Save A Life



The gun is raised, and you take aim

For a life you will claim

Not for your own twisted glory

You wish to change the story

A dark soul is the target

Who humanity would best forget

This devil stands before an innocent

Stabbed for defending her rent

Could you pull the trigger

With that small twitch of a finger

End all the pain he will release

Force his breath to cease

Can you kill

When life gets real

Accept what you have done

Never again see the sun

Could you just jump in the way

For something to sway

Save a life of a little boy

Chasing after his toy

Push him back from the car

Take the hit and land so very far

Smile as your soul leaves its shell

Knowing that boy will be well

Tell me do you have it in you

That you are good and true

That when you must choose

You choose to lose


About shoelessboywonder

Poet and cook, I'm just starting out in the web world trying to grow a fan base for my poetry, it seems like its off to a good start and the site is also made for me to improve upon my writing skills so please rate and comment on the poems you like best, feedback is the greatest way to success thanks for checking me out and my site. View all posts by shoelessboywonder

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