A Story Into Time Chapter Two: The White Raven

“Kross…..Kross…..Wake up already…..” A young blond haired girl with blue eyes stands at the edge of a bed. She was wearing a white summer dress with bright blue flowers sowed into the design. She seemed to be no older than twelve and had a very innocent look about her. Standing roughly at 4’11” she begins playing with her hair forming into pig tails. This exposed her ear showing that of elf kin in her ancestry.

In the bed is a man in his mid twenties presumed to be fast asleep his hair though black in color had a bit of a sliver haze to it. Hanging off the bed frame near his feet was a large black leather jacket; well worn, to its side lays a cloak and well crafted sword. Random other belongings are strung about the room.

“KROSS…. WAKE UP….”, she screams at the the top of her lungs having no effect on the already awake but unmotivated companion. He remains still with eyes firmly shut. He controls his breathing so she is none the wiser to his ruse. After she gets frustrated with him she goes over to his jacket and removes some coins for breakfast. Slamming the door as hard as she can when she departs.

Once she left he sits up groaning in discontent. His scared body shows many story’s but few he remembers or wishes to share. He shuffles around the bed blindly for his shirt sliding it on he notices a faint odor coming from it. With a sigh he tosses  legs off the side of the bed still in desperate search for the motivation to tackle on the rest of the day. He stands. The wood of the floor is cold and unforgiving as he shuffles his feet around to the foot of the bed where he grabs his jacket and sword. Checking his pockets he figures out the amount she stole with a bit of a smile, “finally learning something” he whispers to himself. Sliding the jacket on the inner right hand pocket of the jacket slaps against his chest with a thud. He pats the outside of the the jacket pocket making sure the contents were not disturbed. Making his way to the door he picks up a small bag of belongings, though he honestly questions why he drags the bag around at all as it has nothing of value inside it. He gives his eyes a sturdy rub to make sure he has the appearance of just waking up. He opens the door letting in a rush of noise and light.

He makes his way to a stair case as he makes his way down the rise of idle conversation increases. He peers out across the chamber of the Horse Hoof Tavern. The building was named this based on its shape which was pretty much a U consisting of rooms for rent by the night or hour. The center of the horse Hoof Tavern was a mass bar and eating area, given it was the only place within a day of traveling to get hot food the locals kept it pretty well supplied with traffic and commerce. He spies the girl who woke him up prior showing off her new dress to the wench dropping off the girls breakfast. Eggs, bread, and some small radishes . A tall glass of milky water to wash it all down with. Kross begins to slowly make his way across the crowded dining area to the small table that the girl had claimed in the corner. On his way he eyes some decently sized coin purses one of which he acquires without notice. Slipping into his pocket shortly before he sits down rather abruptly staring at the girl.

“Well, how did you manage to get me something to start the day, Snowy?” he asks attempting to slide her plate of grub over to himself before she has a chance to eat it. This attempt fails as she gives him a glare showing his actions are a death worthy crime, lifting up a fork with a threatening stabbing motion.

“Should you have woken up on time Kross you might have seen my new skills at their peek performance, But since you cant get up you will never be able to see. ” She says smugly before biting into a radish. She finishes her bite before continuing “You going to keep your promises this time or am I to be disappointed again.”

“Snowy, its clear your skills are truly surpassing mine. What do you want from me, I told you I would take you to where the White Raven flies, its not my fault we haven’t seen it since we arrived. I can not control it, I am not a druid or some sort of elemental. ”

“Kross, Why do you make promises you can not or don’t intend to keep.” She says with a sullen tone. “And why haven’t you commented on my dress? Don’t you think its pretty?

” I didn’t comment on your dress cause as elegant as it may be it can not improve you grace, as you are the most elegant of all. ” he says hoping the over exaggerated compliment will keep him out of her cross hairs. “Have you heard anything interesting going on in the area we might be able to pick up some spare cash for our travels.”

