A Story into Time Chapter Nine: Alexander

Chapter Nine Alexander

A week had passed since the fall of the Gods. The world continued as if nothing had happened. The day of blood rain had put many mortal cities in panic but it had waned over the passing of days and their being no end of the world. Word of the immortals was slow to spread as the world was large and mortals stubborn. The seraphs traveled together as they didn’t fair to well for them when they split. This greatly slowed the progress of word being spread. The seraph’s headed for the Elf lands as
Alexander headed toward the human kingdoms.

Alexander had heard rumors of slavers but had yet to come across anyone that appeared to be treated like property nor any cages that could be containing them. Unaware that slaves do not always wear chains nor live in cages.

Alexander was shorter than before and his skin was made of flesh, still a few feet larger than Argos and broader. He happens upon an apple stand, and watches as the merchant grabs one and takes a bite out of it. The crisp sound followed by a rush of juice intrigued the giant into perhaps attempting to eat the food of the immortals. It was at this point he picked up the stand shaking out small hand full. A collection of 50 or so that rolled to a resting spot in the center of his palm he carefully lifts his hand up and pours twenty or so in his mouth.

Alexander,”truly delicious….red….golden…green….they are all just wonderful. What do you call these things again.” Alexander says as he crunches down twenty apples at a time as the merchant shivering with fear over the pure size of this man eating his inventory. Alexander dumps out the remaining in the stand into his hand before.Alexander was shorter than before and his skin was made of flesh, still a few feet larger than Argos and broader.

Merchant, “A-A–App….les….Apples sir.” The merchant stammers staring up at Alexander in somewhat horror. Pondering that if the giant wanted too it could possibly eat fat turkey or medium pig in one bite.

Alexander having finished the last one on the stands questions the merchant,” Do you have any more I would like to take some to my friends, I am sure they would find these just as delicious as I have.

“No….sorry…..that will be 200gp…….” The merchant murmured uneasily trying to mask his fear.

Alexander looks down at the normal sized merchant,” 200 Gold pieces? what are those?”

Merchant puzzled by the true meaning not sure if the giant was mocking him, stupid, or trying to pull a fast one,” Wha? They are Coins made of gold with the markings of the Gods on them. ”

Alexander pondering a moment then with an innocent tone,” how does one find these coins?”

Merchant again startled by the lack of knowledge,”By trading or working to earn them.”

Alexander trying to find out the purpose for these coins and how they effect the common people. ” Now where does one work to ‘earn’ these coins you speak of and what kind of work, also what is work?”

Merchant realizes he is not going to get paid but has a thought.” Tell you what if you help me harvest my crops you will not owe me anything, and I will pay you 50 gold coins for your help?”

Alexander still unsure of this concept,” Sure thing sounds good……have you ever heard of the Immortals?

The merchant goes to leave from behind his stall thinking that this massive man would allow him to bring back a week worth of supplies for the store in a day.

Merchant perplexed by the giants attitude and change of subject,” Can’t say I have, my name is Tiptin by the say stranger.”

Alexander says vehemently,” Well Tiptin I am Alexander, and the immortals came and released you and all mortal kind from worshiping the Gods. They shall save you all from the reign of sacrifice and games the Gods force you to participate in. You’re free ”

Tiptin leads them down a stone path way to a a rather large grove and orchard listening to Alexander explain, about what the Immortals want for the realms.

Alexander continues on, ” The immortals want to free every race, and to power where every race will have its place to live out its days in peace, to do as they like.”

Tiptin slightly concerned musters up the courage to conjecture Alexander.” You do realize all races are not kind to other races just because of their nature correct? That not all of us mortals have issues with the God’s and in fact some of the Gods take very good care of certain races and folks.”

Alexander happy to have some banter eagerly responds,” yes they may but do they take care off all the races?”

Tiptin shrugs,” Well no, some are not worth helping nor protecting.”

Alexander disagrees with a bit of a stern tone,” That’s not true at all every race has their right to live in peace and harmony with the others”

Tiptin shakes his head and explains,” Not all races want to do this, For instance the Darklings spend their day eating the flesh and souls of man, dwarf, gnome, elf and all the others. Raping and pillaging farmers wives, merchants and anything they can get a hold of. They are cruel evil beasts who no remorse or kindness to them.”

Alexander slightly now heated by the discussion,”Have you ever met them? Sat down and actually tried to talk to them, or whenever one comes by do you fall on those ideals and threaten them with death first. Did you ever once consider they only act that way because others treated them poorly and your kind favorable . Perhaps it was only because the Gods proclaimed they were these things so they became them. Surely you cant believe that all of them are unjust now?”

