A Story into Time Chapter 1 Falling Stones

Eli, ” Verdict?”

Dontay,” Subject 364 shows great promise in offensive and defensive capabilities. Then again her aggression levels are off the charts. Her survival instinct is close to Diane’s or subject 322 if you prefer. Though her healing is where it should be she shows signs that death can claim here.”

Eli’s eyes narrow and show disappointment only at words “Death can claim her”. Eli wasn’t a tall man by any means but a man that could demand respect from anyone if he so chose. Eli was in his late 40’s and hidden scars showed a past of true pain. A little out of place in an alchemist’s lab as his whole demeanor screamed war vet. He puts on his glasses and begins to read the paper work that had been scribbled down on parchment. He then looks back at Dontay.

Dontay is a younger man with high marks in magic and alchemist schooling having learned and grown up in the lab; he had easily surpassed his predecessors in skill, imagination, and execution of what they dubbed the “Freedom Project.” He was a man who always focused on what he could do never if he should do it. Driven by his underlying need to prefect. His brown hair showed his youth as well excited voice when describing one of his creations.

Eli with a stern voice begins, “We have gone over this. Naming them is pointless, they are just tools to serve in the cause. If she can be restrained you can use her to test out the successes. Her abilities should give the others good practice for the up coming challenges.
IF not destroy her and regain what materials you can from her.”

Dontay with the tone of a child losing its newest toy,” Sorry Sir…but with all do respect; 364 I believe she could easily aid in the tasks at hand, and if she falls she would give false hope to the targets, that the others would do the same.”

Eli and Dontay both look through the tented glass in on a small child with green skin and blue hair. The little girl has a yellow cats eyes with a red haze around them and her skin his covered in tiny scales. She yawns and stretches showing off her teeth with extended canines.

Eli says with authority ,”…put her up against 154 tomorrow at noon. If she manages to over power him then. You will have your wish.”

Dontay reluctantly responds,” Yes Sir.”

Eli changes subject,” And subject 400?”

Dontay perks up a bit,” Was wondering when you would ask. Subject 400 has yet to show any signs of strength or weakness. He has yet to raise a finger to any test or show off any of his abilities..that is if he has any. Simply he stands there and loses sir. Though he does not ever die, and his wounds heal instantly. No scar tissue remains its if the damage was never inflicted.”

Eli with resentment speaks,” Wise guy aye..”

Dontay  unfazed replies,” Perhaps, also mental influences show no positive results, though he also seems to have no aggressive triggers or responses.”

Eli he did express with tones of annoyance,” so he can not be controlled…He can not be killed, and he doesn’t wish to fight…utterly useless.”

Dontay shyly mention, “A truly  unexpected result.”

364 stands smelling the air her slightly pointy ears perk up as a sudden sound of ticking is heard hitting the bottom of her metal cage. Her movements go unnoticed as she moves closer to investigate. She sees small bits of rocks falling from the right bottom corner of the glass, holding out her hand she begins to catch them as the fall.

The two men continue discussing other “projects” they are currently underway with as 364 notices that the glass window is indeed turning to sand. now there is enough room for her to stick her arm through but she waits. As the two men turn and look down at her, she turns bright red and the rest of the glass turns to sand.

Eli and Dontay look on in shock as 364 begins to move towards them growing in size to that of a women in her mid twenties as blades made of bone slide out of her for arm and she hisses at them. Dontay reaches over to hit the alarm but it sounds before his hand hits the button. The sound of screams are heard echoing through the out side of the door as Eli reaches for his sword he does not have. Turning Eli goes to shout at Dontay who’s throat is already split wide open as 364 with blinding speed now stands before Eli with blood dripping down from her right arm blade.

Eli stares straight at her as her claws and left arm pass through his chest and out his back dropping his still beating heart behind him. Blood comes out of his mouth as she tears her hand out of his chest. He falls down to his knees instantly after. As she brings her left arm back and with one swift motion cuts through his neck severing his head smashing it against the wall.

364 now looks towards the door opening it with ease almost tearing off of its hinges. Walking out into the hall way she could see the doors of all the other cells have been busted open. The screams had all been silenced as she makes her way down the hall way to a door leading to the sun light. She exits out facing a small path through the forest. The sun hurts her eyes for a moment till they finally adjust. With a grin she begins to head out towards the sound of neurotic laughter and can’t help but grin.


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