Chapter 11: Lucy Rising ( work in progress )

Lucifer wonders around an abandon Dwarf City of Granite. Wondering around for some time he finds a shrine that is still being maintained. The shrine is to Chronos which he found interesting. Why would dwarfs worship the God of Time, and who has been up keeping it up all this time.

The rest of the town had clearly seen very better days, most of the buildings had collapsed. Residents lie as broken skeletons on the street. As if they were lined up and forced to lay down as something heavy yet only about 8 inches wide was rolled over them repeatedly.

Hellen and Ellen land next to Lucifer. Hellen bats her blacken wings letting out the smell of rot as she hops forward to speak to Lucifer.

Hellen,”Seems there is a mountain slowly falling into the sea. There is a floating dock on the other side of that mountain *pointing to a mountain that was only about 2000 feet up. Other than that no shrines can be seen in the area though we also need to report we found that door thing you were looking for.”

Ellen wraps her wings around her arms and front as she walks up to Lucifer,” Though its a bit south from here you have a few mountains to cross over to get there. Also seems the mortals who used to habitat this area had begun mining the mountains and sea, but they were never fully complete or it already fell apart.

Lucifer nods to the sisters,”Alright I will work my way there shortly going to take down this shrine first; then I shall follow along. Report back to Gilgamesh and then I shall meet you at this Gate.” The girls spread their wings and take flight. Turning his attention to the shrine. He holds out is hand as if he was holding a sword. Seconds later a bright orange blade slides out of his had until a sword and handle form out of it. The heat off of the blade causes the air around it to distort anyone’s view. He jams the blade into the ground causing it to crumble and melt around the shrine. Though to is unpleasant surprise the shrine and the earth under it remained unfazed by his attempt to dismember it.

Lucifer.” Well then a shrine that puts up a fight?”

He steps back and raises his sword which bursts into bright orange flames with a black outline. He chants some words under his breath and 9 blasts of flame crash into the earth around him. From this burning craters rise fire demon like beings. Each with their own flaming weaponry, they charge forward across the molten rock and collide with the shrine. To even further annoy Lucy the summons crash into a invisible barrier around the shrine and as they strike it, the barriers outer layer lights up and looks like that of thick frost on an exposed window.

Laughing, he had realized that Chronos would have known of his arrival and had set some entertaining distractions. He jumps across the lava and lands on top of the barrier. He stabs his sword into the top of the dome causing it to his as it breaks its way through and eventually gives way to his persistence. He lands on top of the shrine as it breaks free. and finds himself grappled by chains as he activates a trap. Struggling for only a moment before he breaks free now annoyed by this shrine.
He begins to strike it over and over again till it eventually gives into his will. Every so often he would set off another wave of chains or be struck by an ice blast Causing his progress to slow and only fuel his rage to dismember the who building.

It was a good puzzle he thought as he departed from the rubble stepping on the skulls of the former villagers; making his way to the doors Ellen and Hellen informed him about.

Crossing the mountains would have been difficult for mortals but for him it was more of an annoyance that he could not avoid. Seems the delays would put him a bit behind schedule, not that it mattered but he preferred to stick to his schedule. After about 30 hours of traveling he arrived at the door. Above it in dwarfern tongue a message read ,” The Gate “. The craftsmanship was surreal. He was amazed by the beauty and the details in the stone work. Annoyed he finds a very complicated lock on the door. Five holes in a a star pattern with a massive magical seal on it created by all races and Gods. He swings his sword to strike it only to have it blasted backwards and knocked out of his hand. He does not pick up his sword but instead begins pounding relentlessly with his knuckles against the locks until they cave in and he jams his arm inside to release the lock. He repeats this with each one then kicks open the massive 50 foot tall and 10 feet deep walls. Granted this only opened it enough for him to pass through. As light enters the hall way he looks down to see some more markings. Reading them he chuckle,”The abyss of hell.” Stepping forward he mocks the scriptures as he walks through looking at the walls carefully. till he arrives to a drop off. He summons a fire ball in one hand and tosses it down he seeing the fire ball land about 150ft down, then begin to roll down a long spiral stair case. it case goes on forever.

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