust

Have to Say Goodbye

Have to Say Goodbye
By Shoeless Wonder

My heart has been broken
Though this is nothing new
For years I wouldn’t let it mend
Letting feelings continue to brew

This one goes out to all those who took my heart
It all started in high school
Falling for an innocent girl
Every action, that of a fool

Trapped in a cycle of love and pain
Thoughts that could not rearrange
Cheated on, abandoned, ditched with debt
Three times lost everything but rage

The next was one sided love
Gave my heart to someone who didn’t need it
Fought her battles, protected her
Absorbed her tears, but she wouldn’t commit

She lacked self respect
Always a wild flame
Though something in her did change
After we parted she became tame

Though she never saw what was before her
I was just a her teddy bear
Their to comfort her when things fell apart
Still not sure if she will ever be aware

This last one I will mention
Couldn’t make up her mind
Between the past and future
Leaving her soul in a bind

Moving forward caused her fear
She wasn’t ready to let things go
Unable to handle the reality of real
She returned to a seed waiting to grow

Each women I loved with all of my heart
Each time they were cruel in their own way
I have to sadly let go of them
Cause there is nothing for me if I stay

Others have touched my heart
Never hurting me as bad as these three
Instead I held the knife
And they bled because of me

I have apologized many times
Regretted things I have done
Though they all have one thing in common
None of them were meant to be the one.

A Chance of Love

I often wonder why love is so hard,
Why people hold onto a broken shard,
Ignoring the meeting of a new soul,
That might just make them whole.

Closing themselves off from chance
Cause they fail to see the substance
Of letting themselves be adored again
Trying to avoid another loose end

See the worse that might happen
Is feeling that feeling your already in
Though there is that slight opportunity
Of a new remarkable unity.

They let it slip through their fingers
As the past pain still lingers
Rejecting new hope
Blaming their need to cope

Knowing its all just a game
Thinking it will all be the same
Assuming that another they barely know
Could never be what they need to grow

Obsessed with what they think they need
Not seeing its an evil deed
Sadly I used to agree
Assuming what was best for me

I have come to realize
I only seemingly fantasize
When I never had a clue
Of what I believed was true

You wont ever find what your looking for
Cause no one knows who will match their core
That it takes many disappointing tries
Nights of tears and silent cries

Putting yourself out into the fray
Hoping your heart will not be for play
Letting those who desire your attention
might just be of pure intention.

Denying them is denying yourself
Leaving your heart dusty, on a shelf
Protected from everyone who wants to see
What it is to hold onto thee

Might just be worth saying yes for a change
Let the soul once again exchange
For you know you can survive if it did fail
That your strong enough to be frail
I tell you now to let new chances rise
For maybe just once it wont capsize.

Take My Hand

The woe you feel I know it well
Leaving will only make it swell
It’s easy to see the damage done
Covering it up with simple fun

Eyes can’t hide behind a smile
Believing the pain will only last awhile
Seeing the truth through the tone
How your heart feels broken and alone

The strong front you used
Keeping yourself from the abused
Viewing such a wonderful heart
That it should never be apart

To hold it far from fear
Wrap it in a loving sphere
As there is more than pain
Even more love to ascertain

You may not be ready for whats next
Assuming you must be hexed
Though here I shall be
Should you ever desire me

Waiting for you to realize
That your hurt could minimize
When gentle hands you wish to hold
Are also out here in the cold

Though, a gentle touch is needed
For my soul is just as seeded
To be forward could only cause stress
Turning interest and hope into a mess

So don’t fear my intention
For I understand apprehension
I may not be what you desire
Yet my offer would not retire

Though I would no longer pursue
My words would be no less true
That I can make your world warmer
Brighter than the current, or the former

Just Another Love Story

It begins as humble as most stories
No one could have guessed the glories
The heart aches he faced
Fathom how he never changed pace

He saw the world through silent eyes
Nodding to peoples lies and goodbyes
Fighting the fight of man with no chance
Standing up for those who didn’t have a stance

Broken he kept his life together
Surviving life’s never ending weather
Kicked he would stand back up
Always drinking from an empty cup

Then one day, a women came along
Her heart and soul sang a song
Which warmed his ears till they did burn
He finally believed there was more to learn

That life had more to offer then pain
That maybe he didn’t survive in vane
His silent eyes began to speak.
When her lips meet his cheek

Breathing hope back into his form
Calming life’s never ending storm
She filled his cup so he could drink
Bringing him back from the brink

Helping him stand again
His world she began to mend
It took many many years
Before he forgot the taste of tears

She stood with him to face the war
Never again were either tore
Hand in hand they walked a path
Clearing away one another’s wrath

They lived out their remaining days
Never questioning why the other stays
Wearing smiles no one could understand
Cause once they found each other….all was forever grand.

