Chapter 13: Darkness Falls

A  drunk stricken in fear bursts open a taverns door of a small village near the mountain range. The town was known for being the last place to pick up supplies before heading towards the mountains. As well as the first place to rest after leaving the mountains. The town had only about 30 locals a few cottages, a market, with and inn, and a temple dedicated to Hermes. Finvilla was the name chosen for the town by the travelers long ago, but the locals call it Haven.

Drunk,”The DEAD are walking this way.” The drunk was wearing a torn up shirt well aged and stained with pants that the buttons had broken on years of drinking prior. They stayed on by the grace of a thin bit of twine tide slightly to tight around his waist the race of the man could have been a human at one point but years of drinking caused his skin to look worse for wear.

Bar keep,” quit your nonsense, we are not running out of here again for a false looming danger so you can raid the place….not this time fool me three times shame on me…fool me a fourth…shame on you. ”

The drunk stumbles a bit before crashing into the counter of the bar panting heavily.

Drunk,” You have to believe me everyone they are coming from the across the mountain divide.” He reaches out to grab the inn keeper and pull him close as Argos, Kross, Ash and Snowy huddle around a table near the fire overhearing the commotion. Cecil is no where to be seen and Kross had gone in search of him around the town twice with no luck in locating him. Snowy begins to shiver at the thought of walking dead as Ash begins to get angry at the drunk whom is scaring her sister.

The Bar Tender pushes the drunk off of himself, causing the drunk to fall and crawl his way over to the table where our heroes gather. Snowy scoots her stool over towards Agros as Kross brings forth a cruel look of curiosity. The drunk manages to crawl his way up the table looking at the group.

Drunk,” Hurry save the children…Run before the dead our upon us.”

Argos, ” believe me, they can handle themselves you should make your way to your chambers and sleep it off.”

Kross,” Army of walking dead perhaps our healer has gone to try and take them on solo. ”

Argos, ” I doubt it, though he is one to do things on his own I believe he would have informed us,” he says as he pushes the off the table and causes him to fall down next to Ash


Snowy,” SHHHHH….he….is…..right there ” Points in heightened alarm.

The drunk crawls over to Ash trying to use her stool to steady himself. As she brings her metal clasped fan down solidly on the top of his head. Causing the drunk to grumble loudly and sober up a moment from it looking up at ash his eyes begin to water as the appearance of relief fill his face.

Drunk,”Ash?…..” He says before looking over at Snowy,” Snow?…… God is…it…you…..?  ” tears now pour down his face. In broken sobs he wails apologies, in between drunken stupors.

Ash,” How do you?….Wait…ARGO”

Snowy,” Ewww…the smelly guy knows our names…I think I am going to be sick….I am too young to have a stalker. ”


Argo,” Sir I think we would like you to explain how you know these two now…rather than later. ”

Kross,” How about we start with a name…and go from there.” Kross has his hand on his blade but its hidden by the table. Unsure of what to make of this stumbling fool and how he is connected to the two elf children.

Drunk,” I am Chuck….my friend Grindle and I were left in charge of them till a purple haired mute stole them from us. ”

Argo,” Purple haired mute?”

Snowy,”Left in charge of us ?”

Ash,”Who would leave us in a drunk’s care?”

Kross,” Round of ale for the table please think we are going to need.” Chuck smiles pleased by the offer of free ale and not being scared off.

Chuck,” Well….during my wandering days.. I came across a male water elf…” The ale is delivered as chuck fills them in on the story of their father, and how he met his end. Kross sinks down into his chair a bit during the mention of the thieving of the armor of the dwarf.Chuck finishes his ale then helps himself to Ash’s as Snowy drank hers down in a hurry having never been allowed to have any before, her cheeks have become rosy as Ash shakes her head. The taste of the ale was bitter and caused her to almost gag as she sipped it before.

Snowy,”SO our Dad was a water elf….” she says with a bit of disappointment as she looks like one but only knows fire magics.

Ash,” Can’t be sure this guy is telling the truth for all we really know he killed our dad and traded us. I mean look at him he is a useless drunk.”

Kross is about to chime in as Argo places his hand on his should to silence him as this is Snowy and Ash’s choice to believe or not. Kross shrugs off Argo’s hand but does remain silent.

Chuck,”This is true but I do not want anything from you but to get you out of here before the undead army arrives. ”

Snowy,” DADDY SLAYER…..”she says all serious before cracking up do to the ale. Argo leers at Kross who again shrugs at Argo.

Argo,” The last necromancer was slain decades ago and the rest of the zombies were dismembered a few ages after. ” Trying to prove this man was full of smoke and mirrors. Unbelieving of the tale just spun by Chuck. .

Kross,” Last necromancer was not slain, Agro…not sure who taught you that lie, but the last necromancer was locked in the gate with the darklings and other “evil doers”, he says in a slightly condescending way.

Chuck,”Hello….did you not know? The gate is open!!!!.



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