Tiptin disagrees,” You sir are without a doubt the more ignorant man I have ever met or the most confused. Darklings, vampires, Devils, soul eaters, ext don’t give a damn about life, cause they must destroy it to continue their unnatural lives. ”

Alexander begins to realize how hard their vision may become if this man shares the same ideals as most.,”then they must respect life more than any others for without it they would also parish. Yes they may have to eat off the living but it doesn’t mean they want to or will kill to do it. ”

Tiptin adds,” and then do anyway. This is my farm you can start by shaking down some more apples from the trees. ” Tiptin changing the subject points to the orchard once they arrive at the main gate of his property. Rather glad to have a break from the loaf of a man that could easily kill him in one fell swoop.  Tiptin continues on the path up to his barn and starts collecting up baskets and sacs for the giant to put his collection in. Turning back to Alexander, Tiptin sees Alexander manifest a large War Hammer with an ax edge on one side. Alexander slams it down into the earth causing the area to shake violently and force a wave of soil to echo out from is hit. This causes damages to the barn leaving it barely standing as well as uprooting most of the mans orchard. On a plus side this causes apples to fall from the trees in the whole orchard.

Tiptin rushes back and Alexander questions” So is that enough or give it another go?”

Tiptin stands dazed by the sight and slightly frightened at first, shaking it off he responds,” No…I think your good…So….where did you find that fine weapon there. Could of sworn you didn’t have it before. ” Tiptin makes his way over to Alexander carrying all the containers for them. Alexanders weapon fades from sight as he attempts to pick up the small apples often tearing up the ground or crushing them. Titptin seeing this hand the large man a small rake which the giant holds with his fingers.

Alexander realizes he may be causing more harm than good taking the rake he is able to comb the ground without causing as much damage to the product. Aleander replies,” thing is to heavy to keep summoned all the time. Also find carrying it around causes even more discourse to common folk. ”

The day was long but over all Tiptin enjoyed the company of his new found friend who also helped him replant his trees. They had gathered up several bushels of various apples and oranges when the sun finally began to subside.

Tiptin with appreciation ,”Thank you for help today.”

Alexander proudly inquires,”When was the last time a God helped you personally may I just ask?”

Tiptin thinks for a moment,”They were kind enough to bless me with a healthy child and kept my wife strong. For many years even allowed me enough money to send our son to become a scholar. My wife tends to his needs while I keep the farm going. Soon my son will be ready to assist the king and my wife shall return.”

Alexander confused by the statement and reiterates ,”no no, I mean came down before you and talked to you one on one, helped you collect fruit from your land.”

Tiptin ponders again before responding,” Well never…I suppose not in direct fashion.”

Alexander exclaims,” Well already the Immortals have helped you out more than the Gods, wither you believe it or not is up to you. Though the truth remains the same….” *Alexander collects a few bushels of apples from a confused Tiptin, He also grabs a small bag of oranges and apples, turning to leave.

Tiptin smiles happily and gives the giant a fond farewell,”Stay safe traveler and thank you again for you assistance today. I shall consider what you say about these immortals.

Alexander,”Ah well all you have to do is open your eyes.” Alexander would say releasing a bright flash from his eyes, as his skin turns to black diamond. Turning to the road he begins walking as Tiptin drops a sack of fruit staring at Alexander disappearing off into the distance.

The next day Tiptin finishes loading up his chart and starts pushing it into town for his market stand. With enough fruit harvested to last him several days the goal now was to sell it before he went to waste.  Once he gets to town he unloads his product and begins to advertise selling all the goods.

Tiptin,” Fresh Fruit for sale, great for traveling or cooking. Buy. Take. Enjoy!”

Lucifer with head aflame tilts his head at the merchant who is selling apples. The merchant jaw drops open at the flaming black skinned Devilish man walking past. Lucifer has a long spear headed tail sticking out of the base of lower back. It twitches with agitation as everywhere he goes people have similar reactions he has even been attacked a few times by priests. To his right a hooded figure walks next him. A female in form she also draws some attention as attached to her back is a scythe which has a blade that wrapped in black cloth but encases halve the length of the road.

Lucifer in a bit of a rage shouts at Tiptin,” What the fuck are you gawking at you mortal collection of nutrients. ” Tiptin looks down just shaking his head over the strange people that are suddenly all over town.

“Just relax, we draw enough attention without you shouting at everyone who gives you a funny look. They know as much about us as we do about them, besides we are here to look for 400. Though I do not see the reason for this, its not like he is a threat in the long run. ” The reaper says to her traveling companion; one she really didn’t care for at all. Though she did know 400 was more than he seemed but also didn’t agree with hunting him down.

“Fuck’m I am already sick of this shit. Mortals suck,they are so judgmental its made me ill” He holds his head and chest with clenched fists he fights back the urge to kill everyone he sees. It wouldn’t be till later he will learn the concept of feelings and that he was full of rage.” you shouldn’t worry too much about it; you took out Jadis, you can take down 400.”

The Reaper only nods as she knows it was not her alone that took down; Jadis the immortal created to control the others. It was 400 that gave her the opening to make the strike and to free the Jadis’ shoulders of supporting the weight that was above them. It was also 400 that managed to lock up Natalie, an immortal that was plagued by obsession and destruction. The Reaper was also given praise for disappearance as Natalie would have caused more issues than solutions with her ego than anyone else in the group.

