Chapter 6: The Gods

Zeus looks down on the mortal world below as the Gods begin to gather in commissary.  His blue eyes flash a yellowish white glow as he looks down towards the people below. He carried a long white beard that reached down to the top of his overgrown stomach, and his hair equally as white draped down over his shoulders  Hera walks up behind him peering over the alter of water showing the mortals below. Seeing most of their shrines emptied or destroyed. Disgusted Zeus spits a bit of lighting that explodes against the cloud floor causing a loud thunder to ring out.

Hera, ” Disgraceful the mortals have begun…perhaps we should remind them of their place.” Hera is wearing a long white blouse with a golden crown designed with ferns. The crown was found very common on most of the goddesses in the area. Hera had dark brown hair which reached down to her mid back; as her eyes matched that of tan stones.

Zeus, ” Indeed, that is why we are having our feast my dear…now leave,” he says in an agitated tone,”  join our guests pour wine and make sure they are content. ”

Hera,” As you wish my dear husband, ” she says with great sarcasm and resentment as she makes her way to the dinning hall with the rest of the Gods.

Zeus remains behind staring down becoming slightly enraged by the disrespect shown by all nations. It had been made clear that the mortals no longer feared the Gods and were far more concerned with the increasing numbers of darklings spreading across the lands of realm. Zeus watching a small village become destroyed by roaming orcs and the villages being slaughtered. He felt no sorrow for those mortals being sent to the after life. Though he notes the Mother of Death was on the scene easing the passing of those slain.  Zeus wondered why and how the numbers of darklings were increasing at such a rate and he pondered why the Mother of Death had awaken and the lack of attendance of Hades offspring. Figuring Hades had to be behind it and perhaps the lack of action by the Gods in interfering may have caused of the mortals unrest. Though he had decreed after the last trails they placed they would no longer become involved with the mortals below. Hera had made it clear that he was no longer allowed to bed any mortal for if he did he did she would slay all females on the mortal plain more elegant than herself.

Zeus was normally not one to listen to his wife’s nonsense, but she had resorted to the calling upon Artemis to aid her in her hunt, as well as other Goddesses who were tired of the Gods doing as they liked. To have a war break out; a battle of the sexes, would only result in needless blood shed he had to concede. Watching the horrors below he decided he would put it up to a vote among the Gods on weather they would take action against the disrespectful mortals, the darklings or remain silent; leaving the mortals to their fate. Though first thing was first investigating Hades .

Hermes came bursting through the doors looking upon his lord. Hermes wore sandals and a helmet both with golden wings, from which the feathers shined. His body was built for speed, slender and sleek his feet barely touched the floor of clouds. Zeus looked up his white beard rustled in the wake of Hermes’ arrival. Zeus and Hermes both wore pure white robes. Hermes took a knee in front of Zeus.

Zeus,” what news do you bring from the mortals below.”

Hermes,” I never made it to the mortal world my lord.”

Zeus,” What? You too defy my orders?”

Hermes,” my apologies my lord, but I was captured. ”

Zeus.” Captured how? you are the fastest of all my subjects no mere God nor mortal could do such a thing?”

Hermes,” True my lord…I was given a message to deliver….”

Zeus,” In a moment, Tell me about how you were captured and what could do such a thing”

Hermes,” it was no mortal…it was no God. It was a being dressed in white like ourselves whoms body was covered from head to toe. Wearing a mask with a frown and a tear. I could not move, nor speak as it stared at me. It’s white eyes bore into me and I felt fear like none other. ”

Zeus,” And what did this thing tell you, to tell me.”

Hermes,” War is not coming it has already arrived, prepare and it will be in touch.”

Zeus.” Bah, A threat, there is nothing that can kill a God on this plain. ”

Hermes,” please my lord I humbly ask you not to take these words lightly. We have lost a great deal of our power from the revolt of the mortals against us. ”

Zeus,” spare me your fearful remarks. Now join the feast I shall be there momentarily,” returning his gaze to the shrine that now only had water in it he ran his fingers through it in order to return the view of the mortal world below. He looked down at the water as no images returned and only water remained. Puzzled he tried again, and again nothing. Angry now he kicked over the shrine and the water spilled down causing a sudden rain storm on the world below.