” Well they say that the orcs are moving in from the northwest cutting off the supply line to the mountain folk. They could very will be planning on trying to retake the dwarf strong hold in the mountain. Also someone mentioned a cloaked women appearing and disappearing in the woods not far from here, others had claimed they saw the same witch craft. Other than those only labor options mostly dealing with harvests. ” she says nodding happily to the compliment.

“Disappointing” he waves he wench over to order the same but coffee to drink instead. He is denied the coffee as its a rare privilege that the small town can not afford. Kross sighs having heard the ill news. The wench leaves and he turns his attention back to Snowy who has managed to pile all  her food on top of her bread chuck and is attempting to cut through it with a poorly forged fork.  Kross leans in and assists against her dismay she lets him. Once chopped up she shovels it into her mouth as Kross’s order is returned to him he pays the wench with a little extra before eating for himself. Snowy waits for him to finish before she pipes up.

“Snowy, Thank you for the dress….and sorry for not thanking you sooner its truly lovely.” She mentions while admiring the bright colors of it. The thought of its future in her care brings a bit of sadness to her tone. Since they travel so often it will be impossible for her to keep its glory pure. She knows the colors will fade, and it will get dirty with in a short amount of time.

“Glad you like it but to be honest I can not remember buying it for you” he says a bit confused. Having only a loose memory of the day before making him feel a bit off. His body is weak as if he had been fighting the day before and he cant really remember much from it but does remember seeing the dress in a shop. Though doesn’t remember seeing that shop anywhere in town.

“Well, It’s gorgeous anyway,” she says taking no concern over his statement. As he has been trying to teach her that acquiring doesn’t always involve coins.”Whats the plan for today?”

” Suppose we should find that White Raven so you can get your feather and thus we can move on to a civilized town that has coffee. Though tomorrow it might be best to move on encase those orcs decide to head this way. Go fetch your bow and arrows; then we shall search the wooded areas near by. “Kross says reluctantly as he could easily just crawl back into bed.

Snowy nods and then takes off up the stairs to her room to collect her things, as Kross talks to the tavern keeper about reserving one more night, and pays in full using up the last of the coins he stole this morning. On their way out he pick pockets two more and places the now empty purses in a third victims pocket. Snowy leads the way out the door as the missing purses begin to get noticed. Shouting and a impending brawl they leave on their way out. Kross smiles at the ease of his slight of hand, and how the blame will never catch up with them. They head to the edge of town to the woods where they begin their search of this fabled white raven.

Once they reached the woods their disappointment was confirmed as the wooded area was barely 4 acres, and filled with thorny bushes and lifeless pine trees. It wasn’t long until Snowy tore a small hole in her dress; instantly fumed, she chanted a spell releasing a burst of flame in all directions around her scorching Kross briefly as well as singeing the thorny bushes. Kross glares at her a moment for his scorched hair before they continue searching every inch of the trees for the raven. They find nothing of true value, nor any sign of the existence. Kross did note that the wooded area was very void of life and sound, though didn’t mention it as he didn’t want to startle his young friend.

Kross looked towards the sky and was surprised to see another rarity, two seraphs, that flying above. He silently waved Snowy to look up at the oddity as well. Snowy looked up in awe having only heard stories. Kross noticed that these Angelic beings did not fully resemble their own kin. As almost all seraphs have either grey or white wings, these two had different colors all together. One was golden in all senses of the word as the Other was black with ash colored skin. They were pretty high up and seemed to be searching the area as well. Kross instincts kicked in as he grabbed Snowy and they moved closer to a large tree for some kind of cover.

“These are not normal, and seem to be also looking for white raven or something else. Either way best not be confused for whatever they are looking for.” He whispers feeling uneasy about not knowing nor having the advantage of cover nor high ground in this case.

“Kross, they are so majestic though, maybe we can help each other.” She said with innocence and curiosity feeling her voice to a near foolish tone.

