A Story into Time, Chapter 8 Massacre is Only a Word

“Zeus they have broken through the outer walls, marching towards the center of the city. Reports are grim many have already fallen before these beings.” Hermes exclaims to his ruler. Hermes was streamlined athletic gentleman with winged sandals which he used to give him till today unmatched speed of flight.

“Ready my chariot! Inform Ares, Hephaestus, Poseidon and Hades to prepare for battle. They must not reach Mount Olympus!” Zeus orders while his wife approaches. Zeus was a well aged yet extremely muscular figure with lightening in his eyes giving him a rather shocking glare. His wife is an being of unfazed beauty and grace, in her prime she wraps one arm around her husband.

“Sweet husband, you charge off to battle, for glory. I wish you a swift victory, and offer my aid. For this empire is all of ours and any threat shall be met with the full force of the Gods.” Hera with a bit of spite pledges her services to her husband.

“Hera what do you know of battle, if battle involved giving birth I would request your assistance. No Hera you stay here with Apollo, Aphrodite, Dionysus, and Artemis Shall they get past us it will be up to you to protect the secrets of life. ” Zeus disregarded her aid with haste. Hermes returns with Zeus chariot and in tow the other Gods he requested battle ready. Hera with a disapproving look goes to hide the others under the throne itself.

“Ares, how did they even step foot here? How could we be so easily breached?” Zeus demanded answers

“My commander all weapons have only stalled them not killed them. They repair as fast as we can tare them apart. They can manipulate our abilities, and have effectively slain several of our kind. They have a wide range of abilities each specializing in taking on each of us down.” Ares was a heavily armored war driven and battle hardened God. He lived for violence and his voice echoed the thrill he felt on the inside facing the first real challenge in ages. His armor was made from layer upon layer of weaponry.

Hephaestus was standing next to Hades and Ares, his craftsmanship could be seen on every God that wondered the realm. He was wearing a suit of studded armor and wielding a spear. Hermes left to return with chariots for the rest Zeus and Ares take off as Hephaestus collapses. Poseidon yells “TRAITOR” as Hades removes his blade from the back Hephaestus head. Hades gives a smirk.

Poseidon brings his trident towards Hades whom lets it smash into him causing his frame to cave in. Poseidon glares in shot as Hades form returns moments after the blow. Hermes also joins shoving a very small dagger through Hades back and removing it. Hades spins the top half of his body and in a quick motion slits Hermes’ throat then spins back around to face Poseidon

“ow now Poseidon is that really a way to treat a lady, ” Diane says returning to her true form, the wounds she had suffered repair and she tilts her head with a playful smile. Her hand held onto a metal woven dagger covered in scripture. Diane with speed and uncanny agility closes in forcing Poseidon on the defensive. Hera and the others watch on in confusion and horror not sure what to do. Poseidon holds his own for now as Diane laughs as if a child playing with a new toy.

Zeus and Ares see three figures below as well as a mass Gods screaming out in pain as they bleed out staining the clouds. They turn black and thus to ashes. Zeus lands his chariot glaring at the Gilgamesh. To Gilgamesh’s right is being larger than a half giant but not the size of a giant. Its skin is make of a diamond like stone. It is wielding a war hammer that could serve as a hut for a small family. On its shoulder is the black seraph.

“Well, Zeus I wasn’t expecting you to meet me head on like this. Figured you would have cowered in your cambers till we came knocking.” Gilgamesh says while cleaning the tip of spear with a bit of robes cut from Athena who lies before him missing an arm and with several stab wounds. Athena reaches out towards Zeus before having the tail end of Gilgamesh’s spear slammed down through her skull.

Zeus with extreme anger,” WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?.” Lightning flashes from out of his hands and eyes darkening the area around him.

Gilgamesh very calmly states,”My name is is Gilgamesh, my big friend here is named Alexander and that little bird on his shoulder is Hellen.” Alexander nods and Hellen waves down to the Gods. “To be honest I am not sure myself but the base answer…I suppose is freedom. Perhaps its something you couldn’t understand living up here in the clouds far from the reality of your subjects, and I am still learning as I walk among them.”

Ares sizes up Alexander trying to determine the best way to take him down quickly. He notices the seraph is armed with a bow and arrow though it is not at the ready. Assuming the big man moves as slow as one would expect he could easily out maneuver Alexander but the Seraph poses different issues with range and flight puts Ares at a notable disadvantage.

“You have slain many of us but not the best of us…”Ares says as he then takes off in a charge towards Alexander who lets go of his weapon and picks up Ares with his hand in a rush of unexpected speed. Ares arms still free pulls daggers off of his gauntlets and attempts to smash them into the stone fingers of Alexander. The blades of his weapons snap off and fly off in various directions. Alexander sighs as if saddened by whats about to happen as he squeezes Ares till Ares’s body gives way. The sound of his bones crushing rings out as the weapons that made up his armor are forced into him. Ares screams out in agony for a moment then becomes silent Alexander just puts Ares gently on the ground shaking his head and hand in disgust.

Zeus sends out a battle cry that sends lighting up from the clouds below and from every part of his body towards Gilgamesh. Who holds his spear forward. The Spear glows and absorbs the lightening. Causing flashes of various colors to dart across the sky. He then throws his spear towards the source of all the power. It pierces through Zeus chest causing becoming parasitic as it continues to absorb his abilities. Zeus pulls it out and his hand begins to decay as well as the hole it left in his chest. He falls to one knee but, summons another wave of lightening to shock all three of his opponents causing them to scream out in pain. As lightening bursts forth from each of them. They collapse and Zeus breathes heavily forcing himself to stand once again. HE returns to his chariot only to Feel an arrow pierce his back as Helen and the others are Getting back up with no sign of damage. Zeus’s eyes widen in disbelief at their undamaged bodies. He can feel his body begin to turn to ash and for the first time he realized that he was afraid to die.