Storming off to the mess hall he opened the door, to seeing less faces than he expected. ”

Hades sat across from  Poseidon and Ares.  Artemis and Hera sipped while wine chatting to one another. Each dressed in similar attar of a white toga, and a crown indicating their area of rule.  At the far end of the table Athena sat looking around with an uneasily. Next to her sat Kratos,  and Hephaestus  The rest of the Gods did not show and Zeus around angry at first, then turns to Hermes who has a look of shock on his face.

Zeus” Quite down..and someone tell me where everyone is? Did they not get my invitations? OR do they also defy me as the mortals do.”

Hades,” we all know how you get when we disobey your whims…so whats the nonsense about anyway.”

Ares,” Indeed shall we start?”

Athena,” Truth be told this is very concerning, I have been unable to reach many of the other Gods or Goddesses as of late.”

Hephaestus,” seems strange so few of us have arrived, the increasing numbers of darklings across the realm it brings uneasy tidings for sure.”

Zeus,” I called you all to discuss the lack of respect shown by the mortals but Hermes claims he was captured by a  by a thing he could not place then later released. Its abilities unsure,  it gave him a message which I shall now announce. There is a war against us that has already begun. ”

Hera,” a war against the Gods? not among them? How quaint.” she says smugly then takes a worried sip of her wine.

Ares,” War ha, sounds like a good time to me I say we hunt down who captured Hermes and kill it. ”

Kratos,” sounds like a plan to me.” he says flexing his large muscles. ” we show our strength this enemy would easily buckle.

Poseidon keeps his eyes fixed on Hades paying little attention to the discussion of the others. Watching the movements of his fellow God carefully. Poseidon noticed that Hades wasnt slouching like he normally did and was very focused on the others and their reactions. Hades grinning with eyes of joy as the others discussed the missing others as well as their plans for reaction. It was at this moment a knock came on the door. Kratos stood and made his way over to the massive door. Pulling the door open just slightly as a black arrow came flying towards him. With a quick duck he was able to dodge it, though Hera was not so lucky. Sticking out of her chest was the arrow, made of twisted bone and it caused her skin to rot screaming in agony she stood as Zeus rushed over to her removing the arrow. More arrows began to fly through the opened door and Kratos quickly slammed it closed bracing  it confused as the Ares and Hephaestus dawned their armor and weapons heading to the door to aid Kratos.

The remaining Gods ran to Hera’s aid, as a foul smell protruded from her. Hades made his way over to the door as Poseidon followed him closely. Artemis reached down to Hera as Zeus held his wife in his hands. Hera began to gasp as her eyes rolled back into her head as black blood began to spew out of her wound, mouth, eyes and ears. Her flesh continued to rot, gagging  for a moment before becoming still. Pounding against the door becomes louder as something very large slams against it pushing the Gods bracing it back forcing them to readjust after every loud thud.

Athena,” we need to leave now..head to the world of the mortals. We do not know what we are up against. Take up mortal form and reunite. “

Zeus looks down at his dead wife, shocked confused, and at a loss for words. A king without a queen, for the first time in longer than he can remember. He looks up watching Poseidon grab Hades who had begun laughing. Kratos turns and places his back against the seal of the door. Zeus hears nothing as his gaze returns to his wife, tears fall from his face as Artemis nods to Athena’s statement. Calling out to the other Gods demanding their retreat.

Poseidon’s grip falls flat as Hades turns into a sparrow and takes flight diving through the cloud floor. Shocked Poseidon yells for the retreat as well. Kratos goes to move as releasing pressure from door as a spear blade slides through the seam of the door and through the muscles of Kratos cutting him deeply piercing his spine. Ares and Hephaestus fall back picking up Kratos as a large being bursts fourth through the door. Zeus turns to look at the large thing.

