Monthly Archives: January 2013

Well Fuck

Well Fuck

Seems I am always the bad guy
Even when I don’t try
Finding love, yeah right
Its a shameful fright

I am who does appose
The calling of a rose
As the scent ends up sour
Leaving me with all the power

Causing heart ache to the good
Cause I didn’t fall in love like I should
Guess I am only a monster
Whom within heat does not stir

Only a bitter wind
Where anger does spin
With regret flying co pilot
Guess I should get lit

Cause tomorrow I’ll wake
Feeling the need to bake
So I can see myself in the mirror
And see something I do not fear



Here I go
On a stroll
Give the dice a roll

Do the best I can
Watch them land
See the final strand

Reach out and grab it
would it be clever wit
Or an emotional fit

To take this strand of hope
Abuse it till it can’t cope
And turns into a noose in a rope

Love And Meaning

Love And Meaning

What else can be said of love
It has been written so many times
Often I find myself trying to describe
Love’s awful crimes.

Love is so complex
People often dwell
On trying to describe it
Often not doing well

For most have forgotten what it is
More importantly how to show
That they are in it
Most don’t ever know

The world has changed
Describing many false love stories
It’s wake leaves only illusions
Of false love glories

Love poems and songs
Speak of only the good and the bad
Never the in between
Guiding you to the had been had

Setting the bar so high
With a moment of desperation
And a beautiful thought
Causing the true destruction

Of how simple love can be
Just be true in your words
And honor what you say
For we are all love birds

Searching for our mate
Wishing for a fairy tale
Instead of seeing whats real
And we wonder why we fail

Bitter sweet the truth often is
That desire often masks true love
Fantasies rule existence
And reality we often shove

Away, so we can live the lie
Constantly telling ourselves we deserve more
And only those who live in reality
Find love, and understand its core.