The Hatchet

The Hatchet

A house lies abandoned in a forest of terrors
The house was once full of horrors
Dried blood remains on the floors
As claw marks are etched in the doors

Bones bare of flesh, litter the scene
Skulls are scattered among the collections
Giant cracks leave them each in bisections
Three total left without protection

A reddened hatchet lies on the floor by the entrance
It was once sharp and new
Now its purpose is askew
Its the reason blood did spew

A man stumbles onto the dwelling
Announcing his arrival he sternly knocked
Entering in he was truly shocked
Finding such a fine ax in good stock

Lifting it up he licked the blood off it,
“Surely” he thought,” this will make a nice sale”
The hatchet longed to swing and impale
It’s edge eagerly shines waiting to assail

The man looks around at the faded carnage
Taking an other interesting piece
He leaves and returns to his niece
Who often was seen wearing elegant fleece

Pretty in face but ugly in mind
She watched over his humble store
Lost in local gossip and lore
Never minding any other chore

The man looks around at what isn’t done
He gripped the ax so very tight
It turned his eyes red and knuckles white
With a swing the ax did bite

Her arm and the elbow fell to the floor
She screamed as her blood did flow
Her screams caused his rage to grow
With more swings her juice does slow

Hacked to pieces she becomes still
He smiles a bit before continuing to chop
Laughing at her former remarks of “stop”
Clueless he looked around as the ax did drop

Screaming in horror over what had happened
Apologizing as he remembered what he done
He picked up pieces all the while stun
Knowing he would soon have to run

He cleaned the ax and placed it for sale
Before he dug his niece a shallow grave
It was after he freshened the store he shaved
Once finished a customer arrived with a wave

The customer was requesting an ax
His family needed to build a shed
Wonderful the owner thought in his head
Offering up the ax which had caused such dread

The customer with a smile paid in full
With the ax the customer did leave
The store owner began to grieve
Carelessly whipping snot on his sleeve

His eyes of tears soon turned red
As the ax made its way to a new home
The shopkeeper packed up everything alone
Forever he will be doomed to purposely roam


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