The thing is easily 9 foot tall wielding a large war hammer, its eyes green and its hair was the color of bark. wearing gold armor covered in symbols unfamiliar to the God. Its flesh seemed to be made of stone with elegant designs. A moving statue of power, though the expression it had was not that of joy or rage but rather that of concern and woe. It was soon joined by a Gilgamesh who twirled his spear looking in on the Gods, with a slightly disappointed look on his face. As two angelic looking archers landed on the large intruders shoulders, One had black wings and the other had golden wings. The two false angels wore togas identical to the color of their wings. Their eyes and hair also matched the color of their clothing.

Zeus stood enraged by loss standing formed large bolts of lighting towards the group of unwelcome guests.  Gilgamesh rose his spear to defend the group the tip glew a teal glow as the lightening bolts were drawn into the tip. Upon connection with the head of the spear caused a large explosion causing tiny bolts to hit each of the beings. Causing a surprising shock and damage to the foes. Who shook off the attack as their wounds soon began to heal leaving tiny scars.

Gilgamesh knocked back by the attack looked shocked at first and then grinned with actually having a challenge, holding his hands up to his allies to remain back as he charged fourth. Zeus took off towards Gilgamesh forming a war hammer of lighting in his right hand and a shield in his left, barking out an order to the others to retreat. The remaining Gods carried Kratos down through the clouds and rained from the sky to the mortal plain in the way of beams of light. These lights were seen by Argos and his group. As the heavens turned black and the thunder crashed above.

Gilgamesh was fast and flexible dodging the main attack of the hammer, though he did not expect Zeus to be able to expand the size of his weapon at will and managed to strike Gilgamesh more often than he liked not leaving an opening for Gilgamesh to get through. Enraged Zeus slammed his hammer down into the cloud causing walls of lighting to encase Gilgamesh, then fall inward onto him. The shock Gilgamesh received causing him to scream out in agony and fall to one knee as his body was unable to heal and keep up with the damage he was taking, bits of lighting shot off of him causing him to twitch.

Gilgamesh, “impressive God, you truly are a foe, I can not even get close to you using my spear. I am literally shocked. ” He says with a smirk and chuckle forcing himself to stand.

Zeus, ” you shall not leave here alive.”

Gilgamesh, ” you speak as though I am a mortal thing that can parish.”

Zeus eyes his opponent carefully trying to detect the meaning of what this fool speaks. Knowing this man with golden hair and eyes, wearing only clothing of a noble could not be a God.

Zeus,” Who and what are you…?”

Gilgamesh, “I am Gilgamesh, the first and last true king of the God slayers. What am I? I am the cries and rage of the mortals you enslaved. I am your judgement old one, and you all have been found guilty. I will bring on a realm of silence where no one will bow before any thing for there will be nothing. ” Gilgamesh’s eyes narrow as his smirk fades his body begins to glow brighter than anything Zeus has seen, blinding him for a moment. Once Zeus recover he sees Gilgamesh covered from head to toe in armor a helmet so sleek and smooth that it let the wearer move it freely. His armor was streamlined as well, almost flawless only point of weakness was the slit where his eyes peered out of. The armor itself was covered in syllables that Zeus did not know. Taking a step back Zeus dawned his helmet of two horns and shield of lighting.

Gilgamesh lowered the tip of his spear heading towards his foe with true force the tip of which again released a teal hue as he closed in on Zeus who braced for the attack, the spear tip hit Zeus’s shield absorbing the lightening and piercing on through into the left side of Zeus chest. With a twist of the shaft the spear head releases draining Zeus of his lightening powers. As his hammer dissipates within he falls to his knees. Gilgamesh pulls a hidden dagger out the back of his armor, and with a swift motion slices Zeus throat wide open. The Gods blood spills out staining the clouds red pouring causing the sky to turn black and the now red clouds begin to rain down blood all over the world.

Argos and his comrades look up at the sky with concern seeking shelter in an abandoned cave from the gruesome rainfall. Horrified Snowy and Ash seek comfort in one another. As Cecil listens to the last of the thunder fade, shaking his head. Kross sits cross legged on the ground pondering the meaning of this sudden weather though remains silent, for they all know its not a good omen.


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