Hanzle and the Three Bears.

Warning the following nursery rhyme is far more graphic than any previous version. Including descriptive and painful tortures throughout the conclusion of this work. So readers beware. Thank you, and if you do manage to read it please rate or leave a comment so I know if its getting some kind of reading or if its too much.

Hanzle and the Three Bears

It was another lonely day
Without his dearest sister
Much like any other though
He was up to something sinister
Wondering up upon a elegant house
Odd there being no windows to speak of
Just a large door opened a crack
Wondering up to it he gave it a shove
With a simple shout, seeing all the lights were out
“Oh this would be so simple” he thought
Off to find a place to hide
Not realizing he was so easily caught
The door slowly closed
And with it the light dispersed
Unable to see he scratched his knee
And couldn’t help it, he cursed
As if his bad word had magic
The building light up with candles uncovered
As his eyes adjusted
He saw a cupboard
And what seemed to be the bones
Of a lady named Mrs. Hubbard
Blood ran down from his knee
Hearing a troubling sound
He turned to see a series of chairs
All with straps; all of different sizes, all around
Curious he wondered up to each one
First examining the largest
Then a little smaller
To the smallest.
He heard the sound yet again
Like the dragging of claws
With a quick turn
His eyes did pause
On the dancing shadows from the candles
Not seeing anything of a threat
He turned back to the chair
“Guess what sis, its my size I bet”
Muttering to himself as he climbed in
Carefully putting himself under each strap
one on each leg, arm and one around his chest and body
Laughing thinking what a vicarious toy. not a trap
The straps slowly began to tighten and soon he couldn’t move
“Look, mommy and daddy, a boy is sitting in my chair!” cheered a small bear
“He fit just right momma,” said the baby ” He sure did” Said Mommy
“Now you get to turn the crank my boy” said Daddy “It is only fair”
So the baby started to turn a small crank
Releasing little spikes all over the chair
Hanzle now frantic tried to wiggle free
As with each crank the spikes went up a hair
With each tiny squirm the spikes did file
“Oh wait what horrible hosts” Mamma bear stated
“His knees are all unharmed and look at those fingers”
“Honey could you grab the Knee shredder and De-nailer please” momma asked as Hanzle fainted
When he re awoke he was tied to a iron wagon wheel
The three bears all held every day hammers and a De-nailer
Hanzle found himself nearly naked and with spiky iron clamps
On each elbow and knees, just a right size as if done by a tailor
The bears all complained about having to find the right ones
“Oh he is awake” said baby bear with glee
Looking toward his momma for permission
With a nod from momma, Babby’s hammer rammed spikes into Hanzles knee
With each blow the spikes bore deeper into Hanzels flesh
Tearing tendons from bone and bones from bone
The shattering of the knee cap was done
And blood poured up heeded downward.
Making sure he could never run.
Daddy bear brought his hammer down on Hanzle’s collar
Snapping it into pieces as Hanzle gave out and endless scream
This continued for several hours till all Hanzle’s bones were broken
Momma bear removed his finger and toe nails looking at the his blood gleam
Daddy bear knocked out Hanzle’s teeth and scalped him pure
Broken beyond repair and barely still alive
Without care they dragged his body to the iron maiden
Placing it on a spindle over a fire, he was slowly roasted alive.


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