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Return of Death

Return of Death

I heard you were back in town
Forcing those I know to frown.
Taking another one of my friends,
Tell me when does this misery end.

You seem to come by every year
To return to my eye, a tear.
You plague me and those so dear,
For you are always so very near.

Goodbye RJ, you were one of a kind
One to try to help when you were in a bind
A little nuts, a little rude
One willing to be speak with lewd

We may have had our disagreements
Now I just see funeral arrangements
Again I sit and hear the end of a story
Feel the linger of their former glory



“Tears stream down your face,
Feeling you’ve fallen from grace,
The world has been cruel,
And you feel like a fool.

You look up through blood shot eyes,
Suffocated by all the lies,
Lost desires consume your resistance,
All you need is some assistance.

I’d be their for you,
If only you knew,
That I wouldn’t let my angel tumble,
I’d hold you when you stumble.

Angel I’ve always been their
I am just like the air
You breath me in without detection
As I help you find your direction.”

“Shhh…now you speak out of turn
Through you I continue to learn
But Angel I am not
For you are the one who is sought

You are my guardian angel
With words you keep me stable
So you are my breath this is true
Someone, I need not rue”



Nicole stares at her computer screen
Blankly hoping to be seen
As what she desires to be
Gathering her family tree

Heart broken several times
Is now torn by past crimes
Torn between desire and responsibility
She battles random in-toxicity

Her heart still beats as she gets grips
But every step forward she slips
Falling to her knees
As all seems to freeze

Children lost in the chaos
Of a mother forced to toss
Everything in the air
For nothing is fair

Poor choices have worn her down
Though she still tries to see hope around
Blaming family, and herself for all
Makes it hard for her to stand tall

Clarity only comes from reality checks
Sometimes too late they have their effects
Things continue to spin out of control
Everyone feeling her lost toll

Unsure of what to do
She questions whats true
Choices must have input
As she wants to clean the soot

So she sits in front of a computer screen
Trying to find something serene
Tiny glimmers of hope out of reach
Things to help her learn and teach

Though nothing will change for the better
For standing in the rain means you will only get wetter
She may have to make a very hard choice
Move on and forget an innocent voice

Damage grows as the war continues
As all suffer from the blues
One child’s needs masked another’s
Fighting for sisters and brothers

How do you make a choice when neither is right
No winner or loser but you must fight
When your loyalty faces morals
A life of endless emotional quarrels


Donkey VS. Unicorn

A simple female ass
Eats upon elegant grass
When a female unicorn
Shines her beautiful horn
Walks out from the forest crest
The donkey sees thinking she is best
Stops eating and hardens her skin
As soon a battle will surely begin
The unicorn puzzled at first
Will be happy to fulfill the donkey’s thirst
For too long the donkey’s foul mood
Corrupted the unicorn to brood
Enough was enough the unicorn begins her charge
Making a stand against this rot filled barge

The donkey only gives a welcoming sneer
And jumps to the side, but the unicorn slips
Turning suddenly her horn hits the donkey’s rear
Piercing deeply into the thickened skin
And with the forward motion of the unicorn
Comes a loud snap, as she leaves the horn in
The donkey hee haas in incredible pain
Trying to bite out her massive splinter
But unable to reach, it will remain.
The unicorn only laughs and walks away
As the donkey limps after
Trying to force the unicorn to stay
Finish this one sided fight
Even though the donkey could not continue
The unicorn wonders off to eat some grass
As the donkey sits and mends her wound
The unicorn forever to be the pain in her ass



Its time for a lighter tone,
So pick up your phone,
Give me a simple call,
And we shall have a ball.

Out into the city,
To be both crude and witty,
Do what we both like,
Telling all others to take a hike.

Lets go have some fun,
Go off and have a run,
It’s nothing you see
Doesn’t take much to be free.

Why fear a good time,
Past midnight’s chime,
Stay up till day has come,
Yet never let our fun be done.

Doesn’t matter what we do,
As long as its me and you,
So lets wonder around awhile,
Till all we do is smile.

Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles

I sit here a humble pin cushion
With a high defense and toleration
My friends are pins and needles
From which I keep them found
To me they are bound

Till one day they wonder off
Some to stay forever aloft
My friends are pins and needles
When they wonder some come back
To return to there former sack

Others are lost for years
Before coming back with tears
My friends are pins and needles
Though some never return again
And cease being my humble friend.

