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True Love

True Love

Love is such a tainted word
That often I find absurd
Though I know the feeling well
Resonating a blissful hell

Love is a cancer and cure
It’s only truly pure
Between a parent and their offspring
Not between a finger and a ring

Friction between skin
Does not equal kin
For one can easily toss aside
Another who’s blood differs inside

A choice between spouse or child
should be bias never wild
For your kid will lie and break your heart
Though your connection will never part

As relationships will stumble
Put under stress they tend to crumble.
Few find true passion
An honest form of satisfaction

That wont give in when things get rough
Who do not say “I’ve had enough.”
We wonder why so many can’t find love
For we all have forgotten it like a glove

Love is pain, it is not all pleasure
Rough patches will happen all with different measure
To give up and walk away is easier then trying to mend
Sad one would rather give up then ever try to attend

A child will always be part of your story
For they are part of you and your glory
But a companion is chosen so you can forget
What first brought you together and how you met

If you truly love someone try to work it out
Just don’t stand there and consistently shout
Love like everything has a good and bad side
But when you have it, true hope does reside.

Don’t Wait

Don’t Wait

Time stops for no one,
It continues forward,
Through all your days,
The good, the bad, it moves onward.

It disappears as quickly as it came
And we each only have what it allows,
To use as we desire
For time never bows.

Its sad but true,
For time can not be bought
It will never change
By the act of a simple thought

So use your time wisely
For we don’t know how much we acquired
Enjoy each day the best you can
Before time decides you have retired.

Don’t wait to act
For tomorrow may never come
Time is all we really have
And its a dwindling sum

“Good” People

“Good” People

A good person will never admit it,
For they know the evils they commit,
Their are those who are good, its easy,
To afraid to be considered sleazy.

Doing good acts that are impure,
Expecting like its deserved for sure,
The heroes of today,
Act only for pay.

Police, Firemen, Teacher would stop,
IF money wasn’t in involved few would be a cop,
Sad truth is, most of the good have done wrong
Trying now to let a new day dawn.

Good and evil go hand in hand
Sad to see them use a brand
Elegance in irony
Together form curiosity.

For its only a point of view,
“a man sells drugs,” reason unknown to you,
You never bother to ask why
He is just bad no reason to deny.

He sells weed to those with cancer
Using the money for college for his sister
Donating the rest to those in need
Not because he is hateful or full of greed

The value we place on a pointless phrase
Sickens me, go on cattle and graze
Believe what you will, judge away
But note good and evil is not where to stray

They are only words nothing more
perspectives that you must ignore
For a good person will not see themselves as such
They will only see themselves and the lives they touch.

Needy Queen

Needy Queen

I’d like to take a moment and tell you a tale
Not something dark, but something true
For I feel it needs to be said
Before it happens to you

Not to long ago there was this Queen
Self appointed ruler of what another owned
She passed her time by buying friends
Providing “help” was what she showed

Spending the wealth of her King
Who was off at battle to keep her castle
So spend she did while he was away
Offering aid till it became a hassle

But as her age came, so did her rage
Fueled by false thoughts and thier sting
She pushed her friends away
For all her gifts came with string

See her good deeds came with a debt
Known to some, others not so much
And if someone made a request
She would listen but stay out of touch

Unable to take fault when it was her own
Things went her way for a reason
She provided and you abided
Otherwise it was listed as treason

Once labeled for lese magesty
One was outcast off her “hallowed’ ground
This cycle would repeat till her King came home
And her friends could not be found

Bitter she became cause she couldn’t handle a simple blame
It wasn’t long till even the king
Could only see the sad remains
Of the Queen and her false dream’s fling

It is a fine line between friends and foes
When fault can never be yours
If you want to keep your friends
Suck it up and mend the sores

For if you can’t look past a simple mistake
Be responsible for your misplaced anger
You will cause your own destruction
And be your only real danger.