Lovely Thoughts

Lovely Thoughts

Wind travels thousands of miles
Being absorbed by thousands of smiles
I know when the breeze passes you by
Carrying your lips through the sky

And in a sudden moment
A pleasuring torment
I feel as though you are here
Then the feeling disappears

As I walk through the world of lonely grind
The thoughts of you are not hard to find
Thoughts of what this all could mean
Makes our future so siren

Holding On

Holding On

You are free to fly
As I still wait to die
Still I can not feel woe
As my boat continues to row

My smile remains
Cause my love is near
Freed of her living chains
She can truly touch my heart
Cleansing away all of my pains

I feel her in the air I inhale
Waiting for my final exhale
It is not my time just yet
So she will follow my every step

She keeps me fully restored
For I know she waits for me
She sees what all I have explored
And all I will one day see
For our souls are our reward

My love stayed behind
Now we are combined
As she stays in my heart
Keeping it from falling apart

I can not miss what never leaves
My love and I will never part
She would never let me grieve
There will never going to be an end for us
For our love was not make believe

New Love

New Love

When the dawn breaks
We will know the stakes
For every moment led us here
A second of excitement and fear

The meeting of hearts
Leads to new found starts
Where words match voice
And we see our choice

Nothing seems real
Trusting what we feel
Never thought our hearts could heal
That another could make our walls kneel

Exposed we look upon each others’ face
As our hearts mend the empty space
Fires put out long ago
Spark and begin to grow

Slow but good things come in stride
Humbling we find no reason to hide
We both see the value we each forsake
And the demeaning void of being fake

Love And Meaning

Love And Meaning

What else can be said of love
It has been written so many times
Often I find myself trying to describe
Love’s awful crimes.

Love is so complex
People often dwell
On trying to describe it
Often not doing well

For most have forgotten what it is
More importantly how to show
That they are in it
Most don’t ever know

The world has changed
Describing many false love stories
It’s wake leaves only illusions
Of false love glories

Love poems and songs
Speak of only the good and the bad
Never the in between
Guiding you to the had been had

Setting the bar so high
With a moment of desperation
And a beautiful thought
Causing the true destruction

Of how simple love can be
Just be true in your words
And honor what you say
For we are all love birds

Searching for our mate
Wishing for a fairy tale
Instead of seeing whats real
And we wonder why we fail

Bitter sweet the truth often is
That desire often masks true love
Fantasies rule existence
And reality we often shove

Away, so we can live the lie
Constantly telling ourselves we deserve more
And only those who live in reality
Find love, and understand its core.

True Love

True Love

Love is such a tainted word
That often I find absurd
Though I know the feeling well
Resonating a blissful hell

Love is a cancer and cure
It’s only truly pure
Between a parent and their offspring
Not between a finger and a ring

Friction between skin
Does not equal kin
For one can easily toss aside
Another who’s blood differs inside

A choice between spouse or child
should be bias never wild
For your kid will lie and break your heart
Though your connection will never part

As relationships will stumble
Put under stress they tend to crumble.
Few find true passion
An honest form of satisfaction

That wont give in when things get rough
Who do not say “I’ve had enough.”
We wonder why so many can’t find love
For we all have forgotten it like a glove

Love is pain, it is not all pleasure
Rough patches will happen all with different measure
To give up and walk away is easier then trying to mend
Sad one would rather give up then ever try to attend

A child will always be part of your story
For they are part of you and your glory
But a companion is chosen so you can forget
What first brought you together and how you met

If you truly love someone try to work it out
Just don’t stand there and consistently shout
Love like everything has a good and bad side
But when you have it, true hope does reside.