Gilgamesh walks over to the chariot brushing the remains of Zeus off of it.
“Alexander continue to clean up here if you find any remaining finish it. Hellen come with me, we are going to meet up with Diane.” With a snap of the wrist they take off in the chariot heading towards the last of the Gods.

Hera having hidden the others hands the scroll to Dionysus, they wait but they all hear Poseidon fight and Hera builds up her courage and pokes her head out of hiding to see what is happening.

Poseidon has taken very minor injuries but has been forced back into the throne room of the Gods. The lack of any sort of conventional fighting style has put Poseidon at a disadvantage causing him to second guess any offensive moves. Diane’s movements are a memorizing display similar to dancing she lashes out with each of her limbs changing their rigidity as needed. With a move to form distraction she brings Poseidon to block low as her leg whips around and smashes into the side of his head knocking him out and toward the throne.

“Quickly grab Poseidon, the scroll of truth and make your way out to the land of the mortals,” Hera whispers before grabbing a chalice and charging forth towards Diane who yawns easily dodging Hera’s wild swings but this does distract Diane from the others movements and motives. A cloaked figure arrives at the door behind it stands next to a man whom hair and mouth expel flames. The cloaked figure is clearly female she raises her hand and in it is a wand. Hera screams in pain as all of joints invert and she collapses in a twisted heap on the floor.

The other Gods go to the mortal realm as Hera whimpers unable to move with every attempt she is crippled further as parts of her spine begin to turn.

“Stop it 334! She was mine not yours to play with. ” Diane screams out as the figure turns and waves her wand at Diane dislocating her jaw, the man laughs flicker flames past his lips. Diane jams her jaw back into place before throwing her dagger into Hera more out of mercy and claiming the kill than anything else. Her dagger passes all the way through Hera getting stopped by the handle. When this happens the daggers weaved blade separates slicing Hera in half as the blades slide around the base and go parallel to the handle before snapping back to its intertwined position.

“334 was my slave name, I think I shall take the name Madea….” A female voice rings out as she takes down her hood. A sickly looking being with dark purple hair looks stares at Diane with empty brown eyes. “Medea was an interesting kill for me today name has almost a pleasant ring to it…but Madea that is the name for me. Now that your done playing where is the scroll you went on and on about.”

Diane blinks briefly as she was still very angry being interrupted, now being questioned by 334 was just an insult. “First off I do not answer to you “Madea”. Secondly -” Diane is interrupted by her jaw becoming lose again as Madea wrist gives her wand a slight twitch having not heard an answer to her question just the opinion of someone she could care less about.

“Diane I asked you a question, now answer it.” Madea’s sickly eyes narrow in on Diane as the Gentleman with him numbs his laughter as a more serious tone is settling in.

“Answer Diane, or are we going to get to play.” His grin couldn’t have been more intimidating as the orange glow of his mouth blacked his teeth.

Diane having fixed her jaw, ” should be next to the throne on a pedestal. Lucifer your smile lacks the charm you insist you have.”

“Splendid!” Lucifer makes his way over to the throne looking searching it up and down to his dismay he finds Zeus’s crown and food on the pedestal which he gladly takes a bite of. With a mouth full of food he speaks” um…no…its not….there is nothing here.”

Gilgamesh arrives driving the chariot right into the throne room causing Madea to jump out of the way. She sneers as Gilgamesh jumps down off the chariot. He heads over to the throne and sits down picking up the crown and placing it on his head. Hera turns to ashes and Gilgamesh looks over the others.

Gilgamesh speaks with authority,” Well victory is ours the Gods are defeated…Alexander is cleaning up what remains in the city. Bring me the scroll and share your reports. We shall begin to plan our next move.”

“The scroll is not here Gilgamesh,” Lucifer states his hair diminishing slightly as she spoke.

“Well Diane what happened?” Gilgamesh sternly asks.

“It’s obvious she was all about playing instead of doing her job. Clearly, and she killed the last God here that could have told us anything.” Madea states coldly and as harshly as possible.

“Most likely some of the Gods must have escaped I will do whatever it takes to find them and the scroll. ” Diane explains.

“Be that as it may the Gods are defeated and the few remaining can not be of very much use. Off to plan B. summon Natalie, she hopefully has located Kronos by now. Diane head to the mortal realm and find the Gods before they fully disappear.”

It was at this point that a portal opened out, from out of it came Ellen who has wounds that had only just stopped bleeding. Shocked by this Gilgamesh and Hellen rush to her aid. They hold her head up as her face is partially removed.

“Ellen…what the hell happened to you what or who did this?” Hellen Demands.

Hellen responds weakly…”400…he says he will the mortals are defended.”

Gilgamesh exclaims,”400 did this to you? How he has no skills at all. ”

“I do not know how…only that he is not the same as he was…” She coughs up some blood but healing is starting to show but scars cover her from head to toe. Gilgamesh leaves her in Hellen’s arms as he looks to Lucifer.

“Find The Reaper, and go after 400, bring him before me for questioning. Do whatever you must to draw him out. Madea take the key I found off of Hades and see if it opens this so called Gate. Release those races within, freedom for all. No one should be caged. Hellen tell Alexander to begin spreading word of our victory and let the people know they are free. Ellen when you finish healing join her and Alexander. You take this message to each kingdom telling the Gods are no more. Tell them to begin destruction of temples for they no longer matter. We give all races the gift of freedom.” Gilgamesh decrees.


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