Chapter Eight : Ideals

Gilgamesh sits on the former throne of Zeus, as the leader of the Gods body is bounded by chains hanging from the main gate of Mount Olympus as a warning to any other remaining gods to turn and run. Zeus still alive but barely closes his eyes and lets out a tear, having seen his wife die and failing to avenge her. Zues’s blood stains the clouds red as he struggles in a futile attempt to break free. Letting out a thunderous scream as the chains tighten.

Alexander sits at the throne table his skin had returned to a natural appearance as his dark brown hair now shined though lacked style. Though his size is that like that of a mountain golem the chair he sits in strains to hold him steady. Diane sits to the left of him with her right hand gently sliding up and down his right thigh. Alexander’s face remains serious though and with a bit of discuss in his eyes.

Gilgamesh having noticed Alexander’s expression turns to him and speaks with a bitter concern,” Whats got your face holding such an ugly disposition?”

Alexander,”Just seems wrong is all Gil. Placing up a defeated God as the door knocker of his own home.”

Gilgamesh,” It’s our home now…besides he is the leader of all those corrupted beings; its because of their cruelty we even exist. ”

Alexander,”It doesn’t feel right at least let me end his misery. Are we no better than them?”

Gilgamesh,” We are better, in every way. Mercy is only given to the merciful.”

Diane,”Alex, my sweet mountain. Your feelings betray you my love, they blind you from the truth. We have done justice here, and letting that thing rot on the main gate is proof of the age of the immortals.”

Alexander looks down at Diane wrapping his arm around her and pulling her onto his lap. ” perhaps you two are right in your ideals though I can not say I fully agree.”

Gilgamesh,” Creating a new world is going to be a distasteful and ugly ordeal, from which I can not promise you that you wont disagree with my methods.”

Diane,”We were born in distasteful times, forced to do distasteful acts already against one another. This world is ugly and full of suffering. It falls on us to lead it into its own demise so a rebirth can come full circle.” *Diane looks up at Alexander before turning herself around and pressing her chest into his lower abdomen causing the giant to blush.

Gilgamesh,”Never a pleasant sight seeing a big man blush. Ha ha ha.” He says this with a chuckle.

The giant doors to the main throne room burst open as a normal sized man enters covered from head to two in solid flame. The man also has a long tail with a spear at the end of it and horns rising out of his head, a demonic sight to behold, behind him flies in the two children sized angelic like beings who shot down Hera.

Gilgamesh,” Ah Lucy you came finally!”

The flame wrapped immortal looks at Gilgamesh,” tisk. So do I call you my king, or just spear boy?”

Gilgamesh,”I am a sovereign of the realms.”

Lucifer, ” So your commands?”

Gilgamesh,” I want you to gather up the darklings, those first betrayed and banished by the Gods. They will assist us in installing our reign. Shouldn’t take much for you to convince them as their morals were always warped from the beginning. Start by increasing their numbers and then use them to persuade those who still hold loyalty to the Gods, to abandon their faith. Those who wish to live in our world may; those who wish not to, shall be granted their request. ”

Alexander,” That doesn’t mean going around raping and pillaging what you desire.”

Lucifer,” Alright kill the believers of the Gods.”

Diane,” Should you find a worthy warrior along your campaign let me know, could use a challenge.”

Lucifer,”Alright then Diane I’ll save them for you, but has anyone found 400 yet? ”

Gilgamesh,” 400? Who cares its not like he was a threat in the past, he wont be one in the future, besides I doubt he cares one way or the other.”

Lucifer,”400…Have you ever fought him…Guy gives me the creeps its like he doesn’t feel anything…I mean anything pain, anger, remorse”

Alexander,”A being without feeling? Without desire, lust or love? That is true darkness. Never had the pleasure of meeting such an enigma.”

Lucifer,” It is no pleasure to be with this immortal, has no personality…doesn’t speak or scream. ”

Gilgamesh,” You’re telling me that someone scares you Lucy, tell ya what if anyone finds him please bring him to me.”

The angelic one with golden wings speaks up,” What do you want Helen and I to do Gilgamesh,.”She says with a cute giggle.”

Gilgamesh,”I want you two to take off and explore the realms, find information on possible conflicts or locations of the Gods that got away, should you find one…kill them. ”

Ellen and Helen,” Sure thing boss man!” They leave through the door passing over two female immortals heading towards the throne room. When the enter Lucifer turns to exit but stops staring at the nude women covered in scales.

Gilgamesh,” Good do see you made it Medea and 364….364 you should consider picking a name for yourself as you are more than a mere number. ”

364,” No name is needed. 364 will do. ”

Medea,” let me tell ya this one is great company.”She says with sarcasm.

Gilgamesh,” I am sure, now then have the two of you taken care of Natalie?”

364,” target is secured for the time being. ”

Medea,” Yes we managed to find an old cell that was still operational to house her for now, not sure why you had us betray her.”

Gilgamesh,” Simple she can not be reasoned with nor controlled, her obsession with 400 is beyond logic.”

Lucifer,” 400? Why does she care so much about him?”

Gilgamesh,” Not sure, but her desire to please him worries me. She is willing to do anything to be with him including betray our calling. 364 I want you to return to the island and defend it from anyone who lands there other than ourselves that is. Keeping our secrets secret is our best defense. Make sure 400 never releases Natalie. ”

Lucifer,” I doubt he even would care one way or the other.”

Gilgamesh,” Regardless just do it

Medea,”You think one immortal can really stop us?”

Gilgamesh,” No, but hindering and giving false hope to those that appose us will only lengthen the blood shed which is something wish not to do.”

Diane,” Might just be she has a little crush, as I remember 400 isnt terrible looking for an immortal but nothing compared to my handsome Alexander…..” Reaching up she pulls Alex down for a kiss before releasing him.

Gilgamesh,” Alexander I want you to protect the fort as Diane I want you to go down to the mortal realm and start explaining our ideals to the common folk and start turning minds towards our cause, start in forests, gain the trust of the elves, fairies and nymphs.  As for myself and Medea we are going to try and track down any information on the former Gods…in particular the God of knowledge  will be a useful asset. ”

Lucifer,” good luck finding a guy that knows you are coming, if he truly is the God of knowledge you wouldn’t be able to find him unless he wanted you too. ”

Medea,” There is a rumor long ago he was caged up when the Gods over took the former. ”

Alexander,” A God who knows everything…what a burden that would be.

Gilgamesh,”We shall meet up again here in a week to discuss what we have learned.”

Those that were sitting stand and make their way out of the clouds as Alexander remains behind. Lucifer is the first to leave and the last to land. They each nod to each other before heading out to begin their missions. Alexander heads out to look at Zeus, shaking his head in dismay over the fallen God.

Alexander,” Such a shame it had to be done like this…wish there was another way.”





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