Chapter Five: Cecil

Ash, “Why is it so hot?”
Snowy,”What are you talking about
Its COLD out here!”
Ash gave snowy a sneer.
Then prepared to shout

Chuck gives out and exaggerated sigh
Chuck, “Grindle break out your stash
Grindle, ” Why should I share with you?”
Chuck gives a smile, ” cause its the kind thing to do
Grindle’s eye twitches as he debates on if he should bash
Ash, “i am so hot i could die

Agros, “Ash then back away from the fire
And Snowy Scoot up not that hard of a problem to solve.”
The sisters stick out their tounges as they move
Cecil sits on top of the cannons grove.
Keeping watch though knowing nothing dark will get involved
Agros yells and tells everyone its time to retire.

Cecil Stares up at the stars
And in a flash it is day time
The group has prepared to depart
Chuck, “So where do we go to start?”
Agros cleans of the sleepy eye grime
Grindle, “How about the city of Gars?

Agros, ” Oh Cecil there you are
Have not seen you all morning.”
Chuck whispers to Agros, “You think its wise to trust him?
Agros didn’t respond as Cecil jumped down to join them
Cecil, ” I’ve been around couldn’t sleep with you snoring
So I wondered off not too far.

Grindle, ” Seems like your always wondering now and again,
One moment your there, then the next your gone.”
Cecil, ” Maybe you should look over both shoulders
Perhaps then you would see me on the other of those boulders.”
Agros, ” Grindle why do you always carry that subject on
We all know that Cecil is honest and valuable friend

Snowy, ” Yup he is number one okay guy in my book.
Ash,” YOU do not have a book of any kind.
Snowy, “Duh its a figure of speech,
Its okay your just as smart as a leech.
Ash sneaks up and ties Snowy’s hair in a bind
Then Ash grabs Chucks attention to look.

The group walks down a lonely trail
Grindle checking in on Cecil often
Though Grindle always sees Cecil following
He feels Cecil is doing more than shadowing
Cecil only smiles when Grindle’s head does spin
After a week of travel Grindle’s believes his instincts fail

Cecil was always there yet he also wasn’t
Cecil was also in a in a city in a strange land
Machines walked the streets along side of the mortals
Many claimed that the machines were immortals
Cecil chuckled at this statement as he shakes a merchants hand
Merchant: its top of the line you think it needs cleaned when it doesn’t!”

Cecil,”It is a very humorous toy
But I just don’t think it would be of use
Do you have anything along the lines of a weapon?
Merchant, “oh yes I should have known you could use a weapon
So silly of me, there are the weapons I can stand to lose
Cecil,”these will do nicely,” he says being coy


The City of Gar comes into view
Travel has dirtied the clothing of friends
Weakened and absorbed my journey
They realize that they are low on money
Cecil, ” Don’t worry, a diamond spends.”
Chuck confused stutters,” Just who are you?”

Cecil, “hands them each several precious stones
Agros, ” One day I think you will need to tell your story,
Cecil, ” Believe me I doubt you would like it much
You would be surprised at the amount I do touch.”
Puzzled Agros adds the gems to his inventory
They near the city, and buildings made from bones

The sisters look very lacking of ease
As the the growing stench of fish rises
Grindle, “there should be a Inn around here
It should be rather close or near
we can rest and begin in the morning” he advises
Finding the inn they they step out of the breeze

Cecil walks up to the inn keeper
Agros decides to follow
Cecil”, A room for each of us if you don’t mind,”
Agros,” Do you know of any fighters around we could find?”
Inn keeper” yes sir, i can take you to one tomorrow
The inn keeper mentions the price and sees Cecil is a great tipper.

Cecil leaves the man a small fortune
As Agros looks uneasy at the display of wealth
Chuck and Grindle take up the keys and then head out to a bar
While the sister decide a hot bath was better by far
Grindle and Chuck wish only to test their drinking health
As Agros feels a steady flow of pending misfortune

Agros,” Cecil, war is upon us
With enemies that out number our own
Fueled by powers no one has defeated
How can we win with our resources depleted
The demons have already destroyed our home
We lack any kind of protective truss.”

Cecil,” Fret not I have come to turn the tide
Though your enemies are great
Does not mean we can not win
The wheel of luck always does spin
Battling the wheel of fate
Best anyone can do is enjoy the ride.”

Agros gives Cecil a disheartened look
Cecil, “We will stop the immortals I promise you
Its only a simple matter of time
Before we remove their hearts of slime.”
Agros,” How could this ever be true?”
Cecil,” Cause nothing but time can not be shook,”

Agros looks at Cecil Puzzled for a moment
Before he sighs and then heads up to his room
Grindle and Chuck return several hours later
Their guts now full of beer have grown fatter
Their drunken cheers seem to lighten the gloom
They look to Cecil and begin to comment

Chuck,”You strange fellow you
How is it you beat that army in a single blow?
Grindle blechs,”burp…hick…yes do tell
What mystrious magic do you use, what is this spell?
Cecil,” You sure you really want to know?
There is no way you would believe it to be true.”

Grindle” Bah hum bug, you just got lucky huh,
Chuck,” Must have been he doesnt look all that tough
Come on buddy lets leave this whimp down here
I stole a bottle from that bar lets go finish it over there.”
Grindle nods as they both take a step and fall roughly
Hitting the floor they begin to snore similar to a dah.


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