“Well we are here the last place 400 had been seen, just north of here is where Ellen was taken apart by him.” Lucifer states glaring as a man leaves the tavern to throw up in the street by them as they pass. Heading north through the town, seeing a women being beaten by a group of men in between buildings, a starving child caught stealing bread from a merchant and the merchant beating the child with a cane. Two other men clash their swords over honor do to one bumping into another and not apologizing. Lucifer sees all this and can not help but shake from the rage building within. The reaper sees all of this but accepts it as the reality of the realm and continues forward unaffected.

They it the wooden area where they see Cecil standing in full armor wielding an average sized war hammer. The armor and weapon shine do to thousands of tiny symbols carved into them. Stopping a few feet from Cecil they look shocked by his appearance. Lucifer summons his armor and weaponry. His armor is made of flames that give off a black hue as they flicker around him. Holding up his hands he summons two flaming broad swords. The Reaper tosses off her cloak and reveals her Blue hair and dark blue metallic armor. though her arms are made of bone from the elbow down very similar to Hades. The armors and weapons of all the immortals have similar looking engravings but different scriptures.

“Hello again brother…sister. I can tell you right now if you continue on your path I will have no choice but to destroy you. The Gods have fallen your task is complete I ask you now to disband any further change to this world.” Cecil says sternly.

“Your request, has been considered and disbanded. We seek only the same freedom we enjoy for all races. I wish not to fight you but Gilgamesh wishes a word with you.” The Reaper says taking a defensive stance.

“Fuck this world and everything in it. Mortals are walking contradictions and honestly toxic, to everything around them. You stand there and tell us you are going to stop all nine of us…How? You tore up the weakest of all of us and act like you can win against two of the strongest.” Lucifer barks.

“Lucy, Reap, trust me when I say the plans Gilgamesh have will only bring this world and your lives despair and destruction. Stop this now.” Cecil’s narrow and he vanishes leaving the other two confused as to where he went, they search around but find no signs of where he went. Relaxing a bit Lucifer is launched into the air as the Reaper feels her chestplate cave in for a moment as the force of Cecil’s hammer is applied sending her head over heals backwards through a few trees before colliding with a boulder and cracking it down the center. Lucifer come down from the sky with such force he creates a small crater about 4 feet around his belly flop. They are both cough up a light green colored blood looking around frantically.

Cecil stands in between them with a wicked grin, his eyes glow bright as his body becomes blurry soon it appears his body creates replicas. Each one had a different coloring of eyes, Blue, Black, Red, Gold, White, Purple, Green, Gray, and last and thinnest Orange. They all are wearing the same armor and carrying the same weapons though the weaponry is smaller than it was before. They all begin to shout,”You will be stopped for I am many and many are one. ”

Lucifer begins to laugh as he raises his arm causing the air to begin to heat up. Moments pass and an army of creatures made of flame form in the area. The Reaper having healed from the attack sees this and takes a step back. As soon as the solders form a Cecil appears near it and smashes the flames out with their hammer. Lucifer looks around in pure shock at how ineffective he is. It was at this moment he stands only to be smashed from all directions from hammer strikes from each of the copies. having crushed the top halve of his body to the thickness of toddler Lucifer falls down out cold as the flames on his head become nothing more than a ember.

The Reaper takes off running away only to be tripped and then smashed into a tree. She drops her weapon and holds up her hands.

“Stop, your point is made. ” The Reaper screeches not sure if it will have an effect enough.

The white eyed Cecil approaches her from behind wearing no armor or weaponry. He looks down upon her for a moment. She places her hand on a sword she kept hidden under her back of her armor. In front of her a black eyed copy approaches still wearing armor and is armed. Slowly the black copy approaches causing her to unsheathe her sword only to have the white eyed copy grab her by this wrist. This causes his hand to begin to rot and pieces to begin to peel off. He gives her wrist a quick twist breaking it forcing her to drop her sword. He then releases her as she screams and his hand returns to its unharmed state.

The sword itself is Black with skulls carved into the handle. Each of these skulls mark different races and have symbols on them similar to the markings on her armor.
The blade held by the unique handle has black flames rising from it in a gentle hue.

The Reaper snaps her wrist back into place and it begins to heal slowly as she looks back at him. The black eyed copy walks up and takes her sword as the white eyed one slides the scythe over to her.

White eyed copy speaks calmly,” Take you scythe and go, but next time Gilgamesh wants to talk to me he can find me himself. In the mean time I will be watching each of you closely. ”

The copies vanish as Reap makes her way over to Lucifer. The damage to Lucifer is extensive but he is repairing, she sits next to him and waits after several hours Lucifer awakes and takes in a breath this reignites his head, and leaves him wheezing. Reap helps him to his feet and they shuffle off to return to Gilgamesh.

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