Chapter Three: The meeting

The sun rose the next day
Though the sky the same it did stay
Agros and his friends awake
Gathering as a chill made them shake

Grindle and Chuck were last to rise
The blood still fell to their surprise
Staining the ground like a battle field
Grindle shook and raised one shield

Covering himself as it poured
They all turn to the sound of a pending hoard
The enemy had regrouped and gained in numbers
Slaughtered the out posts while they slumbered

They neared on the edge of town as Agros gives a sigh
Knowing that his friends and him would surely die
Quickly they gather what weapons and support they can
And prepare to make their final stand.

Snowy bumps into a man in a sandy cloak
Apologizing as she runs out to the word that is blood soaked
The man follows shortly after her
As fear in the hearts of the warriors begins to stir

Agros takes charge and barks out commands
As the man in the sandy cloak passes where the front line stands
Agros shouts at him to get back in formation
Feeling a slight sudden irritation

The man heads out on his own as the hoard begins stop spill a till top
He raises his hand toward this hoard and the hoard suddenly stops.
Grindle, Snowy, Agros, Chuck and Ash all stare mesmerized by this sight
The man closes his eyes and the hoard turns to dust during a burst of light….

The man falls over after exhausted from the ordeal
As the fellowship couldn’t believe what they saw was real
One man stopped an army before there eyes
Their brains say it must all be lies

Though Snowy slowly stumbles forward towards the man
As her sister follows collapsing her fan
Snowy turns the man over and looks upon his face
She sees a scar going down each eye evenly spaced

The man opens his eyes and Ash gasp
Ash having arrived pulls leans down to grasp
This strange man by the shoulder
She tries to lift but he is like a boulder

Agros and Grindle make their way over to them
Agros bends down to try to lift him
For the first time Agros could not lift a man
And it wasnt because the man had a large waist span

Snowy just stares at the mans eyes
As lifting him everyone tries
Blood from the sky soaks them through
As Snowy sees the mans scares part his eyes too

The man closes his eyes again
Agros says;” do hold on my friend
Someone bring me something to cover him
He just saved our lives, all of them.”

Grindle holds a shield over the stranger
Chuck states, ” this man is no ranger.”
Agros, ” Must me some kind of mage, or wizard
Snowy, ” I don’t know but he is not a lizard”

Ash smacks her sister on the back of head
Ash, “Snowy don’t be stupid lets just hope he is not dead
Chuck begins to search the mystery
Perhaps find out some of the mans history

Agros stops him before Chuck searches for long
Shaking his head. Agros, ” Chuck its just wrong.
If he dies then we sill search him for clues
But for now there is no reason peruse.

Chuck stands and walks off slightly annoyed
As waiting he was trying his best to avoid
Grindle, ” Chuck bring back some ale
For me and the this man the fell.”

Chuck under his breath,” what, no please…”
Chuck heads into the Inn as the man begins to wheeze.
Agros,” everyone stand back he is coming around
The man shoots up coughing though each cough leaves an echo sound

Snowy, ” Thank you mister,” she gives him a hug
Startling him, then Ash gives her a tug
Ash, ” why do you always hug everyone
Snowy, “he saved us, it is the least I could have done.”

Agros, waits for the man to recover enough to speak
Agros, “Thank you, who are you and what was that technique?
Cecil, ” My name is Cecil, and that was a simple trick I know”
Grindle, “Simple trick my ass, that was more that just punch or blow.”

Snowy with a smile says, “In all my years of magic, I have never seen anything like it”
Chuck returns with only one cup for himself and Grindle has a tiny fit.
Chuck, ” So what are you and where do you come from?”
Cecil, ” I am something that never should come”

Chuick, “What the hell does that mean?”
Agros, “Chuck relax no need to demean”
Cecil, “I am an immortal, a God slayer created by mortals
There are 9 more that travel through portals.”

Agros, ” God Slayer??? are you the reason why the gods have not shown?
Agros shakes Cecil as anger in his voice has suddenly grown
Cecil grabs Agros’s hand and Agros begins to age greatly
Agros’s shakes and actions become sedately

Cecil stops as everyone looks at Agros as an old man
As agros almost pasted through his whole life span
Agros lets go and stumbles back words looking at himself in shock
AS everyone else backs away and Snowy begins to rock.

Cecil, “Now that I have everyone’s attention
Perhaps I failed to mention,
That I mean you no harm
Agros give me your arm….”

Agros shakes his head and Cecil takes Agros by the wrist
As soon Agros returns to his age as he tried to resist.
Agros, “I apologize for my rude behavior
you did help us, in a way you are our savior.”

Cecil, ” The Gods are in trouble from my kin
Wont be long till the world fills with their sin.
I am the only ally you all have in this mess,
So, do not blame me for misguided stress.

Agros nods and the rest begin to whisper to one another
This new information makes them question each other
About if what Cecil says is true,
If so what are they going to do?


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