Chapter 16- Sea Sickness

Snowy wakes up to the sound of arguing and tempers flaring. Groggy she rolls out of bed and onto the floor failing to catch herself. Ash had already left the room, as snowy makes her way to the stairs leading to the main deck. Upon exiting the sun was extremely bright the sound of seagulls hackling is heard. She is surprised to see they are still at the docks. Argos and Kross are standing off with the local guards and Steward.

” Now gentleman, I am not sure what your problem is, we purchased this vessel, here is the paperwork made by Oddrick. ” Kross says remaining calm as Agros intimidates the local guards by tossing barrels of supplies around one-handed.  Bile and Vile have hidden in a spiral pile of ropes as Ash stands guard by them as one of the guards that were betting on them the other day keeps giving them threatening gestures.

” That paper means Nothing I am LORD RICKARD, and this is my vessel! He never had the right to sell it, you are to leave at once. ” the plump lord of the lawless land pompously states.. ” Or my men will remove you by any means necessary”

Argos Laughs, “You’re going to need a lot more men than two hungover “guards” with shotty armor and weapons to get us off this vessel. ”

“Now now, there is no need for violence, you should settle this matter with Oddrick, as he stole from you and sold to us. We are not the guilty party he is wouldn’t you agree?” Kross says attempting to pursue the steward who takes account of the numbers size and weapons the group is carrying, as Chuck and Grendle make their way up to the top the main deck standing next to snowy who is still rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“Alright, that is a very fair point, however, do not leave till I return with Oddrick to settle this matter. ”  The Lord would make his way over to Oddricks dock house to speak with the man directly as his guards would stay behind on the ship. They watch their Lord enter the dock house. Expecting to hear shouting and to see their Lord come back out shortly they are quickly made uneasy as no sounds come from the shack.

About 30 minutes pass before one of the guards gets an uneasy feeling about all of this and goes into the shack after his lord to make sure everything is alright. Again silence; more time passes and the last Guard starts to get thirsty and annoyed about this.

” Damn what the hell are they doing fucking?  This is bull shit it has to have been an hour, you,fire elf girl.  Your coming with me to go in there and find out what the hold up is. “Guard points to snowy.

“WWWHAAA?” Snowy says shocked to suddenly be dragged into this situation.

” NO” Kross and Agros shout together.

“She is a mere slave, she will serve you and your lord no good, I shall accompany you, besides I have the deed to the ship we can get this all sorted together. ” Kross would quickly state as Argos steps inbetween the guard and Snowy.

The guard thinks a moment and sizes up Kross a moment then turning back to look at Snowy only to see a very angry half giant of a man glaring down on him.

“Very well, You and I shall go, the girl can stay.” The guard relucantly agrees.

“Splended!” Kross would state placing his hand in his pocket as they make their way toward the shack, and upon entering it the guard and all his gear turn to dust and Cecil sits with a smile and cup of coffee.

Kross looks at Cecil a moment before shaking his head in disbelief, ” So this is where you have been? ”

Cecil would not even look up at Kross only gesture to a rickety wooden chair, and Kross would do as requested. Upon sitting he would go to speak and be unable to. Only a brief second of panic streams over his face as he calms himself and returns to his relaxed demeanor.

” What is it you want Kross, what are you looking for? You paid a lot for that diary…I want to know what it means to you? Also Lying wouldnt be the best option.” Cecil would utter slyly.

Kross leans forward a bit places is elbows just before his knees. ” Its very simple really, it speaks of you in it. You keep yourself a mystory and people who don’t talk about their past, nor their future either have none, or are hiding something. ”

Cecil would pause a moment leaning back in his chair and changing his as his spirit changes from accusitory to honest, ” Very well you are clever, so here is the big secret. I am one of the 12 immortals, and god killers. This means you must accept the fact that both Gods and Immortals are in fact very very real. I was never quite like the others, they had the skill to fight and the will for a certain level of just distruction. I however one of those who pulled the strings behind my brothers and sisters would tell me stories of heros. How against all odds Heros will always rise up to stop the great evils. Told me the stories of the Gate, and darklings. The reason why they were locked away, and the purpose it served the realm. I attempted to interest the others during our mock battles among ourselves in stories of the world we would one day liberate. The day I mentioned the Gate I knew I had caused this world to return to war and blood. We broke out shortly after, and the immortals began their slaughter of the Gods, upon the defeat of Zeus, I was summoned and questioned for not assisting, eventually informed that the next liberation will be of those locked away in the Gate, I tried to protest but Gilgamesh stated,” We are the heros you speak of don’t you see we are Justifying all the wrongs, and to trap several races up only deepons the fact we are nesscary in this realm. IT is not just, nor is it fair to one another, currancy, slavery, prisons, murdering is legal in some of the places around here. ” As I argueed this would only bring blood shed, they insisited they could keep the peace, however I also pointed out they are not killing Gods only replacing them. After that I left, and well found you and Snowy. ”

Kross would nod a moment taking all the information in before taking a few seconds to respond,” alright if that is all true. I can not imagine what good we all would do against God killing super heros.”

“I am not going to deny that we have odds stacked against us, but there are several ways to win a fight. You win many with your wit and logic. It wont be enough to stop them all, plus I think I have a plan on how to make it so you not only are able to fight an immortal but beat one. ”

” What is your plan?”

” All good things in time, I feel I have shared enough for today. Besides soon the others will fear that the shack ate you too. Kross, on a related note, I would not read that diary, it will only make you needlessly suffer. ”

” Very well. ” Kross would state still thinking that reading the diary will be the first thing he does when he has a chance. Standing they would both exit and climb onto the ship.

Vile, Bile and the girls play tag on the deck, as Ash remains the reigning champ. Argos starts preparing the ship to set sail once he sees Kross and Cecil. Once they are aboard the ship leaves the dock and heads out to sea.

Argos and Snowy do not do well upon the open sea. Bile and Vile would be trying to teach Agros and the girls how to fix a sail, as well as various other things about sailing.

Kross takes first watch as night fall begins to set it. Using the stars he steers the vessel. Once he is sure everyone is asleep





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