“Snowy, take it from me…Gods and Angels are not to be trusted, they always have an agenda. Often don’t like others knowing what they are. My gut tells me those two either have been banished or are not what they seem. Can’t explain it…” Kross says with caution and guidance. He gets this sudden feeling almost painful that he could have seen these two before but the memory escapes him. The Seraphs glide down closer to the forest before taking off as if they caught the scent of whatever they were looking for. They head directly towards the town they had left earlier that day. It was at this moment Snowy felt something brush her face, turning she saw it. A single white feather drifting ever so carelessly down to the ground.

Snowy bends over and picks it up with a big smile on her face before turning and looking up at the tree. She sees no bird but Kross remains still. Snowy turns to show him the feather but he ignores her.

“Kross, Look at this.” She says with glee but it fades quickly as he remains still. She jumps up to wave her hand in his face and yet gets no response. She looks at his chest and its not moving. Freaking out she begins screaming at him as he stares off ahead. She turns to see what he is looking at. A man in his early thirties dressed in white, with white hair and white eyes stairs back her.

The man stood roughly 6’2″ and had parallel scars running through each eye. He held a staff with scripture she had never seen on it. His cloths were the whitest white she had ever seen, instantly she wanted to give him some color but she too froze. It was at this moment she realized she couldn’t feel the wind, hear the movement of the forest that.

“erm….Hello? What have you done to Kross,” she asks while thinking of a possible spell she could use.

“Snowy, I mean you nor your dear friend Kross any harm. You went in search of the White Raven, here I stand before you. If you wish to free Kross just brush that feather against him. ” The man says in gentle and soothing tone.”

Snowy does touch the feather to Kross who instantly grabs his sword, unsheathing pushing Snowy behind himself for protection. Snowy how ever almost falls over stumbling off to the side.

Stay back Snowy, Who are you? “Kross waves the sword back and fourth with quick motion demonstrating a brief display of of his striking speed.

“As I have said I am the White Raven, and unless you plan on stabbing a harmless blind man with that sword I suggest you put it away. ” The white figure responds with parental tone that makes a chill run down Snowy’s spine, as if she had heard this voice many times before. She turns and stares at the figure bewildered as she had never seen this man before. Kross on the other side sees flashes of his past causing his eyes to widen as he lowers the weapon.

“White Raven you may be but again I ask who you are. You say you are harmless but my experience has taught me is any blind man that walks alone is not a man who is harmless. ” Kross says soundly having coned many people in his day, and from time to time taking on a blind man persona for certain ploys. The man before him had whited out glassy eyes that hardly blinked. The man’s staff and clothing were too pristine for a believable blind man who had been stumbling around over the years. Stainless, dust less and seemingly un-ruptured nor sown makes as far as he could tell. Also the clothing was well pressed and wrinkle free.

“Excuse me Mr. Raven…..how…how did you know our names?” Snowy asks shyly poking her head  out from behind Kross whom has yet to sheath his sword.

The man’s eyes narrow into a glare for a moment as if annoyed by their questions, wishing they would just accept the reality before them. “Shhh, Snowy I knew your names from watching you two talk to one another this morning in the tavern. First I have a name, but I haven’t used it in so long I barely remember it.  Cecil, you can call me Cecil, I am one of the last great masters of healing magics. ” he says calmly.

“Kross healing magic is forbidden, has been for centuries, since the rise of the necromancer. I do not believe you for if you truly were a master of healing magics your eyes would be more than a facial feature. Also If you had been at the tavern this morning I would have seen you. ” He says crassly ready his sword.

“You mean you didn’t?…. And they call me blind…..so perhaps a demonstration, follow me,” he says rather cheery as he takes off on a steady pace down the path towards the town they had left previously. Kross and Snowy look at each puzzled a moment before walking a safe distance behind him. Kross watches him closely trying to detect wither the he is actually blind or not. Cecil does move seamlessly across the path occasionally stepping out of sink with the rest but abruptly returns to the previous line of walking.







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