When they leave I am left empty.
Though letting them go with curtsy.
My friends are pins and needles.
When they return they cause some pain
Embedding deep into me with forcing strain

Yet once they fit back in all is fine
Till they once again cross that line
My friends are pins and needles.
Wondering off to the word divine
As I remain forever supine.

Commenting 101

Commenting 101

Class is now in session
Pencils up its time for the lesson
It seems last week I wasn’t clear
So here I go more sincere

Now read this time
Recess has yet to chime
Since we are back in school
Its time to learn what is cool

Years ago you were told to show your work
Seems some still choose to wear a smirk
Doing D work and expecting A’s
For some comment like answering surveys

Though A students are in every class
But don’t forget there is also a jackass,
Rebel, jocks, liars, and a cheat
The brown noser that hides his deceit

Sorry it seems I’ve gone off task
“Now why are we here?” you might ask
The answer is simple, do bad work and repeat the grade
Those who turned in their paper may now go to the arcade

Mindlovesmisery, Luna, Jingle, Thingy, Rhyme me a smile
You all can go off and play for a while
Your work was well done and you should be proud
The rest of you need to now speak aloud

“I will from now on, complete my commitment
And justly fulfill my end of the requirement”
Which means in my text book
Saying how you feel, and what actions you took

In other words, why was the poem good
Though this part is not required, it is what you should
For knowing why your work has its power
Helps you feel on top of the highest tower

Even if you disagree with what is said
Politely explain why it brings you dread
Alright thats it for today
Please post up and move on your merry way.

I seems I may have been a little grumpy my pervious post. I have come to terms even before posting last weeks view that I could very well shoot myself in the foot. Writing is about freedom of opinion, feelings, and skill. Regardless the subject it should empower you. This is not an assault on simple comments more of a recommendation to a higher quality of web community. I am not asking you to spend an hour or two and form a page comment, or anything of the sort, here are just some simple examples that boost a poets self esteem ” Lovely poem, I really like how your rhyme scheme was done”, “elegant, the flow of the piece never faltered” “Wow outstanding, I personally could relate greatly to the first and second stanzas.” I know most of the poets and readers in this community already do this so it is not directed toward you it is directed to those who only publish a praise and not a reason why. This is not required by the communtiy though it is my personal view, and it is something I will continue to do thank you for reading and have a great rally.

No feeling is without cause,



We all need a place to go
A place where we can find peace
Somwhere that we feel safe
Where the pains of life can cease

It could be in our lover’s embrace
A childhood home where you’re always welcome
A dear friend’s loving voice
Or else we become undone

Sanctuary can be hard to find
When we feel Isolated from everyone
Our minds can become a dangerous space
That we can’t ever outrun

But once we find it
We can lick out wounds
Getting the healing words we need
So we can face our darkest moons

Once we do recover
We learn we can move on
That rain clouds will fade
And that you are truly strong



It is but a Friday night
Last minute plan for a party
As underage kids hide from sight
Hangovers will make people tardy

Morning after makes for painful thought
Try to remember what we forgot
Cans, food, bottles all about
So many you have lost count

Pale skin and desperate thirst
Flashes of what could be worse
Half naked friends covering couches
Extremities in each others pouches

Floors sticky with spilled booze and beer
Recalling brief flashes never quite clear
Daylight burns your eyes
As a girl silently cries

Loosing what we give up once
To a man she thinks is a dunce
The bonfire is just cinders
As more awake from last nights binder

Stumbling around the fire pit
Some struggling just to sit
Using unfinished beer to kill the fire
The party is all but retired

Consequences follow bad choices
Signs of which are moaning voices
Though you seem to be okay
And its just another day

You had fun and didn’t go over board
Avoided blackouts shameful sword
Kept your head in the mist
Dodge the smog that did exist

Sober now you climb into your car
Coughing up cigarette tar
Off to home you now set
Realizing that your pants are wet

Written for Party people everywhere, and those who have retired from the scene

Female Foreigner

Female Foreigner

A elegant young lass
Travels to foreign grass
Taking steps far from home
With a heart too big to be alone
Searched for a form of income
So she wouldn’t become undone
But she really wanted to find love
For heaven to call her above
While finding a place to work
For a man who maybe a jerk
Her search continues forward
Learning as she moves toward
Her next step in this strange land
Is to hold another’s tender hand
Avoid the men who hide in shadows
For they only shatter a soul’s windows
With courage she does smile
Knowing it could take awhile
Though soon all will become clear
As fated love will soon be near