Chapter 12: Death is only the Beginning

The sounds of metal clanging ring out as the Mother of Death faces off against her son Hades. Their battle field is a barren field of warm sand cooling across the sand of the Valley of Seven Devils. The field was named this do to the fire Devils who once would doom all travelers who cross their vacant desert searching for a promised land that was made of myths and legends. A aspect that caused many who searched for a better tomorrow to meet terrible fates. They were captured ages ago by a fierce warrior who tricked them into fighting one another till they were too tired to defend against him. Dragging them back to the Gate he locked them away for what all assumed would be until the end of time.

Mother of Death,” Hades why are you doing this….There is no balance if you continue to kill those whoms time has yet to come. ”

Hades,” The old ways mean nothing, for its time for a change its time for you to give up your power to me.”

Mother of Death,” You’re a foolish child…you are not ready to be the God of Death.”

Hades charges forth bringing his blade down to strike his mother who uses a scythe to defend herself, sliding back across the sand from the strike. Surprised and slightly fearful of her son’s new found power.  She spins her scythe to cause a large about of sand to kick up and create a wall of sand between the two of them. Hades charges forth and swings his blade knocking loose his mothers grip on her weapon.

Hades: “Its time I bring you to piece darling.”

He shoves his sword deep into her chest causing her ribs to give way and the blade to pierce her heart. Black blood slides down the blade as the mother of death only smiles back at her foe.

Mother of Death,”Its a relief to know that my son had nothing to do with this…vile creature show yourself…”

Diane returns to her normal form as her body shifts from Hades’ to her own she looks back puzzled to have been exposed. Curious of how this false old God was able to see through her masquerade. Pulling the blade out of the Mother of Death she watches the God fall backwards onto the sand.

Diane: “Well seems you have some surprises in you still.”

Mother of Death,” Its not hard, for if you were my son and truly wanted the power you would not have destroyed the source….ha ha ha….foolish shapeshifter I no idea what your plans are but its simple to see you have no idea what your doing.” She laughs a bit until her voice is interrupted by a spur of blood. The wind begins to pick up greatly as Diane watches in confusion. Sand begins to fly towards Diane with great speed, it tears into her flesh and eyes blinding her.

Diane,” FUCK whats with this wind you old hag. ”

Diane would then feel the earth underneath her begin to pull in down, Alarmed she takes the form of a phoenix and takes off into the air a chain of sand follows her her up into the air wrapping around her ankles and starts to bring her back down. The wind also makes it difficult for her to remain steady and soon she crashes down into the sand, and then is drug down under the surface of the sand.

Wind,” Madam….are you alright”

Mother of Death,” The foolish thought of killing death…..ha…ha ha….” says before coughing up more blood, weakly she stands. Its at this point that she looks down at her chest, around the wound has begun to turn white to her dismay she falls to one knee as the wind rushes to her side, using its power to steady her.

Wind,” The book keeper said that something was coming to unleash war on the Gods. I guess that was one of them…I suppose. I found you and the God of the Earth we are looking for Rah and the other former Gods. The kingdom of Zeus has been laid to waste and they hung his dying body on the front gate. As a warning, if I had only gotten here sooner we might have been able to escape without injury. ”

Mother of Death,” I don’t think I am going to be alright…Rah was last known to be resting where the sky meets Earth. Trust no one…..” Holding her chest the white begins to slowly spread. She forces herself to stand and take. In the distance three figures begin approaching. The ground begins to shake as a massive sand dragon bursts forth attacking the ground as the wind helps mother of death steady herself and gain balance enough to remain on her feet.

Wind,” We need to go now…”

The gods make their retreat as the Mother of Death moans in pain with every step the wind conceals her movements till they she can manage to hide her form. The God of Earth continues to form a distraction till the others are clear before he leaves and the sands become still.

Gilgamesh, Madea, and an orc chieftain arrive on the scene. Medea laughs at the sand dragon who changes form to Diane.

Diane.”ahhh go choke on it Madea.”

Medea,” I am not the one who let some Lower Gods get the better of me now am I.”

Diane.” Former Gods seem to be of higher order than their offspring. ”

Gilgamesh,” It is nothing we can not handle I am sure of it. They may be powerful and illusive but to keep our plans on our track we shall have to finish them off not let them linger with injuries. Diane, do you have any information for me?”

Diane,” yes there is a wind God and an Earth God, they seem to be trying to find one another. But most of the former gods wont work with the current ones nor work well with one another.”

Gilgamesh,” Well do you know how many former Gods we could expect to encounter? And has anyone found 400? ”

Diane,” There was one matching his description that was mentioned in a small village. They spoke of him fondly as he healed them also provided them with food and other supplies. Only thing that makes me think its not him, is the fact they said he turned an army of darklings into dust before passing out for several days. He was also listed as blind; we know 400 is as well, but not everything matches up as 400 doesn’t fight nor heal others. ”

Medea,” yeah might be him might not be”

Gilgamesh,” Strange…thanks for the report return to your duties of observing, next time do not engage without back up. Medea lead our orc friend here to find Lucy and see if he has managed to open the gate. Combine your forces and then you with the help of Lucy and the sisters continue to destroy the temples and the followers. ”

Medea nods and looks to the orc chieftain in a bit of disgust as the orc looks at her with the clear thought of sexual fantasies filling its mind. Disgusted she leads the say towards a new town. The orc follows a on the verge of being to close behind her as they head south.

Gilgamesh leans down placing his hand into the sand, his eyes flash a bit as Diane finally takes off as a sparrow into the air. He was now alone in the vastness of desert. Whispers fill his head as he shakes it off for a moment before they come back louder.

Voices, “Kill them….kill them all….rule…bend the knee to no one. ”

Gilgamesh,” Yes master…I shall…kill them all….every last one….”



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