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We all need a place to go
A place where we can find peace
Somwhere that we feel safe
Where the pains of life can cease

It could be in our lover’s embrace
A childhood home where you’re always welcome
A dear friend’s loving voice
Or else we become undone

Sanctuary can be hard to find
When we feel Isolated from everyone
Our minds can become a dangerous space
That we can’t ever outrun

But once we find it
We can lick out wounds
Getting the healing words we need
So we can face our darkest moons

Once we do recover
We learn we can move on
That rain clouds will fade
And that you are truly strong




It is but a Friday night
Last minute plan for a party
As underage kids hide from sight
Hangovers will make people tardy

Morning after makes for painful thought
Try to remember what we forgot
Cans, food, bottles all about
So many you have lost count

Pale skin and desperate thirst
Flashes of what could be worse
Half naked friends covering couches
Extremities in each others pouches

Floors sticky with spilled booze and beer
Recalling brief flashes never quite clear
Daylight burns your eyes
As a girl silently cries

Loosing what we give up once
To a man she thinks is a dunce
The bonfire is just cinders
As more awake from last nights binder

Stumbling around the fire pit
Some struggling just to sit
Using unfinished beer to kill the fire
The party is all but retired

Consequences follow bad choices
Signs of which are moaning voices
Though you seem to be okay
And its just another day

You had fun and didn’t go over board
Avoided blackouts shameful sword
Kept your head in the mist
Dodge the smog that did exist

Sober now you climb into your car
Coughing up cigarette tar
Off to home you now set
Realizing that your pants are wet

Written for Party people everywhere, and those who have retired from the scene

Female Foreigner

Female Foreigner

A elegant young lass
Travels to foreign grass
Taking steps far from home
With a heart too big to be alone
Searched for a form of income
So she wouldn’t become undone
But she really wanted to find love
For heaven to call her above
While finding a place to work
For a man who maybe a jerk
Her search continues forward
Learning as she moves toward
Her next step in this strange land
Is to hold another’s tender hand
Avoid the men who hide in shadows
For they only shatter a soul’s windows
With courage she does smile
Knowing it could take awhile
Though soon all will become clear
As fated love will soon be near

Mr. Pop Star

Mr. PopĀ  Star

Hello my friend
Its just me again
Hiding behind your shroud
Lost in the growing crowd

That flocks for your affection
Ever dying for your attention
Can’t say I can blame them
All wanted to be your condemned

Since you are so unique
Everyone will wish to critique
Or absorb your narrowing time
With no realization of their crime

Hello my friend
Its just me again
Hiding behind your shroud
Lost in the growing crowd

To many people to care for
To many for you to adore
So I shall remain hidden from view
Till the day comes when I can help you

Don’t ever think you are alone
If need be just pick up the phone
Though if I am ever fully forgotten
You will have truly become rotten

Hello my friend
Its just me again
Hiding behind your shroud
Lost in the growing crowd

Your popularity is such a curse
To you it must seem much worse
This is why I never choose to be
On center stage where all could see

Back stage is where I belong
Helping the production move along
Maintaining the peace in the chaos
So you yourself are never a loss

Hello my friend
Its just me again
Hiding behind your shroud
Lost in the growing crowd

What Are Friends For?

What Are Friends For?

It saddens me sometimes,
Only fellow poets read my rhymes,
My so called friends never stop by,
Making me wonder if their a lie.
And if they do they never let me know
Nor do the strangers ever show
I do my best to always support
Even help them out of court
Its been months since any did view
So now my vision is altered, too askew
I talk to them when I have a chance
Listen to them and their stance
Yet if they were not in trouble
It seems I wouldn’t be in their bubble
Its not fair yet there isn’t much that is
I wonder if its just the writer’s biz
They wont pay attention till I have something they want
I can no longer afford to be nonchalant
Your concerns are no longer mine
I will not hear any more whine
I am not some security blanket under your bed
Hate to break it to you but I am a human instead
There is only so much crap you can take
Before you leave someone to drown in their lake
You have moved on to live your own life
Leaving me to fall on my own knife
I have no more time to waste on you
Sick of being the one always true
So if you need me don’t you call
For I am ending this once and for all
Your neglect as done its damage well
Even gave me a story to tell
Repair must be done to establish a connection
Our priorities need some real correction
So long, Fair thee well, see you later, goodbye
For now there is nothing else but a loosened tie.



A friendless man sits be on a bench
In a park on one heated afternoon
He was a proper man without a stench
And a heart filled with too much gloom

He had a good paying job
Taking care of fellow employees
No one considered him a snob
But forgot him like the breeze

Walking many miles home from work
Stopping at the same gas station
Always being friendly to the clerk
Then off to his next destination

Living a private life he never did discuss
For no one ever showed interest or asked
Never ever starting any kind of fist-ted fuss
He always did whatever was the next task

Taking a bite of a fast food cheese burger
Wondering if his kind deeds were ever recorded
Drinking water to avoid sodas pointless sugar
Knowing that his kindness will not be rewarded

Sighing having finished his lonely meal
Realizing that their is nothing more
To his dinner, to his life, to whats real
He silently wonders what is it all for

As the months pass he forgets what its like
To smile, have fun, and the importance of friends
Continuing his boring everyday long hike
In his life of uneventful, unacknowledged trends

Strength of Will

Strength of Will

Is wanting something and resiting the urge
For you know it will only cause pain
Fighting back the instinct to splurge
Killing boredom desperately in vane

Lust, objects, things we don’t need
Power over others that just isn’t real
Only creates a greater sense of greed
A soiled soul with means to steal

Strength of Will, a persons resolve
Standing up for what you believe in
Being the one to finally evolve
Beyond obsession, desire, and sin

Not putting up with your own excuses
Not listening to others put downs
Creating your own strength and uses
Being yourself and that astounds

A purpose, an individual, a will
making a plan and following through
Living life is your driving thrill
To yourself you stand ready and true