Daily Archives: December 10, 2012

War of Truth

War Of Truth

By Shoeless B. Wonder

Speaking truth and facing the crime
Of not sugar coating a series of lies
Calling you out when you scream and shout
Then I am left to listen to goodbyes

Fine if that’s the way it will be
I feel no shame in being me
Go back to your cage
Sorry for setting you free

I pity you for your rage
Cause you cant seem to get past
Over yourself and who you are
Though I wonder how long it will last

This ignorance you live in’
Thinking your so pure
Not realizing its all toxic
And the truth is the cure

Hate me if you wont change
Blame me for it is easy
I told you whats wrong and why
Your choice to become sleazy

Will I hold this accountable?
Your miss placed venom
Nah, I’m not the type
So take a swig of rum

Continue to live your lie
I’ve done all i can
For better or worse
I do hope one day you will understand