Chapter Six: Leander and Darth

Chapter Six: Poseidon and Darth

The inn keeper waits for his customers to rise
Agros woke up at dawn and to his surprise
He sees Cecil waiting through sleep eyes

Agros, “Cecil have you been up all night?”
Cecil, ” I just enjoy the warmth of suns first light.”
Inn Keeper, ” I’ll take you to Leander here soon if its alright.”

Agros, “Cecil, You mind waiting for the others to wake.”
Cecil, ” Not at all I can wait for the others to awake.”
Agros, ” okay champ is there anything I should take?

Inn Keeper, ” you may need some coin or jewels,
For the man we seek only the ocean rules
Crafty with any type of water needed tools.”

Agros checks the diamonds in his inventory
All the while listening to the inn keepers story
They depart for the water and a simple dory

Cecil sits alone for a short while before
A traveler enters, a man of average core
He looks at Cecil from under a hood he tore

Stranger, “Well hello, do you know what happened to the inn keeper?”
Cecil, “He is off helping a friend of mine look for a helper.”
Stranger.” Ah I see, well greetings my name is Darth Gilder.”

Darth was a mid twenties aged vet
Experienced in the cruelty the world had set
His eyes show a clam soul not easily upset

Cecil, ” My name is Cecil, what brings you here?”
Darth,” To be honest, I am lost just crossed over the weir.
Cecil.” Have a seat and welcome to the city of Gar, care for a Beer?”

Darth, “no thank you but a cup of coffee or tea would be pleasant.”
Cecil raises his hand and before Darth a cup of coffee appears in an instant.
Puzzled Darth looks at for a moment before sipping it very hesitant.

Darth, ” Impressive skill you have there, and to my surprise its very good.”
They small chat as most strangers would
Hearing of the quest Darth asked “I would like to join if I could.


Agros follows the inn keeper to the port
As the boats looked the same he wondered how to sort
The inn keeper points to a small boat that looks like a fort

The boat was engraved with marks of Poseidon
Such a strange sight Argos thought as his eyes widen
He hears a tune similar to that of the culture of Hayden.

Inn Keeper, “Leander is always playing a tune,
Greeting Leander, I met someone who is in need of your harpoon.”
The music stops as the sound of foot steps are strewn

Agros loses his manners a bit when a dwarf comes into view
Walking up to the inn keeper the salty dwarf bids them both a howdy do
Leander, ” Aye, what can I do for you?

Leander, Was thin for a dwarf and had a salty sea smell
He was still wet from swimming, but all know dwarfs don’t swim well
Though Leander quickly that rumor was quelled

Leander was an extremely strange dwarf male
His face and head were bare and tanned not pale

Agros, ” Leander, my apologies but I am not sure if your what I need.”
Leander shakes his head at Agros as Leander’s harpoon is freed
With a single toss the harpoon enters the water impaling enough fish to satisfy a gluttons greed


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